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t-bone? t-back.

>> Friday, July 07, 2006

Q: why do women wear t-backs or thongs?
A: so when they bend down, the butt area will be panty-line-free.

but you'll distinguish a person who is wearing those strings. above the butt line, as you'll notice VERY clearly, is an inverted triangle which is a perfect indicator that a woman is wearing a t-back.

another indicator is when a woman walks. the butt skin will be jingling like water bags because there's no support to hold it up. if you're wearing a full underwear, you dangling skin will be kept in place.

if you think you'll get the butt looks when you have a panty-line, but you'll have more guys staring at your behind when you don't have one. they'll KNOW whom to lust about.

so note to women: wear a full underwear, please. what's the use of wearing one if you'll remove most of its material? underwear is supposed to cover your privies, not let them peek through lace-y and see through cloth.

if you don't want to have those diagonal lines when you wear khaki or white pants, there are girdles that help remove the visible lines. it'll also make you look slim. if you're going to complain that it'll be hot or you don't want something sticking on your skin, either you buy cotton girdles or wear nothing. even if you wear t-back undies, your fit pants will still be glued to your flawless skin.


Pipboy 8:16 AM  

very informative! ganon pala un! discovery yumi, what did you learn today? hehe

yawmee 10:10 AM  

hahaha!! or that's what i think. :D

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