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>> Saturday, December 31, 2005

wake me up.

if you're familiar with etheria, this is how miss suzi's (the head writer) avatar looks like. cute. i love it. and guess what?!?! she messaged me!

Sat Dec 31, 2005 12:17 am

"taga teatro ka ba? teatro ako dati..many many yrs ago hehehe. i love romeo and juliet - lalo na yung classic version ng movie - kay zeferrili ata (check spelling and info). 1st movie ito na umiyak ako aside sa walt disney classic version ng little mermaid (yung namatay si mermaid) hahaha. memorized ko til now and romeo and juliet and i would love to watch the pinoy play version. give me 4 tix - ill be watching it with my close friends. just pm me lang where to deposit the money and then ill just get the ticket na lang sa mismong araw ng show doon na sa box ofc nyo. thanks."

somebody spank me. this is real. oh my god. this is real.

wake me up again.

*dances around like crazy*

ahuh, ahuh, ahuh, ahuh

my little promotion did pay off after all! whopeee!

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>> Friday, December 30, 2005

wheee. my lj has a new look! and it's narnia inspired! whehoooo-whoooeeeehhhh.

click on the picture to see what my lj looks like!

doors, open doors
they are yours
to open wide
take a step
take a chance
the view changes from the inside
what was narrow may be wide
was was small may be tall
but you'll never discover
when you open the door!
- trumpets' production of the lion, the witch and the wardrobe


yehey! survey uli.

>> Thursday, December 29, 2005

1.whose picture is it that you keep on your wallet?
mine. tapos neo print namin nila cerz at edlyn. tapos high school pics. pics ni papa, ni mama, baby pics nila, pic ni regi, pic ni rj at pic ni timmy. oh yeah, high school pic ni tita mimi. haha

2. what time do you go to bed?
11pm-1am. it depends kung anong ginagawa ko online. nyahaha.

3. what was the last thing you did before filling this survey?
added ana sa friendster.

4. who's the one you always meet the most?
um. block e. hehe lagi kong kasama.

5. who's the person you're gonna call if you need help?
hmm. mom. or dad.

6. what's on your mind just now?
the things i'm supposed to do. kaso tinatamad ako.

7. who's number on your speed dials?
family members. and doctors.

8.with whom do you wanna be to have fun?
block e, and family. :D

9. what's the latest movie?
i have watched? king kong.

10.when was the last time you went out?
yesterday. sa makati.

11. what do you hate the most for now?
people asking me if i have eaten breakfast, dinner, lunch. like, hello. and people who do not have manners.

12. when was the first time you slept alone?
ang naaalala ko nung pumunta kami ng province tapos natulog ako ng magisa sa bahay ng lola ko. di kasama si mama at si papa. di ako masyadong nakatulog. nanood ako ng 7th heaven marathon.

13. what do you wanna do for now?
sleep? and take a bath. haha

14. what do you do for everyday besides eat and sleep?
internet. and study. kuno.

15. fave pet?
dog. nothing beats dogs.

17. colors that make you happy?
white. pink. blue. purple. light colors.

18. most fave thing in your room?
my bed na minana ko sa great grandfather ko. hehe comfortable eh. di naluluma at nasisira.

19. what was the last thing you bought for your room?
cd player? yeah. i think cd player.

20. any instruments in your room?
wala. nasa play area yung piano eh.

21. do you cook?
yeah. pasta lang. at kanin. hehe

22. miss someone?
yeah. someone who is in heaven already.

23. plan to buy something?
yes.. :D

24. are you satisfied with your life now?
yuh. kinda.haah

25.do you like seafood?
ok lang. :D ay oo! yung kuhol!

26. breakfast or dinner?
dinner. kasi pag breakfast laging nagmamadali.

27. what do you usually eat for breakfast?
rice at left-over nung dinner. hehehe

28. did you eat breakfast today?

29. do you recycle?
sometimes. usually bottles.

30. do you have a bf/gf ?
wala. single for life yata ako. haha joke

31. what's your favorite fast food?

32. cats or dogs?

33. saltY or sweet?

34. city or country?
city life. pero gusto ko rin ang country pang relax.

35. what's your favorite kind of jeans?
capris. para walang yucky feeling sa dulo ng pants pag umuulan.

