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headline. ang kinabukasan ng kahapon.

>> Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"sex, epektibong pampabata" -headline of a tabloid, august 28

in a country where population is a problem, this tabloid promotes otherwise. sure, somewhere along the way, it might be a great way to get that blooming and flushed-looking face, but sex should never be an alternative for a facial and a coke-bottle figure.

where are the values of these so-called christians? i'm sure the writer is some religious nut, going to church on sundays, asking God for grace in his everyday life. sunday is a holy day for him. but when monday comes, the holiness disappears and he bows down to the worldly acts of men.

sex was made for reproduction. it is an act of love between a male and a female. it is a God-given gift, and we should use them responsibly, in respect to the creator who made us. sex means that these two people are willing to take the task of taking care of the consequence of this act: a child.

i don't get it when people have sex, use a condom, and when an accident happens (aka "i'm pregnant"), everything is shattered for the couple. they don't want the baby, only the sex. they don't want the commitment, only the sex. why? don't their minds know that sex was made for reproduction? aren't there other ways to show their love for each other without engaging in sex?

sex should not be an enjoyable thing for two people. it should be a journey towards a lifetime vow of caring for a new life, a sacrifice to love a new member of this relationship.

that writer should take a decade of values training and a reality check.

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