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akalain mo?

>> Sunday, June 18, 2006

dreams are venues for the impossible.

i dreamt i was with some block e people, (all i remember were ina, jace and edlyn) thinking of a dance. we were tasked to do an interpretative dance of the sea and we had 10 minutes to do it. since ina was the expert in this field, she did all the choreography. jace was more of the hip hop side. all edlyn and i could do was to goof around, making fish gestures.

then my cellphone rang. it was miko calling. as in si kuya miko na boyfriend ni golda na hindi ko na tinatawag na kuya kasi matanda na raw ako. i don't know how miko got into the picture, nor how he got my cellphone number. we were talking about dance, and how he would like to invite me to a dance. i don't even dance! well i used to (as all girls try to take up ballet lessons when they were kids), but i stopped after realizing my body cannot follow dance steps, especially hiphop. i think miko dances, or was it myk? can't remember, but the part of miko calling really weirded me out.

i was holding my phone, still figuring out why miko called me, when i woke up. until now, i still don't know where the miko part came from. i haven't seen him or talked to him for a long time and i'm sure my brain cells don't have the capacity to dig out that memory from my history bank. i still could get the part of the dancing with ina, jace and edlyn, but miko? san nanggaling yon?


Edz 10:56 PM  

hahaha bagay! i meant the part where we goof around, making fish gestures :P ung kay jace, na hip hop style, medyo di ko maimagine haha...

oh well...baka makikita mo uli siya haha

yawmee 7:49 PM  

diba? ang dali-dali lang non gawin! hahaha

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