36. Is kissing normal for our age?
yeah. pero not french kissing na ewan na sa public na alm mo na. iwww.

37. are you athletic?
kinda. i swim and play badminton but i don't do it regularly.

38. do you swear?
sometimes. hehe. tsk tsk tsk

39. would you ditch your friends for a date?
no. haha, maraming beses na nangyari yan! hahaha. pero not a date.

40. do you have your own cell phone?
op corsness.

41. what do you wear to bed?
shorts and a shirt. yung ibang shirts ko, mga oversized shirts nung bata ako. so ngayon, normal size na. hehe

42. ever had a crush on a teacher?
nope. iww. di noh.

43. coke or pepsi?
coca-cola. psss...

44. sugar or spice?

45. can you use chopsticks?
yehey! of course!

46. do you like to read for pleasure?
oo naman. i was born to read.

47. do you care about getting good grades?
oo naman. but i sometimes slack off. hehe

48. have you ever fallen asleep in class?
yeah. history. twice. buti nalang film showing at nakapatay yung ilaw.

49. get a job or ask your parents for money?
shempre get a job. i've been asking money for school stuff, it's time to repay them.

50. is your dad strict?
nope. spoiled ako sa tatay ko. nyahahaha



christmass boo-hoo

*notice the sarcasm in my voice*

listen to me, thirdy, mighty, jovel and bimboy as we open our gifts from "her".

"WOOOOW!! ANG GANDAAAA!!!" (enter hysterical laughs)

gift to jovel: oversized red shirt.
gift to mighty: yellow superman shirt na hanggang tuhod
gift to bimboy: green na shirt na may collar na kasya kay thirdy
gift to thirdy: oversized shirt

pero pinakawinner yung sa akin:

red na shirt na may butas sa likod. tapos tinakpan yung butas ng lace. so see through parin. tapos yung design ng butas, CROSS!

at maganda raw sabi niya!

(enter hysterical laughs from me, thirdy, jovel, bimboy and mighty)

(pause for breathing)

(enter laugh again)


christmas week update

>> Sunday, December 25, 2005

i've been obsessed with surveys and announcements that i have forgotten to give updates on my life. so, here we go.

december 19, monday

no class for the day. technically. i was absent for theater prod, because tita mimi slept at our house sunday night so our bonding time extended till monday afternoon. i arrived school 2 hours before my theo test. cerz treated us pizza from pizza hut (sorry to manong deliverer and the guard didn't let you in. at least you got the exericise in walking from gate 3 to gonzaga) i wasn't able to study. one, because nothing was entering my mind. two, i joined cerz's workshop for her actors. and three, laziness stepped in before my will to study. so there.

i entered escaler armed with my faith and stocked knowledge. i don't freaking care anymore if i get a high grade or not. all i cared (even jake, ina, liezl, jaid and other people) about is that i won't have the substitute teacher in january. we won't have the regular "jeezaaassss, cayyym dawwnnnn to saaayyyvvv aasss from ourrr sinzzzz."

december 20, tuesday

nothing really special. i just had my first reading with my actors. and boy, do i love them so much. dwight has a special talent: he can expand the skin below the chin like a frog. yehey! meant for a frog talaga. hahaha

december 21, wednesday

didn't have class but still went to school. met up with regi for a lunch out at pizza hut. we were supposed to go to old spaghetti house, but it was still closed. the restaurant opens at 11 am but regi had to go to gma early so we didn't wait for osh to open. we spent 3 hours talking about his gma experiences, some "stuff", and i told him secrets (that i didn't have the guts to tell him before). we also dared each other to indulge in the bottomless iced tea. my stomach was full with iced tea that i wasn't able to eat my share of the pizza. i got as far as finishing my pasta, but i couldn't anymore take just one slice of the meat lover's pizza. regi was kind enough to have it boxed and send it to the fa dept for xander to eat.

wednesday afternoon was a stress day for theater prod people. miyo found out that there were problems in having the theater for the dec 22 shoot so we made an impromptu letter and had fr jav and dean garcia to sign it. we thought it would get the theater to ourselves. but no. the secretary asked us to call by 6 pm. miyo started calling 545 till six and all he got were unanswered calls. so we went to xavier to personally talk to mrs sumpaico and guess what? xavier was asdark as a haunted house. nice. we went all through the racket for nothing. so, plan b. shooting at ning's house the next day. we made use of our time doing props and having "bonding moments" with cams.

