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video overload

>> Wednesday, September 27, 2006

when knitting becomes an obssession. :D

my most favorite episode of hope is emo. kulit. "you can't hide from yourself." hahaha


shall we dance... or cry?

>> Tuesday, September 26, 2006

angelica jones acted like a sore loser last sunday on 'shall we dance'. she and her partner were eliminated from the 4 pairs who competed in a ballroom contest. her opponents were archie alemania, ethel booba and alex crisano. angelica got the lowest score of 29 (point something) and took the last dance for the night.

when she was asked to give a last speech, she sorely expressed her dismay on the results. obviously, she didn't agree with the judges' scores.

"di naman cha-cha yung ginawa nila ah."

she said that they ethel and alex didn't deserve to dance again next week because they didn't do the cha-cha. all they did was emote... DAW.

i watched the short replays of their dances. though alex didn't move much as angelica did, i saw the sincerity in their dances. angelica had this look on her face that "i can do it because i'm a dancer." remember that the dancers who joined didn't get high scores than those who aren't dancers. sometimes it's not the skill, but how you coped and improved on the art of ballroom dancing.

she bragged about knowing all the dances. sooo? so what if you know the dances? you were not a sport last sunday and that pushed you down the brink. a good sport should accept defeat. because of that, i'm not giving any sympathy votes to her.

i agree with the judges that she didn't connect with her partner. she danced well, sure, but there was no camaraderie. i didn't feel the "love" for the dance. she just danced to show that she was a dancer. i'd rather vote for melanie marquez than her.

i wonder if some people would feel sorry for her? i do, because she cannot accept defeat. she cannot respect the judges' decision. kontrahin mo pa ba ang judge na isang tunay na dancer? shame on you, shame on you. kawawa naman partner mo.


2 fights and a fight, fight blue and white!

>> Monday, September 25, 2006

that is what i call a one second miracle shot. who would've thought that in the span of a second, macky escalona would throw that perfect pass to doug kramer, making a near shot in 0.5 seconds? only a miracle from heaven would do that. amazing.

i didn't watch the last 4 seconds, after ust putting up a basket. i knew it was hopeless, so i left the tv area to go online and mourn of a "loss". but seconds (second?) after coach norman black gave his final orders, my mom was screaming on the top of her voice. ateneo won by a point. a miracle point.

imagine the shock for both teams. ONE BIG FIGHT!


hand on heart

>> Saturday, September 23, 2006

to rhem, i solemnly swear..

that i will not let a man wait for me for over a year,
that i will appreciate any efforts that a man will do for me,
that i will keep whatever promise i made yesterday,
that i will go to his wedding (whenever that will be),


that i will buy a new colored pda two years from now (hahahahah) with the condition that he would be in singapore by that time.

so help me, pda.


who killed the black dahlia?

>> Friday, September 22, 2006

today, Yahoo! features the murder of the black dahlia (elizabeth short). elizabeth was found dead in an empty lot in 1947, cut in half, and her face sliced from ear to ear. blood was drained from her body and her insides were missing.

close up pic is shown here

possible suspects were questioned, but no one was convicted. the police station received a mysterious package supposedly from the killer, but they weren't able to find any finger prints because it was washed in kerosine. until now, the case is still unsolved. (calling csi, calling csi!)

this coming fall (in the states), a movie inspired by this murder will be shown. i want to see this, to see whether the writer placed an ending to this mystery.



>> Thursday, September 21, 2006

why the world doesn't need a feeling superman like "you".


don't --. it's you.


i changed my lj layout yesterday. it's kyle xy themed!

teaser icons:


galing kay sadie. sagutan niyo rin!

