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voting for your bet

>> Monday, September 18, 2006

i wasn't able to give my comments on the wild card performances last saturday. i was too tired from administering the ateneo entrance exam that i didn't even bother going online.

10 wild card contestants, 4 slots. and it's all in the power of our thumbs to text who we want to be part of the top 12.

i agree with the judges. it was too.. dramatic and it seemed that she screamed the last part of the song. (i don't agree that she got in.)

whohooo. i love it. no more. i spent the whole night texting for this guy. (and i'm so glad he got in.

she was the one in red right? she should be one of those in the top 12. she started out strong and i told myself that this girl has a lot of potential. promise, she's good. though she kinda messed up some notes, she was able to catch up and make up for it. too bad she didn't get in. (she deserves better.)

he improved a lot! and i like his voice because it's a perfect baritone. but not strong enough for an idol material. but he'll become an excellent recording artist, someone you could line up with robert sena and the like. of course, he was part of the up singing ambassadors, he has a nice voice. duuuh.

i feel bad for her on the comments of people that she's a sosyalera. don't you deserve a chance to show your talent just because you have famous parents? i don't get the phil idol watchers. phil idol should not be a rags to riches story, but a show to discover talent. why don't people protest when the sons and daughters of famous celebrities are given roles in soap operas and movies, yet protest when ira has famous parents and is part of the top 24? you've gotta be kidding me, filipinos. stop criticizing her social status. class is not bought, it is taught and learned from responsible parents and schools. (too bad, she didn't get in.)

he has charm. but what blew his star quality was his "giling like a bold star" effect.

why is he even part of the top 12? he didn't hit A LOT (and i mean a lot) of notes. he knows how to sing, but last saturday was his (super) worst performance ever.

his girlfriend is damn pretty. :) i agree with the judges, he should've done something else than his rocky song. it was excellent, no doubt, he didn't miss a note. if he did a ballad, he would win the night.

another pretty and charming girl. she was able to bring the house to their stomping and clapping feet and hands. total performer. too bad she didn't make it. she deserves the slot more than steph.

the best. she's a winner through and through. i'm really glad that people voted for her because she can sing very well. i only have a problem with her wardrobe, someone needs to help her choose her clothes. her "see through netted and featherly" coat made her look like a drag queen. if she took that out and wore a khaki trench coat, she would've looked more like an idol material. yey to the texters, good choice of singer.

this is the start of the journey for philippine idol. in 13 weeks or so, we'll be crowning the first philippine idol, may it be a man or a woman. so guys, vote wisely please. vote for the person who did well during his or her performance.

my bets: pow (whohoo), mau and gian.


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