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for the millionth time

>> Thursday, October 05, 2006

01. Does ur name have an 'a'?
- yeap. nAomi pitargue

02. Two of your dominant feelings at the moment?
- cold and lazy. look at our temperature! 15 degrees! baguio na ito!

03. What are you listening to right now?
- desert rose by sting

04. Part of song lyric that's in your mind right now?
- deliver us - from prince of egypt ost

05. Describe where you are right now?
- i'm in an office that is freezing like we're in inside a refrigerator

06. What is your best day of the week?
- wednesday, csi nights!

07. What are you craving to have right now?
- nahawa ako kay kakai, shawarma!

08. Best memory in childhood?
- going to banaue rice terraces for an outreach program. 4 days!

09. Worst memory in childhood?
- hmmm. when i fell face down infront of my classmates in grade 4.

10. What are your nicknames?
- yumi, mi, yumir, yawmee, yumiski, yuminess, yoomeh, at kung ano-ano pang imbento ng mga kaibigan. the complete list is here

11. Your three plans for tomorrow?
- team building, watch movie, and get some sleep!

12. Your three plans for today?
- finish the review sheets, watch atlantika, and get some sleep!

13. Are you thinking of someone right now?
- ummm. yeah. i think so.

14. Do you party?
- nope.

15. Do you like twins?
- yeah. lahi kami ng twins, there's a big possibility that i'll give birth to twins! well that is if i get a husband and get pregnant. ahaha

16. Fill in the blank: I am __.
- yumi. haha labo.

17. Say something to the person who sent you
- sent me... flowers? sino ka? chocolates? sino ka? ice cream? sino ka?

19. Mary has her little lamb. What do you have?
- i have carrots in my stomach!

20. Say anything to whoever is reading your ans ?
- gaya na, sagot na!

21. What do you think of the one that sent u this?
- she didn't send it, i just nicked it from armi. hehe

22. What do you drink?
- water. and nooow. starbucks!

23. Are you in love?
- in love with starbucks. yes.

24. What kind of girl / boy do you like?
- someone who has an outlook in life. who'd be thinking of the future already.


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