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the banquet

>> Saturday, October 21, 2006

one thing i like about chinese movies is that they give reverence to their culture. and even we are living in the modern times, they can still make these kinds of movies and actually pull it off.

if you want to spend your money on a good movie, then better watch 'the banquet'.

i won't go into details or any spoilers, i don't want to ruin the movie. you really have to watch it. the movie goes into my 'favorite movies' list.

everything is an art. from the cinematography, to the music, to the choreography, to the colors, and the script. i was mesmerized by the bright reds and white that would speak of blood and power. how a stone-y stream can turn into heads, or how snow can reveal a small army of soldiers is the magic of cinematography.

the chinese has a history to be proud of, and a culture to cherish. the movie shows the respect they give to emperors and the traditions they keep. they give reverence to the deceased, even if they are their enemies.

they value art. simple plays and skits are not about facial expressions and loud dialogues; even the most silent play can destroy a secret hidden for years. they can have a mask to their faces and show the greatest facial expressions of mankind.

even their martial art, wushu, is an art. the movements are dance-like, while defending yourself from enemies. before, i couldn't understand their style of flying from tree to tree. but as i got to appreciate the movement of the body, i saw that wushu is an act that brings you closer to nature by imitating it.

colors play a vital role in the movie. the intensity of feelings are evident in their costumes. white may represent peace, solitude, or even death. red is for fire, greed, and power. the colors speak for themselves, they give the answers to your questions without the characters telling you what it means.

less words, more intensity.

"what can be more poisonous than this?"

"the human heart."

'nuff said.


Pot 12:05 PM  

Ganda ni Zhang! =)

yawmee 5:08 PM  

ay agree. :) napanod mo na ba? watch it! watch it!

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