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>> Monday, October 30, 2006

1. phil idol

this was the best night because everyone improved. yes, including those whose voices i hate.

apple - this is the kind of song that suits her. she nailed it and she should not be ousted tonight, based on last night's performance. one comment, apolonians are too noisy. OA.

arms - as always, she sings well. no more comment on that.

jan - there's something disturbing with his voice last night. and he suffered from the last-note-sablay syndrome.

pow - last-note-sablay syndrome too. she wasn't able to sustain the last note. sayang. and her performances are getting blah, maybe she needs to explore a new genre.

miguel - he played the piano! and wow, WOW miguel. it was your night. i loved your performance. bagay sa image and the song choice was perfect for you. good job.

ken - he improved. i thought he'd be able to get it till the end, but when he began to do the note curls, everything was lost. suffered from last-stanza-sablay syndrome. but i commend the effort. this was waaaay better than your song last week.

jelli - some lost notes, still. the performance was blah, it seemed like she was still singing in a lounge. not a competition piece for me.

gian - wow. my vote goes to you. the cello accompaniment was wonderful and he picked the appropriate song for him. no stray notes. wonderful.

mau - what can i say? you're a born singer. but mau, can you drop the trench coat-slash-coat, or anything that dangles like a bride's trail?

my top three: gian, miguel, mau (make that four), and apple
bottom three: jelli, pow, jan

they have a new voting system: people have only 2 hours to vote. no more haggling of money and text votes till 830 pm the next day. goodie.

2. out!

julia's husband showed himself on national tv yesterday. yeahoo.

mr "yu" (mali pa spelling, di nagresearch yung writer ng tabloid. two letters nalang, pinagbaligtad pa.) was revealed on s-files as julia's husband.

apparently, according to my resources, they got married in april. but their press release was they got married only last week.


just pay us the money due and i'll leave the chismis alone. bitter ako sa pera, dahil pinaghirapan namin yon. heh.


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