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>> Wednesday, May 17, 2006

what do i really want in life?

what are my plans after college? (wait, i'm 'after college')

am i happy with the jobs that i'm applying for?

do really want to study? or do i want to get a better job with the masters degree i am planning to take?

or maybe my course isn't really my course. maybe i was meant for another course.

am i prepared for jobs? or am i still immature? (hahaha, batang isip pa ako)

i know why he's getting a headache, but can he do something about it? he's been a father figure to us, but why are they giving him the headache? why doesn't he want to talk about it?

why does she have to tell me what to wear? as if she's helping with my life. i don't need red lipstick before i go to interviews, and i don't need any of your help. i don't even love you. i just respect you because you gave birth to five children whom i love more than you. you don't even fulfill your role. i don't know why i even call you that. (rant... obviously)

bakit kelangan hubad si piolo sa san miguel coffee commercial?

bakit natanggal si chris daughtry at hindi si katharine mcphee?

why am i feeling disappointed with 'i love new york'?

am i the person that i want to be? or is there something missing in my life? or someone? (charing!)

why do kids say the darndest things? they observe all your actions then give out these quotable statements.

why does my back ache when i have my period?

why do i like you? (ahahaha!!!!)


actually, i don't have anything decent to post. i just felt the need to put something in my blog. i feel bad that i'm paying more attention to my lj than my blog, considering blogger is my first online home. (wawa naman blog ko.) maybe someday, i'll post essays here. maybe.


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