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a break from the philo stress.

>> Friday, February 17, 2006

1. two words to describe yourself right now?
>>behind schedule

2. first five words that pops in ur mind now?
>> i need to finish this

3. name 5 of your crazy friends
>> block e, theater prod team, english block, fa people and encantadiks. (as a whole eh, not particular persons)

4. what's your favorite number/s?
>> 25, 7 and 1.

5. what was the first thing you did after waking up?
>> checked the time.

6. last number of your phone number?
>> 0

7. who was the first person that came to your mind as you woke up this morning?
>> missy.

8. who was the last person to make you feel kilig?
>> nyahha. si ano. whetooot!

9. what song is on your mind right now?
>> belle from disney's beauty and the beast.

10. what was the last thing you wrote on a straight line?
>> the script for philo.

11. who do you want to call on your cellphone?
>> dsws. i need to have the lamposts reserved.

12. Are you in love?
>> in love with theater? yeah.

13. what color/s do you like?
>> pink, blue.

14. last song that you sang?
>> "everything you do" by christian bautista (i want to buy his new album!)

15. do you like to sing?
>> of course.

16. have you ever been to Baguio?
>>uh-huh. a lot of times.

17. what was the last song that you danced to?
>> some song during rehearsals ng comfort woman.

18. favorite songs?
>> burn by nina feat. christian bautista, when you say you love me by josh groban

19. bakit mo sinagutan ang survey na ito?
>> kasi tinatamad na ako gumawa ng script for philo. break muna.

20. asan ka ngayon?
>> at home.

21. last person you e-mailed.
>> maya.

22. have you worn/are you wearing braces [teeth]
>> not yet. if i have money, i'd have my two front teeth fixed.

23. how often do you buy load?
>> linya ko.

24. who's the last person in your phonebook?
>> zucynth!

25. if you were given a chance to visit another country what would it be?
>> canada.

26. name the person that you wish to fall for you at this moment:
>> si ano. *strums guitar*

27. what do you want to happen right now?
>> that the god of philosophy shine on me and give me guidance in understanding the greatest principle.


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