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>> Monday, July 10, 2006

last saturday, cerz, billy, me and karen crashed chino's kitchen and had an iron chef show. we cooked different dishes with corned beef as the main ingredient.

chino and me at the supermarket, spending 600 pesos for ingredients and drinks.

yumi and cerz trying to make our dish work. and it did work! it was improvised because we didn't have the much ingredients to make our plan work. we grabbed everything that was available, even chino's rice for his corned beef rice. haha but at least, it was edible.

yumi and cerz waiting for the guys to cook their dishes. ako ay nangangalikot ng ipod ni cerz ng mga mr bean episodes hehe

the dish on the left is our masterpiece. the one on the right is billy's food. chino's was still cooking. hehe

after eating. still a lot of left overs, but our tummies were very full of corned beef. hahaha everything was delicious! wonderful!


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