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habby beerday!

>> Wednesday, May 31, 2006

happy birthday to the god of fine arts (dan brown, bagong topic mo oh. may god of fine arts. hahaha) at grandmaster of fine arts chismis.

what's new xander? may bago ka nang members sa iyong secret love society? spill it all out, ang secret code ng iyong cryptex, and password sa mga bagong members. ang initiation sa mga kaibigan ng iyong members. at kung saan nakatago ang short bond paper mo sa mga tamad pumila sa rsf.

hahahaha. panalo. shoot. i miss the fine arts office and that distinct smell. yuck, parang aso. hahaa



>> Friday, May 26, 2006

cindy wasn't prepared with what she was going to see. she was just informed that her grandfather tripped on the way to his office and got a black eye. they said he fell forward, his face hitting the cement. it would be one quick to the hospital, she thought. she was excited to go to dinner with her parents and her aunt. they were planning to go out the night before. but because of the last minute call, all plans were changed. but she reassured herself it would be ok. she still hoped for that dinner.

on the way to her grandfather's house, cindy was having a fun conversation with her parents and her aunt. she gazed out the window and looked at the different buildings and stores. she observed people from the tinted vehicle. she found it funny when people would check their looks at the tinted windows. they didn't know that there cindy was at the other side of the window, making fun of them. that's what she loved about tinted windows, she got to look at people at the eye. she judged them.

then she saw her grandfather. it was difficult to judge. it was difficult to look even through the tinted windows. it was horrible.

his face was bloated with all the bruises. it seemed that he wore a black zorro mask over his eyes. black and blue bruises covered his eyes, making it difficult for him to see. she could not take a second look. his forehead had one big red cut. his face was worse than boxers that lost in a boxing match. he winced when the sun's rays hit his face, he cried when his arm was touched. maybe he fractured his arm. he's not my grandfather, cindy repeatedly said. she could not believe that the man with that kind of face was someone related to her.

she pretended to look fine inside the hospital. she pretended not to care. she did not know what to do, she did not even talk to him. she pretended that it was just a minor accident, that after a series of tests, his face would return to its normal look. but she knew better, it would take days of treatment. but she just looked away. she wanted more tinted windows to hide all the bruises. she wanted more windows to separate her from the cruel reality.

but windows did not help. she had no other choice but to look. but she shouldn't worry, he could not look back. he did not even care if she looked.


mhey chuwenipayb

>> Thursday, May 25, 2006

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MOM AND DAD!!! 21 years and counting! kung wala ang araw na ito, hindi ako mabubuhay! (ay kakornihan. wahaha) hmm. saan kaya ang biggie celeb? sisingit ako sa celebration nila, dakilang bitbit forever.

pero hihirt tatay ko nyan. 4 pm pa daw ang offical anniv kasi yun yung oras ng kasal. haha. mga 7 pm ang tunay na "i pronounce you man and wife" at ang dakilang "kiss da bride". mga ganitong oras, natutulog pa daw tatay ko sa hotel room. wahahaha. kakulitan ng mundo, habang nanay ko nagpapapicture sa bahay ni lola sa muntinlupa.

kaya feeling bakasyon din ako. wala pa ako sa mundong ito sa ganitong oras kaya nagpapakabakasyon ako sa isip ng Diyos. 7 pm, sweetheart na sila. hahaha ka-kesohan ng mundo. di bale, kung wala ang keso moment, wala ako dito na nagpapakakeso.


kanta na. bagong video.

>> Wednesday, May 24, 2006

tinitingnan ko lang kung kaya kong magpost ng videos. matagal-tagal ko narin to inaabangan kaya eto yung napili ko.



>> Saturday, May 20, 2006

i want my name in an ambigram. :)

from the ambigram generator



and from ambigram.net

aaaah!!! ang gandaaaa!


da vinci code

my review is at my lj because i don't want to give any spoilers about the movie.

can i just say... ANG GALING NI PAUL BETTANY! he's the perfect actor for silas. i cringed in my seat when he was doing the flaggelation. oouuuch. this is way better than holy week. ahahaha i love him. wahaha. bakit ang hilig ko sa mga kontrabida? ewan. maybe they're the ones who put life to the goody-goody heroes of the story. hehehe



>> Wednesday, May 17, 2006

what do i really want in life?

what are my plans after college? (wait, i'm 'after college')

am i happy with the jobs that i'm applying for?

do really want to study? or do i want to get a better job with the masters degree i am planning to take?

or maybe my course isn't really my course. maybe i was meant for another course.

am i prepared for jobs? or am i still immature? (hahaha, batang isip pa ako)

i know why he's getting a headache, but can he do something about it? he's been a father figure to us, but why are they giving him the headache? why doesn't he want to talk about it?