>> Tuesday, September 19, 2006

*wag maniwala sa mga pinagsusulat ko

NAME: yumirskee kulitskee
BIRTHDAY: unang araw ng buhay ko.
BIRTHPLACE: sa utak ng Diyos, sa sinapupunan ng nanay ko
ZODIAC SIGN: crab sticks
ADDRESS: sa pinagsamang ad+dress. sa damit ni ad.
PHONE: landline.
SCHOOL: tulad ng sagot ni eusebio, high school. pero tapos na ako don eh.
COURSE: main course.
CLUB: kung adonis si sadie, ako ay pegasus.
HOBBIES: magsagot ng mga nakakalokang survey, hallway!
SPORTS: basta may damit at di kelangang gumiling-giling.
MOVIES: yung sine ko na pinalabas sa dream land ni yumirskee kulitskee
MOVIE IDOLS: si idol 1 at si idol 2, plural ng idol ang idols! so more than 1 idol, eh di si idol 1 at si idol 2!
SONGS: kelangan pa bang imemorize yan, buhay natin talagang ganya-haan!
SINGERS: yung mamang lasing na di na umalis sa bidyokehan sa kanto.
TV PROGRAMS: program 1 at program 2, put them together you have program 3! baliw.
COLORS: colors of the wind. meron daw, sabi ni pochahontas.
BOOK: sinsisira ng mga bukbok yung bahay namin. kaya ayaw ko ng bok.
AUTHOR: yung boylet ng kaibigan ng kapitbahay ng asawa ng kamag-anak ng pinsan ng katabi ko nung grade school. magaling siya gumawa ng love letter sa titser para di siya ibagsak sa pilipino.
CELEBRITIES: gusto ko magpatograp sa taong nakasira ng mrt kaninang umaga. dahil sa kanya, nasa news ang trapik ng edsa.
MOTTO: kain na tayo. bahala na sila.
BEST FRIENDS: sino ang best prend mo doon? shempre ikaw lang!
AMBITION: gusto ko maging matangakd pag tumangkad ako!

DESCRIBE YOURSELF: judge me. di daw masakit sa panga, malambot pag ninguya! sabi sa commercial daw.
DEFINE LOVE: lab. bow. love has for letters. L, O, V, E. that is da depinition op lab. bow.
WHO IS YOUR CRUSH? kinrush ko yung coke can kahapon habang kinakausap yung lalake.
WHO IS YOUR FIRST LOVE? mahal ko ang unan ko. lagi kong kasama sa pagtulog.
DESCRIBE YOUR LOVED ONE: minahal ko si one? i loved One? ay talaga?
WHERE AND WHEN DID YOU MEET? pagkatapos kay zero. si one ang sumunod.
WHAT ATTRACTED YOU MOST? wala akong choice eh. magagalit si titser pag si two ang sinunod ko kay zero.
DO YOU AGREE IN LONG ENGAGEMENT? i need patience. give it now.
WHY? anong why? gusto ko nga now eh, tatanong ka pa kung bakit? why is the sky blue?
DO YOU DATE? everyday is a date. anong date ngayon? september 19. eh di may date ako.
HOW OFTEN? araw-araw nga!
UNFORGETTABLE DATE AND PLACE: nung nawala yung utak ko habang namimigay ng pagkain. nasama yata sa styro ng redribbon.
THEME SONG: happy birthday tu yu. lagi kong kinakanta pag may kakilala akong may birtday. o pag may keyk.
HAPPIEST MOMENT: nung naligo ako dahil natanggal yung muta ko.
LONELIEST MOMENT: nung naiwan ako ng dyip at nandon yung isa kong sapatos.
MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: nung sumayaw ako kasama ng mmda at butas pala yung kilikili ng tshirt ko.
YOUR GREATEST DREAM: magkaron ng greatest dream.


voting for your bet

>> Monday, September 18, 2006

i wasn't able to give my comments on the wild card performances last saturday. i was too tired from administering the ateneo entrance exam that i didn't even bother going online.

