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shall we dance... or cry?

>> Tuesday, September 26, 2006

angelica jones acted like a sore loser last sunday on 'shall we dance'. she and her partner were eliminated from the 4 pairs who competed in a ballroom contest. her opponents were archie alemania, ethel booba and alex crisano. angelica got the lowest score of 29 (point something) and took the last dance for the night.

when she was asked to give a last speech, she sorely expressed her dismay on the results. obviously, she didn't agree with the judges' scores.

"di naman cha-cha yung ginawa nila ah."

she said that they ethel and alex didn't deserve to dance again next week because they didn't do the cha-cha. all they did was emote... DAW.

i watched the short replays of their dances. though alex didn't move much as angelica did, i saw the sincerity in their dances. angelica had this look on her face that "i can do it because i'm a dancer." remember that the dancers who joined didn't get high scores than those who aren't dancers. sometimes it's not the skill, but how you coped and improved on the art of ballroom dancing.

she bragged about knowing all the dances. sooo? so what if you know the dances? you were not a sport last sunday and that pushed you down the brink. a good sport should accept defeat. because of that, i'm not giving any sympathy votes to her.

i agree with the judges that she didn't connect with her partner. she danced well, sure, but there was no camaraderie. i didn't feel the "love" for the dance. she just danced to show that she was a dancer. i'd rather vote for melanie marquez than her.

i wonder if some people would feel sorry for her? i do, because she cannot accept defeat. she cannot respect the judges' decision. kontrahin mo pa ba ang judge na isang tunay na dancer? shame on you, shame on you. kawawa naman partner mo.


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