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back to school. senti mode.

>> Wednesday, July 12, 2006

of all the days that i was available to pass by ateneo,

walang pasok.

classes were suspended because of the storm.

i had to pass by the placement office to pass letters from galileo.

i dropped the history book miyo was borrowing at the fa dept.

i went to the english dept to ask for english consultants, but surprise! even teachers went home early because of the 3pm suspension! so negative on that.

instead, i passed by the oaa to bug the people there. i talked with ate nette and saw that she has her own room. oooh, assistant to the director of admissions. high tech. haha

fa dept is bigger! and with the wonderful shelves! shelves that are from the floor to the ceiling. and with a built-in ladder! i want one. mhen.

the mvp building is a god. haha quad 2 is no more, it's one artwork of stones. it's like zen garden, only that there are no stone benches. so i don't know if it's meant to be stepped on. maybe it's just for display. mvp is one rich guy.

ahhh. senti mode seeps in. school is love.

ps. benny benitez, ang drama mo! hahaha
pps. eto lang ang worth ng blog ko? di man lang milyon? pfft.

My blog is worth $3,951.78.
How much is your blog worth?


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