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addicted to caffeine.

>> Tuesday, September 05, 2006

once yumi has money, she will raid starbucks. when yumi has more money, she'll go venti. starbucks is my weakness, you can do almost (emphasis on "almost") all bribes using starbucks. plus points if it's in venti.

the variety of coffee starbucks (and other coffee shops) provide caters to people of different tastes. in fast foods, there is only one type of coffee: brewed. they'll give you an unlimited supply of cream and sugar to suit your coffee taste. but the emergence of coffee shops like starbucks allows the consumer to sit back and relax, while a "barista" does all the mixing. all you have to do is to look at the menu, open your wallet, and provide the crisp bills. the more bills you provide, the more jazzy stuff is added to your coffee. that's what you call coffee pampering.

that kind of service is an instant hit to consumers. with the fast-paced life we have now, we do not anymore have time to stop and prepare a cup of coffee. we would rather spend a hundred pesos on an instant coffee in a paper cup than stand up and get a mug of coffee from the office pantry. and having that cup with the green logo makes you feel like you can afford anything in the world. you feel corporate and rich with a grande starbucks in those working hands.

The evolotion of coffee has satisfied people from all over the world. Before, coffee was served hot at breakfast tables or cafes. Nowadays, we have iced coffee for countries with hot weather. There are coffee combinations to those who like it with more milk, more coffee, more fruit, or less sugar.

studies have come up on the benefits of coffee to human lives. it may improve health and even lives. coffee growing has provided jobs for many people, opportunities for growth and marketing purposes. coffee has become a life necessity for us.

so whenever you buy a cup of coffee at starbucks, don't just sip and wish that it'll keep you awake. enjoy every moment of it because as the caffeine makes you awake, think of the other possibilities of happiness and contentment the drink has given.


Pipboy 5:52 PM  

hehehe, bawal ako magcoffee. pag instant, inaantok ako - tulog agad akin in 15 minutes. pag brewed, nagkaka-heart palpitations ako.

pero pwede ako sa mocha! the closest thing to coffee na naiisip kong pwede sa akin. though dati, adik ako sa iced tea - puro caffeine din un. hehe.

yawmee 8:35 AM  

ahihi... inaantok rin ako pag nagkape. pero mahhyper muna ako kasi nakastarbucks ako. tapos pag natapos, bagsak na ako.

tara, tarbak tayo, kahit hindi kape ang inumin natin!

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