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>> Wednesday, October 04, 2006

ow well. so much for 1 second miracle shots. haha. but no matter what happens, "win or lose, it's the school we choose."

i wasn't able to watch the game, due to heart attack factors. it really gives me the jitters when i watch an ateneo game, may it be live or on tv (the only live show i've watched was the game against up last season, in the blue eagle gym). that's why i always rely on my die hard friends who religiously watch the game and assure me that ateneo's going to win. when that happens, that's the only time i open the tv to watch the last few minutes or seconds of the game.

so during the championship game, i didn't watch it. i went to my family friend's house to visit the new born baby cielo and watch a movie. when no one was texting me by 6 pm, i knew it. ust has taken over the court.

congrats ust. i still stand by my school. go ateneo!


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