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>> Wednesday, September 13, 2006

yen keeps sending me text messages and sooner or later, my inbox will be full of yen quotes. i need a place to store all the text messages so i can erase them from my phone. don't worry yen, may matitira paring texts mo sa phone ko. haha, nakakarami ka lang sa text heart ko. haha labo.

1. "Come with Me and I will teach you to catch MEN..." Mark 1:17

Biblical na ito!!

Magbalik loob na para magkaboylet. :)

tsktsktsk, haha napaghahalata tayo yen na sawi tayong dalawa!

2. with my

1 heart
2 eyes
5L blood
206 bones
1.2 LBC
60 trillion DNA

i want you to know

gusto ko lang magyabang about anatomy!

3. highest form of laziness:
a guy lying on top of a girl
both naked
and waiting for an earthquake
to do the rest.

4. student: mam, pagagalitan niyo po ba ako
sa mga bagay na di ko po naman ginawa?
teacher: natural, hindi!
student: di ko po ginawa homework ko!

now, why didn't i think of that during my school days?


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