10 wild card contestants, 4 slots. and it's all in the power of our thumbs to text who we want to be part of the top 12.

i agree with the judges. it was too.. dramatic and it seemed that she screamed the last part of the song. (i don't agree that she got in.)

whohooo. i love it. no more. i spent the whole night texting for this guy. (and i'm so glad he got in.

she was the one in red right? she should be one of those in the top 12. she started out strong and i told myself that this girl has a lot of potential. promise, she's good. though she kinda messed up some notes, she was able to catch up and make up for it. too bad she didn't get in. (she deserves better.)

he improved a lot! and i like his voice because it's a perfect baritone. but not strong enough for an idol material. but he'll become an excellent recording artist, someone you could line up with robert sena and the like. of course, he was part of the up singing ambassadors, he has a nice voice. duuuh.

i feel bad for her on the comments of people that she's a sosyalera. don't you deserve a chance to show your talent just because you have famous parents? i don't get the phil idol watchers. phil idol should not be a rags to riches story, but a show to discover talent. why don't people protest when the sons and daughters of famous celebrities are given roles in soap operas and movies, yet protest when ira has famous parents and is part of the top 24? you've gotta be kidding me, filipinos. stop criticizing her social status. class is not bought, it is taught and learned from responsible parents and schools. (too bad, she didn't get in.)

he has charm. but what blew his star quality was his "giling like a bold star" effect.

why is he even part of the top 12? he didn't hit A LOT (and i mean a lot) of notes. he knows how to sing, but last saturday was his (super) worst performance ever.

his girlfriend is damn pretty. :) i agree with the judges, he should've done something else than his rocky song. it was excellent, no doubt, he didn't miss a note. if he did a ballad, he would win the night.

another pretty and charming girl. she was able to bring the house to their stomping and clapping feet and hands. total performer. too bad she didn't make it. she deserves the slot more than steph.

the best. she's a winner through and through. i'm really glad that people voted for her because she can sing very well. i only have a problem with her wardrobe, someone needs to help her choose her clothes. her "see through netted and featherly" coat made her look like a drag queen. if she took that out and wore a khaki trench coat, she would've looked more like an idol material. yey to the texters, good choice of singer.

this is the start of the journey for philippine idol. in 13 weeks or so, we'll be crowning the first philippine idol, may it be a man or a woman. so guys, vote wisely please. vote for the person who did well during his or her performance.

my bets: pow (whohoo), mau and gian.


take a breather from work and do something productive like a survey

>> Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Course mo?
** bachelor of fine arts, major in creative writing! *proud*

Sino barkada mo sa college?
** block e 2006 yeahoo!

Sino bestfriend mo sa college?
** helga and maragaret. and the rest of the gang!

Fave campus tambayan?
** fine arts department. sa office ni fr jav at ni xander da gander (ngayon xanderkhan na) or in the painting room (when we become too noisy in the department)

San kau palage kumakain?
** we usually buy our food at caf up then eat it in the fa dept.

College life crush?
** ahyeees. we call him by rhyme. somewhere in my fourth year, i had another one. we called him diggs. haha

Anong hindi mo mkkalimutan nung 2nd year ka?
** eco. sa. the subjects that made us cry. hahaha

Pinaka nkakaasar na tao sa campus?
** that former blockmate. and that girl from is who said that she wanted to graduate with a degree. excuse me.

Fave math subjects:
** math 12. :) loved logic and the chart making choorvaness.

Fave mong kgroup pg groupings?
** block e always. always had fun.

Kaninong fave haus kau lge gumagawa pg group proj?
** edlyn's house. the only house that is nearest to ateneo. ahaha

Sino mdalas mong kasama?
** block e. we always travel in groups. mukhang 1st year even if we're in our senior year!

Fave pntahan pg walang class?
** xander's office. ultimate tambayan.

May ROTC/NSTP ka b? Anong company mo?
** i quit rotc in my 1st semester then transfered to nstp in my 2nd year. i volunteered for learning links, an organization that teaches math and english to katipunan street kids.

San building nyo?
** gonzaga building. our territory.

Fave school supply shop?
** a-shop? that's where i hoard all the ateneo shirts. yeahhh.

Fave minor subject
** the only elective i had was great books. :) i loved it anyway.

Fave Classroom?
** i love the exhibit hall. it's the place where all our dreams came true. (whutever. ahah)

Fave major subject?
** hmmm. all my writing subjects!

Fave professor?
** sir badong bernal and my poetry teachers. yeahoo!

Fave kasabay pg pauwi?
** still block e. told yah we're inseperable.