why does she have to tell me what to wear? as if she's helping with my life. i don't need red lipstick before i go to interviews, and i don't need any of your help. i don't even love you. i just respect you because you gave birth to five children whom i love more than you. you don't even fulfill your role. i don't know why i even call you that. (rant... obviously)

bakit kelangan hubad si piolo sa san miguel coffee commercial?

bakit natanggal si chris daughtry at hindi si katharine mcphee?

why am i feeling disappointed with 'i love new york'?

am i the person that i want to be? or is there something missing in my life? or someone? (charing!)

why do kids say the darndest things? they observe all your actions then give out these quotable statements.

why does my back ache when i have my period?

why do i like you? (ahahaha!!!!)


actually, i don't have anything decent to post. i just felt the need to put something in my blog. i feel bad that i'm paying more attention to my lj than my blog, considering blogger is my first online home. (wawa naman blog ko.) maybe someday, i'll post essays here. maybe.


thoughts out loud

>> Sunday, May 14, 2006

*hand on arm*




buddy and sol

>> Tuesday, May 09, 2006

i enjoy comedy shows in the early 90's than the comedy shows now. today, jokes are mixed with malice and sex. where did the good clean jokes go?

i was watching 'buddy and sol' in rpn 9 last friday. i was laughing my lungs out with all the redford white jokes. eric quizon and redford white make a good tandem for a hilarious show. there are no green jokes, only pure laughter.

"eto na po ang latest na balita. ayon po sa ating nakalap, hindi pa po nahuhuli ang di umanong suspek na di umanong lumusob sa isang di umanong sauna sa di umanong lugar sa quezon city. ayon po sa aking di umanong reporter, di umanong ginagawan po ng paraan ng pulis na maprotektahan ang di umanong nagiisang witness sa di umanong krimen. eto po si rey na di umanong nagbabalita."

they shot an episode in mcdo commonwealth, the one beside ever gotesco commonwealth. that mcdo was my playground when i was in grade school. my friends with our parents would go there after school for lunch or dinner and we would invade the playground. it was our tree house, with a make-believe library. i realized that the place was familiar, even from the outside.

cashier: what's your order sir?
sol (redford white): uuum. hambargur at sopdrink.
cashier: medium or large?
sol: patay. uhhh. hambargur at sopdrink.
cashier: eh sir, medium or large ang softdrinks niyo po?
sol: ano bah. hambargur at sopdrink.
cashier: sir, maliit po o malaki ang softdrinks niyo?
sol: ahh. di mo sinabi. maliit.
cashier: for here or to go?
sol: maliit nga eh.
cashier: um sir, hindi po. for here or to go po?
sol: sopdrink. hambargur.
cashier: ah sir, dito niyo po bang kakainin o sa labas po?
sol: hindi dito. there. (points to seat.)hirap namang kausap to oh.




>> Monday, May 08, 2006

i have finished the first draft of the story i was writing. no, not the story that i promised quincy. the idea just popped into my head this morning, and i quickly grabbed my windows 98 laptop and typed out my kiddie story. the topic is about swimming and swimming pools and i based it on my cousin's experience when we were in tagaytay. the kids were not allowed to swim because the pool was still dirty and needed cleaning. they kept on reasoning out that green was an ok color and it didn't look dirty to them. they sulked for the rest of the afternoon and i had the thrill of taking pictures of their depressed looks. (i don't have a scanner, they are on prints. pfft)

when i saw the pictures this morning, i felt the inspiration to write a story based on the picture. it was the best picture i have ever taken, a view from inside the room. iyah was sulking from the balcony, back facing me. my shot had the view of the mountain and part of the swimming pool area. iyah was smack in the middle of the picture, just right outside the window. it was the perfect shot for a story.

i'll revise it. someday. i will still develop the plot. i just kept on typing and typing, not minding grammar or coherence. i had to finish the story or else if i revise as i write, it'll take a long time before i get to finish it (look at what happened to my dream-maker story). ahahaha



>> Sunday, May 07, 2006

si dora ay di dapat tawagin na dora the explorer.

ang dapat ay dora the lakwatsera.

kabata-bata eh kung saan-saan na pumupunta. at mag-isa lang siyang pumupunta sa mga lugar-lugar sa mundo. at unggoy lang ang kasama niya, as if naman may malaking maitutulong ang unggoy niyang kaibigan. lahat ng kaibigan niya ay mga hayop, wala pa akong nakikitang kaibigan niyang tao na tulad niya.

buti nalang, may mapa siyang nagsasalita.



>> Tuesday, May 02, 2006

update on the family tree

family maryosep:
quincy as the dad
kems as the mom
yumi as the kid
edlyn as the yaya
jace as driver

familia from abroad:
darls as my tita
helga as my cousin

benny na kabit ni quincy?!?!?! WAAAG! ampangit isipin! nooo! erase! erase! change!! anubah.

ang ganda-ganda ng ym icon ko. yehey. ahahaha proud.


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