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jumping from one topic to another

>> Thursday, April 27, 2006

i forgot what i was supposed to write about, so this will be something from the top of my head.

i hope this will not happen to law students: (pictures taken from postsecret)

ay, di niya nagets yng davinci code? ganda-ganda pa naman. siguro di siya mahilig magbasa. yun na yon.


oh yeah, i remember now. it's about enca and the 'diwata' who died. i already knew who would die before i actually watched the episode. sunday's special episode of enca was a major spoiler. i saw karylle wearing a white gown, hugging the rest of her sisters. white gowns are usually worn by those who have died and gone to devas (heaven version of enca). wekwekwek, major spoiler. anyway... enca will end tomorrow, waah. i hope there will be another season (feeling states, may season-season chever?!)


moving on... i'm sure that i will go back to school next schoolyear (2007). the problem is that i do not know what to take. i want to take three courses (feeling matalino?!) but i can only take one. majority of me wants to take up flcd, so i can teach preschool kids. on the other hand, pursuing a masters degree in creative writing can land me better jobs and better opportunities, may it be in the academe or in the advertising world. the greatest pressure in my life now is taking another course, a pre-med course. i've talked about this in my lj and i really need to pray very hard if this is what i was destined for. i just don't want to take med because two of my titos are pushing me to study (with the bribe of free education and expenses), i want to take it because i have a burden for it, that i am willing to sacrifice everything for a profession of a lifetime. for now, i have to focus on getting a full time job besides funworks.


when i'm in a stable position, these are the things i want to do:

- be a regular member of a swimming class or a gym with a swimming pool. i need to shape up and tone those muscles. i want to have the power abs. ahaha
- enroll in up extension and take piano lessons. buuut! no more of sir asunscion. hell.
- try to be artistic. i want to get those shading perfect. target number 1: buy a sketch pad
- buy the things i want (note: not needs, but wants. haha, feeling materialistic)


being 19 and graduated have pros and cons. i find it amusing to see people shocked because i graduated still in my teens. i don't find it abnormal -- unlike other people do -- because i went through all levels of schooling. and even if they say that it was unfair that i skipped my grade 7 (i got accepted into shs so i did not anymore take grade 7), i reason out that i had two years of nursery.

but it is difficult to get a job and have people to take me seriously. they treat me like i'm some high school kid, asking why i'm 19. maybe it's another reason why i want to study some more. so when i apply for something, i'm on the 'legal age range', and at the same time, i have finished a masteral degree.

(thinking aloud, hhhmm. maybe i could pursue that flcd course. forget about the med thing. pffft.)

when i got my atm card for funworks this morning, i had to go through 5 minutes of interview from the employee who gave me my tin. i know it's not in the script in opening an account, but i could see the amusement in her eyes as i was explaining my lifeline to her. even my dad was interrogated by the teller about my age. ahaha, great. great?


one thing is great for today. strawberry parfait from icebergs. heaven. sarap ng fresh strawberries!


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