Ano sinasakyan mo pauwi?
** our car.

Fave hnihiram ng clasm8 m sau?
** stapler. ako ang stapler factory ng block.

Hardest subject mo?
** eco. sa. history. PHILO AND THEO.

Unforgettable moment sa buong college life?
** hmmm. fine arts festival. actually, almost every moment with the block.

Best thing in college?
** block e!


toot tooot... toot. tooot.

yen keeps sending me text messages and sooner or later, my inbox will be full of yen quotes. i need a place to store all the text messages so i can erase them from my phone. don't worry yen, may matitira paring texts mo sa phone ko. haha, nakakarami ka lang sa text heart ko. haha labo.

1. "Come with Me and I will teach you to catch MEN..." Mark 1:17

Biblical na ito!!

Magbalik loob na para magkaboylet. :)

tsktsktsk, haha napaghahalata tayo yen na sawi tayong dalawa!

2. with my

1 heart
2 eyes
5L blood
206 bones
1.2 LBC
60 trillion DNA

i want you to know

gusto ko lang magyabang about anatomy!

3. highest form of laziness:
a guy lying on top of a girl
both naked
and waiting for an earthquake
to do the rest.

4. student: mam, pagagalitan niyo po ba ako
sa mga bagay na di ko po naman ginawa?
teacher: natural, hindi!
student: di ko po ginawa homework ko!

now, why didn't i think of that during my school days?



>> Tuesday, September 12, 2006

what to do when you're stranded in teriyaki boy while katipunan is slowly turning into an ocean of floodwater?

go camwhoring. like this:

10 pm na... di pa tumitigil ang ulan. nooow, what is that straw doing there?


version 1: jace, cerz, kim

version 2: edlyn, me, geopet


wag kang bibitiw bigla!!

>> Monday, September 11, 2006

buy their cd! 295 only! :) i don't know if it'll still come with a mini mag. when jace bought it during the launch last friday, the cd was packed with a mag about the album. it's a good buy. yey! support batchmates!


music in my dreams

booo. i wasn't able to watch the performance night of phil idol (we got stranded in teriyaki boy with my friends until 10 pm). double boo, i fell asleep while waiting for the results night (while listening to spongecola's new cd, transit). triple boo, because i found out that ira isn't part of the top 4. but yey for pow because she's in! yey!

i hope someone uploaded their performances in you tube. i'll check them out later.

sponge cola's new cd is better than the first. the cover is buuutifoool, with illustrations of the public transportations filipinos use: bus, trike, mrt, jeep. there you go, now i remember. the design are silhouettes of the band members and the philippine public transporatation.

among the songs i listened to (before i fell asleep at the latter part of the album), i like "movie" best. there was another filipino song i like, but i forget the title. anywhoo, i'll listen to it again tonight. :) grab a copy of the cd! it's nice. :) the songs are not your typical "i'm missing you beside me.." and all the emoness in all the world. support!!!


usapang lalake

>> Friday, September 08, 2006

masaya nga naman mag "girl talk". nalaman ko kanina na magkapareho kami ni monix ng taste sa mga "ideal man". di masyadong maitim, di rin masyadong maputi. di kelangang sobrang mayaman, basta may pangarap siya sa buhay at may ginagawa siya para maabot itong pangarap niya. may matinong trabaho na tutupad sa kanyang mga hangarin sa buhay. mabuti ang ugali, hindi mayabang, at DUMADALAW SA BAHAY. ahaha yung tipong magpapakilala sa magulang at may mukhang ihaharap sa kanila.

at ang pinakaimportante, may manners (ano ba manners sa tagalog? pfft. nangangalawang na tagalog ko pag dating sa panunulat. parang mali pa yung panunulat. hahaha) bihira na ang lalake ngayon ang nakakaalam ng mga simpleng manners. tulad ng.

