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christmass boo-hoo

>> Thursday, December 29, 2005

*notice the sarcasm in my voice*

listen to me, thirdy, mighty, jovel and bimboy as we open our gifts from "her".

"WOOOOW!! ANG GANDAAAA!!!" (enter hysterical laughs)

gift to jovel: oversized red shirt.
gift to mighty: yellow superman shirt na hanggang tuhod
gift to bimboy: green na shirt na may collar na kasya kay thirdy
gift to thirdy: oversized shirt

pero pinakawinner yung sa akin:

red na shirt na may butas sa likod. tapos tinakpan yung butas ng lace. so see through parin. tapos yung design ng butas, CROSS!

at maganda raw sabi niya!

(enter hysterical laughs from me, thirdy, jovel, bimboy and mighty)

(pause for breathing)

(enter laugh again)


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