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panaginip sa dilim. malamang.

>> Sunday, June 25, 2006

i remembered my dream again when i got a text message from liza this morning.

i entered a room in ateneo to see my block there. we were supposed to have a guidance diagnostic test then go somewhere after. (reminds me of the 1st block outing we had in eastwood 2 years ago. july 2. i won't forget that.) i saw liza and regi on the front row as soon as i stepped into the classroom. liza gave me a calculator and regi gave me something.

i noticed six people wearing white jerseys. they were running around the room, doing some sort of initiation. then at the corner of the room, i saw edlyn, running and jumping over chairs. and on her left chest was a patch that said, "i am a lawyer". haha

i stepped out of the classroom with liza and regi. we talked. regi handed me a pencil before i went inside. but the proctor didn't let me take the test because they were starting already and i was late. i reasoned out that my bag was already there and i just stepped out for a while. she was stern, i got pissed off, and i walked out. i looked for regi and liza, who were no where to be found, and saw dad parked near the overpass.

i woke up and texted liza and edlyn about it. liza just replied this morning and said. "weird, i lost my calculator two weeks ago."

haha. nasakin na. sa panaginip.


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