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conyo land?

>> Monday, July 24, 2006

di ko ma-take ang powerplant.

after we were allowed to go home early (i think i was the only one who left during lunch time), i thought we would go home right away. i was dreaming of a warm bed, while watching the rain pour on the rallyists in commonwealth during gma's sona, and reading the grade school workbooks i bought from national book store yesterday.

i wish i didn't leave... or not.

we went to my lola's house to meet up with my tita. apparently, they were looking for a domestic flight for my tito who'd be coming from australia. they need to book a flight to boracay and my parents and my tita were tasked to look for the best airline. so much for the bed, i tagged along.

after the errands, we had a snack at powerplant. i don't know where in the world did we get the idea of eating there. we kept on driving and found ourselves parking the van in the basement of powerplant.

mhen, the moment i stepped in the mall, the air just screamed, "THIS IS NOT YOUR CROWD!"

it really wasn't.

people were so neat, they were dressed up, and everyone looked as if they had the "bucks". i was used to the crowd in sm, where everywhere you look would be people either just enjoying the aircon, or feeling they had the "bucks". "tambays" in powerplant were people in ties, cellphones in hand, and looked like yuppies (well, they were yuppies). starbucks was loaded with either students with laptops, or foreigners enjoying the philippine life.

it was the only mall where there were no people in jollibee and mcdo.

i saw denrocs and roxy in the restroom. i also saw mrs. matti with two of her children.

starbucks and seattle's were loaded with people, there were no seats available, so we just ate ice cream in FIC.

dad and i went window shopping for shoes. we now have a shoe list in mind. we kept on telling the salesmen and women everytime we left the store, "we will return.. soon." i don't have the money yet to buy shoes, i'll save so i could buy those lacoste ("alligator" as my dad calls them) shoes. i wanna buy my dad and mom shoes from florsheim. soon. soooooon. shoe-whores. haha

i don't know when i'll be back in that mall. i'll stick with the sm crowd, where i fit in, where i belong. haha, powerplant had a different feeling, as if i entered a different planet. there were only three things i really enjoyed in powerplant: (1) the malang art gallery, (2) the piano player in the open area in the middle of tha mall, (3) the banners of the ateneo art awards (ahh.. school spirit). haha


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