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running for life

>> Saturday, February 11, 2006

oh happy day. when my internet spells "unlimited". my internet is now running on vibe unlimited. that means i can go online forever without having to think about getting disconnected by losing internet credits. haha. hello downloads, here i come!

today will be a busy day for i have a lot to finish.

yumi's checklist for today.

[ ] research for polsci report
[ ] finish typing portfolio (whee, 88 pages of non stop typing)
[ ] read philo handouts for report
[ ] fix comfort woman script (the perks of being a stage manager, you have an excuse to become OC)
[ ] sleep (i need to catch up on all the sleep i lost due to comfort woman rehearsals)

so far, i'm typing my portfolio. i think i won't be able finish all today, but nevertheless, i'm glad that i have the whole day to "nerd" around. if i get tired with typing, i'll move to my philo handouts. anytime, i can do my cue sheet because that is the most enjoyable task in my checklist. sleep can come every 15 minutes.

and my internet is for the whole day! nyaahaha.


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