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imagine me in corporate look. naaah. di bagay.

>> Tuesday, June 06, 2006

*insert opening song from qtv's "may trabaho ka!"*

i feel like i just passed the ateneo college test. but instead of me giving them money, i'll be earning my own money.

may trabaho na ako. this is soooo not me.

i'm the youngest in the office. and my boss is an atenean. yeaah, ateneo air around. hahaha

when i was still job-hunting, i kept on teasing those working in makati. yuck, konyo air. macaytee. little did i know, i'm going to one of them. now, i'll be teasing myself.

the great thing about my office? it's just across starbucks jupiter. whohooo! caffeine overload. joke lang, magastos yon.

ooohh makati moolah.


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