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music in my dreams

>> Monday, September 11, 2006

booo. i wasn't able to watch the performance night of phil idol (we got stranded in teriyaki boy with my friends until 10 pm). double boo, i fell asleep while waiting for the results night (while listening to spongecola's new cd, transit). triple boo, because i found out that ira isn't part of the top 4. but yey for pow because she's in! yey!

i hope someone uploaded their performances in you tube. i'll check them out later.

sponge cola's new cd is better than the first. the cover is buuutifoool, with illustrations of the public transportations filipinos use: bus, trike, mrt, jeep. there you go, now i remember. the design are silhouettes of the band members and the philippine public transporatation.

among the songs i listened to (before i fell asleep at the latter part of the album), i like "movie" best. there was another filipino song i like, but i forget the title. anywhoo, i'll listen to it again tonight. :) grab a copy of the cd! it's nice. :) the songs are not your typical "i'm missing you beside me.." and all the emoness in all the world. support!!!


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