1. sinasara ang kutsara at tinidor pagkatapos kumain.
2. nakasara dapat ang bibig habang ngumunguya.
3. pag may kasamang babae at tumatawid sa kalye, yung lalake dapat ang nasa "danger side"
4. nagtatakip ng bibig pag nagy-"yawn"
5. nag-good morning at good evening sa mga matatanda
6. pinapahalagahan ang edukasyon (di ko kelangan ng super talinong lalake)
7. pinapauna ang babae sa lahat ng pinto, hallway, escalator, elevator, kotse at kung saan mang lugar
8. pinagbubuksan ng pinto ang mga babae, bata at matatanda

di rin namin kelangan ni monix ng mga lalakeng nagpapakitang gilas pag may nililigawan. kelangan ganon siya sa lahat ng babae at natural kung iasta ang mga ito.

di namin kelangan ng sobrang porma na lalake. basta marunong magdala ng damit at tama yung size (hindi yung mga t-shirt na hanggang ankles sa haba), kahit shorts pa yan. may rubbershoes sa paa, hindi laging naka tsinelas,at may matinong gupit ng buhok.

mapili na kung mapili, keysa naman walang kwento. ano yon, ako magpapakain sa kanya? asa siya. magpapakacelibate nalang ako kung ganon.


blow the flame away

>> Thursday, September 07, 2006

happy birthday to my dear edlyn and to block e's tnt, abet!!

hugs to both of you. :D

cheers to you two *raises a cup of starbucks*



>> Wednesday, September 06, 2006

oh cool. :) IdolSource linked me to their phil idol blog. :D thanks! hehehe.


addicted to caffeine.

>> Tuesday, September 05, 2006

once yumi has money, she will raid starbucks. when yumi has more money, she'll go venti. starbucks is my weakness, you can do almost (emphasis on "almost") all bribes using starbucks. plus points if it's in venti.

the variety of coffee starbucks (and other coffee shops) provide caters to people of different tastes. in fast foods, there is only one type of coffee: brewed. they'll give you an unlimited supply of cream and sugar to suit your coffee taste. but the emergence of coffee shops like starbucks allows the consumer to sit back and relax, while a "barista" does all the mixing. all you have to do is to look at the menu, open your wallet, and provide the crisp bills. the more bills you provide, the more jazzy stuff is added to your coffee. that's what you call coffee pampering.

that kind of service is an instant hit to consumers. with the fast-paced life we have now, we do not anymore have time to stop and prepare a cup of coffee. we would rather spend a hundred pesos on an instant coffee in a paper cup than stand up and get a mug of coffee from the office pantry. and having that cup with the green logo makes you feel like you can afford anything in the world. you feel corporate and rich with a grande starbucks in those working hands.

The evolotion of coffee has satisfied people from all over the world. Before, coffee was served hot at breakfast tables or cafes. Nowadays, we have iced coffee for countries with hot weather. There are coffee combinations to those who like it with more milk, more coffee, more fruit, or less sugar.

studies have come up on the benefits of coffee to human lives. it may improve health and even lives. coffee growing has provided jobs for many people, opportunities for growth and marketing purposes. coffee has become a life necessity for us.

so whenever you buy a cup of coffee at starbucks, don't just sip and wish that it'll keep you awake. enjoy every moment of it because as the caffeine makes you awake, think of the other possibilities of happiness and contentment the drink has given.



>> Monday, September 04, 2006

What kind of little girl were YOU?

Girly Girl
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code


sing it

>> Sunday, September 03, 2006

OHMYGOD. this is not right anymore.

i'm having a major crush on you. maah friend. and this is not right. hahahaha monix, you have to help me out here. ako naman ang may kilig moment! ym tomorrow!

my bets for the philippine idol are ramir, gian and robert. :) they have the voice quality that would allow them to be experimental of other genres and the makings of a philippine idol. for the girls, i'll choose next week when they have their eliminations.

mom was biased. she voted for onyx, the law student. hehe

i don't like christian. i think he's too proud of his christian background. sorry, but i found it annoying when he kept on kissing his finger and pointing it to the ceiling. i know you love God and all that jazz, but you don't have to stick it up my throat and show it to the whole world. prove it first before you brag about it.

who'll be eliminated tonight? have to find out! tootles!


boo. i don't like the choice of the top 4, except for drae.


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