december 22, thursday

shooting at ning's house in lavista. i was the food man. i bought food for the actors and prod team, travelling along katipunan, making stopovers for food and drinks. but the greatest moment of my life was when i bought a box of cigarettes for kriska (the actress). i had no idea where to buy cigarettes, and i didn't want to go to the overpass in miriam because something might happen to me there (baka marape pa ako ng mga taga marytown don). God was good to me and showed me select. i also had reasons to go there, i had to buy tube ice and that was the closest to shoppersville where i could buy tube ice. good Lord, they also sold cigarettes there.

i miss the actors, especially sir chiqui. he's a funny guy, he became the lolo of the gang that day. i also miss tedi, the 9-year old girl who acted and helped us make the props for the shoot and the play. i miss everyone in the production team, the other actors, ning's kitchen, the water dispenser, and the rain effects. i can't wait to see the video.

december 23, friday

i bummed around the house. period.

december 24, saturday

just like edlyn, our family has also a doze of christmas party for the kids. we didn't have a battalion of children that drove them crazy, but they were enough to make me tired of minding the prizes. my tita was the master showman and i was in charge of the food and the prizes. i changed the rules for the stop dance, because it would take forever if the kids froze with both feet on the ground. i made them pose with one foot in the air so it'll be easier to eliminate kids. hehe, evil me.

night came and i couldn't wait for the clock to strike twelve. i opened my gifts and i received the most interesting gift for this year. my cousins were teasing me because my tito gave me a stuffed toy shaped like a radio. they got shirts and kikay stuff while i got a pink stuffed toy. but haha, i got the last laugh. i said that i would instead imagine the stuffed toy making sounds and having something come out of it, when i accidentally pushed a part where it said "on". everyone was surprised when sound actually came out of it! the stuffed toy was actually a radio! soon, my cousins were envious at my gift and wished that they had the stuffed toy.

december 25, sunday

merry christmaaaaasss! yippee! happy birthday Jesus! i miss those christmas songs. made me think about rehearsals for last year's christmas presentation. this year, it was the kultur klub kids who presented. nothing beats our presentation last year. hehehehe

now, off to bed.


100 reasons why i want to do this. 1. i'm lazy. 2. i'm lazy 3...

>> Wednesday, December 21, 2005

01] First name: Naomi

[02] Year you were born: 1986

[03] chinese name: I asked jace my chinese name before. nakalimutan kona.

[04] Nickname: yumi. yumir. yumirski. at kung ano-ano pa.

[05] Gender: genderless. joke. female no. obvious sa kulay ng blog ko!

[06] Age: yihee, 19 na ako.

[07] Birthday: unang araw ng hulyo

[08] School: proud to be true blue. ateneo de manila university. aha! binuo!

[09] Hair color: black. pero pag tinapat sa araw, may hint of brown. hoist, natural itech.

[10] Eye color: very dark brown. (ipilit ko kayang blue-eyed ako? may maniniwala kaya?)

[12] Do you wear glasses/contacts: yupyup! kelangan eh. or else, i'll see the world in a blur

[13] Do you have braces: wala. pero may balak. para lang ipantay yung two front teeth ko.

[14] Is your hair long or short: long. pero hindi mahaba para tawagin akong dyosa. "meron bang diyosa na hindi mahaba ang buhok? pantene."

[15] Where were you born: manila.

[16] Current location: at home. sa study table kong magulo at punong-puno ng paper cranes.

[17] Zodiac sign: cancer. too bad, walang kanta for cancer people. daya ng mga gemini. haha naiinggit ba raw.

[18] How many languages/dialects do u know? english and filipino. e parlo italiano molto un po. (translation: and a little of italian)

[19] Nationality: hoy! pinoy ako! buo aking loob, may agimat ang dugo ko! hooooYY!! pinoy akooo!

[20] Bad Habits: (to the tune of "where is thumbkin, where is thumbkin, here i am, here i am.. how are you this morning, very well, i thank you. run away, run away") i am lazy, i am lazy. lazy girl, lazy girl!

[21] Piercings you have: one on each ear. tapos meron sa tuhod. sa daliri, sa palad. haha. sige, tingnan natin kung seseryosohin mo yon.

