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>> Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Course mo?
** bachelor of fine arts, major in creative writing! *proud*

Sino barkada mo sa college?
** block e 2006 yeahoo!

Sino bestfriend mo sa college?
** helga and maragaret. and the rest of the gang!

Fave campus tambayan?
** fine arts department. sa office ni fr jav at ni xander da gander (ngayon xanderkhan na) or in the painting room (when we become too noisy in the department)

San kau palage kumakain?
** we usually buy our food at caf up then eat it in the fa dept.

College life crush?
** ahyeees. we call him by rhyme. somewhere in my fourth year, i had another one. we called him diggs. haha

Anong hindi mo mkkalimutan nung 2nd year ka?
** eco. sa. the subjects that made us cry. hahaha

Pinaka nkakaasar na tao sa campus?
** that former blockmate. and that girl from is who said that she wanted to graduate with a degree. excuse me.

Fave math subjects:
** math 12. :) loved logic and the chart making choorvaness.

Fave mong kgroup pg groupings?
** block e always. always had fun.

Kaninong fave haus kau lge gumagawa pg group proj?
** edlyn's house. the only house that is nearest to ateneo. ahaha

Sino mdalas mong kasama?
** block e. we always travel in groups. mukhang 1st year even if we're in our senior year!

Fave pntahan pg walang class?
** xander's office. ultimate tambayan.

May ROTC/NSTP ka b? Anong company mo?
** i quit rotc in my 1st semester then transfered to nstp in my 2nd year. i volunteered for learning links, an organization that teaches math and english to katipunan street kids.

San building nyo?
** gonzaga building. our territory.

Fave school supply shop?
** a-shop? that's where i hoard all the ateneo shirts. yeahhh.

Fave minor subject
** the only elective i had was great books. :) i loved it anyway.

Fave Classroom?
** i love the exhibit hall. it's the place where all our dreams came true. (whutever. ahah)

Fave major subject?
** hmmm. all my writing subjects!

Fave professor?
** sir badong bernal and my poetry teachers. yeahoo!

Fave kasabay pg pauwi?
** still block e. told yah we're inseperable.

Ano sinasakyan mo pauwi?
** our car.

Fave hnihiram ng clasm8 m sau?
** stapler. ako ang stapler factory ng block.

Hardest subject mo?
** eco. sa. history. PHILO AND THEO.

Unforgettable moment sa buong college life?
** hmmm. fine arts festival. actually, almost every moment with the block.

Best thing in college?
** block e!


Edz 7:15 PM  

i have a new name now. "Maragaret", courtesy of yumi >:D

yawmee 8:08 AM  

yeah. hit na yung eds. magpapauso na ako ng margaret. :D

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