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grade conscious? naaah..

>> Friday, March 10, 2006

so i got 3 of my final grades already. i thiiink i'm going to pass. haha

practicum: A. yeahoo! 95 ito! let's go fa fest!
theater prod: A. sa mga sleepless and drama nights, this is it!
theo151: C+. haha, di na ako umasenso sa theo ever. forever C+.

waiting for other grades...
polsci100. sana B. hehe
poetry C+ na ang expectation ko dito. hirap eh. masyadong magaling si sir dm. haha
philo C+ din. mababa paper ko, though ibabawi ko yon sa orals at group work.

saturday is judgment day. and i will know if i will walk the aisle or not.

this is iiiittt!!!


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