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the love of my life

>> Sunday, July 30, 2006

i didn't go to the gelpi office yesterday. ann and i went for a field trip to one of the gelpi centers: in batangas. we visited yasaki-torres to check on their status and performance.

yasaki-torres is one heck of an OC gelpi center. they're super organized in the worksheets of the children. when you enter the center, you'll see a set of pictures plastered on the wall. inside those pictures are time cards to keep track on what time the child enters and leaves the center.

i was amused by one kid, JE. he's such a cute kid, while teacher shiela aided him in his counting "won, tuu, thwee, foh, fayv, see, seve, eyy, nay, teh." his eyes twinkled and turned into upside-down smiles when he laughed. i wanted to give him a hug, but of course, he doesn't know me so i kept my hands to myself. hehe

we returned to manila at around 4 pm, and i was dropped off in landmark. met my parents in glorietta and walked around to pass time. we came across a book sale. and when yumi sees books, she goes crazy. as in crazy.

i spent all my money in buying grade school workbooks for my own reference. they were unbelievably cheap and i didn't know where to start. i spent a total of a thousand pesos buying these thick books which were orginally priced at 700. i bought one for reference in gelpi and i'm getting that book reimbursed. i have to go back to that booksale with more money. i'll raid that booksale before it ends at august 31.


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