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>> Tuesday, October 24, 2006

there are showbiz gossips that you won't notice because either you don't care about the actor, or you can't just simply relate.

but this particular showbiz news pulled my bored soul out of its showbiz grave. finally, i can relate to a showbiz news!

it isn't normal for a person like me to say, "ay kilala ko yang sinasabi niya." i'm not a showbiz person, and i only have a few links to the showbiz world. well actually, this isn't really a close link to my life, but the "non-showbiz boyfriend" is a very close link to my batchmates.

your guts will just scream, "AY KILALA KO YAN! KILALA KO YAAAAN!!"

*ting ting ting ting* you hit the jackpot!

yehesss. julia's husband aka businessman is no other than... *tooooot* (for block e people, think Larawan, Romeo and JUliet and UTANG). yes that man, whom we gave our support and time in selling his tickets is julia clarete's husband.

i do have a lot of sources on how they met, the unknown truths, and the juicy gossip that everyone is dying to hear.

"mukhang kayang buhayin nung lalake si julia eh."

che. bayaran niya muna yung commission namin. we worked hard for that, you know.

"mabait yung guy."

suuuuuure. 6 months into the relationship is not enough to prove that he's that nice and that worthy to become a husband or wife. haha i've learned that from experience and stories from my girlfriends. just ask monix, she'll tell you a lot of stories about 6 months "likable-crushes-turned-devils".

left and right, i got ym messages and lj comments on the guy. people started talking. i've learned some stories about moolah. *sniff sniff* there goes our chance of getting our money. but i still need more research stuff. i got what i wanted, but the chismis isn't enough. haha

i'm still waiting for someone who'd name the guy. i don't want to start the name dropping, though i'm reaaaaly tempted to do so.


monix 10:37 AM  

Wala pa nga kaming 6 months na magkakilala ni crush-turned-freak eh. But then again Mr. 4am Caller has been my crush since high school. Yan ang FREAKY.

yawmee 2:17 PM  

crush mo pala si 4 am caller? eeee creepy.

freakazoid si crush-turned-freak!

monix,  5:25 PM  

Yeah, until I got to know him personally! Like whoa.

Anonymous,  4:54 AM  

Steven Ryan Uy is a fuckin' son of a bitch!!! Hiwalay na sila...di rin tumagal si julia...wala sya pera...i know kung kani kanino sya umutang...halos lahat ng business nya tumumba, until somebody came along to give financial assistance...and connections to financiers - gago tong taong to...ang labo kausap...sobrangunstable ang state of mind!!!

yumiskee kulitskee 10:49 AM  

hhahaha nabuhay ang issue. winner ka, kung sino ka man. di lang pala kami yung naghihintay ng bayad galing sa kaniya. :P

janeau,  9:58 AM  

wow..i stumbled upon this and i dont know what to say.. i have mixed opinions about the guy.. i know him..he's bad in some ways..but all of those are coming from something from his past..at least that's what i think.

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