[22] Piercings you want: sa mata. try ko kaya yon?

[23] Tattoos you have: tatto-tattoo-an. pag bored, sinusulatan ko sarili ko. gamit ang ballpen, pencil (oo! ganda kaya ng effect ng pencil sa balat. try mo), highligher (asteeg siya, parang glow in the dark ang dating na hindi), signpen (pangit sign pen, nagssmudge), at water color.

[24] Tattoos you want: gusto ko ng isang malaking tattoo sa likod na nakasulat, if you can read this, then you're looking at a naked woman. haha, joke lang.

[25] Today's date: december 21.

[26] The time: 10:59 pm


[43] Are you still in school: yes,i'm still in school, currently enrolled as a student. pero kung tinatanong mo kung ang katawan ko eh nasa school pa, eh di hindi. nasa bahay na ako. madilim na sa school ng ganitong oras noh! saka sarado na yung internet lab kaya di na ako makapag net don.

[44] Did you drop out: hindi noh. i looove school.

[45] Currently in: ateneo de manila university nga. ano ba, tinanong mo na yan kanina eh.

[46] Favorite year: my fourth year in college. kahit senti mode na.

[47] Least fav year: um. oh those highschool days na tuliro ako. hirap sa pag-adjust to traditional from montessori style of learning.

[48] Favorite teacher: si badong bernal. shempre, national artist ito! saka sobrang dami kong natutunan sa kanya.

[49] Least fav teacher: si ocrap (mga atenistang senior o junior lang ang makakarelate dito)

[50] Favorite subjects: aesthetics.

[51] Least fav subjects: theo. sobrang kinokontradict nya sarili niya. marami akong gusto itanong pero baka magalit sakin teacher ko at bigyan ako ng F. haha

[52] Do you buy lunch or bring it? buy. sikip sa bag kung bring lunch eh.

[53] Play any sports on the school's team ?sana lang diba? but no. di kaya ng lung power ko.

[54] Club: di uso ang club sa ateneo. org ang tawag don. haha, kups. joke. sanggu, magpakapolitician na hindi.

[55] Crush/es: ayoko na! mga crush ko bading! hhahaha or rumored gay.

[56] favourite dance: hmm. mga sayaw ni ina behbs sa bayanihan? hilig naming gayahin yung mga sayaw niya, kahit di namin kaya.

[57] Least fav dance: wala naman.

[58] Favorite memories: every memory with the block and sonshine (pag camp)

[59] Least fav memories: mga sablay moments.

[60] Most humiliating moment: haha, muntikan nang blooper kanina sa painting room. haha "di naman ako galit ke ina eh, kay ano lang.." diba edderlyn!

[61] favorite number: 25

[62] Clothing: anything comfy

[63] shoes: rubber shoes or flats

[64] Phrases: "ano ba?" "ay, may ganon?"

[65] TV shows: csi las vegas, etheria, encantadia (pero wala na)

[66] Sports: swimming and badminton

[70] Magazine: anything. basta may mapupulutan ng fashion chorva

[71] Actor: local: dennis trillo. omg, i crush him. hollywood: johnny depp. ganda ng jaw line! sobrang defined! pero nothing beats theater actors. very good.

[72] Actress: theater actresses. lea salonga, isay alvarez, raki vega, ta people. haha ina feleo, whotooot! hahaha sipsip.

[73] Candy: skittles!

[74] Gum: yung bubble tape! yung nasa pink na lalagyan na parang measuring tape ang dating tapos hihilahin mo para makuha mo yung gum? ommgg..

[75] Scent basta: anything basta hindi amoy mabaho.

[76] Choc bar: hersheys!!!!!!! milk chocolate. yuum.

[77] Ice cream: nothing beats ube.

(where did 78,79 go?)

[80] Holiday: christmas.

[81] Brands: anything local.

[85] Types of music: classical music, kahit ano basta hindi heavy metal

[86] Things in your room: bed, cd player, favorite stuffed toys (minnie mouse, rocky, and chato), cds and tapes and a table lamp.

[88] Radio station: 97.1 dzfe daily dose of classical drive

[89] TV channel: gma 7. solid.

[90] Food: anything edible. preferably filipino. dinuguan. yum.

[91] Overall food: dinuguan. will die for dinuguan.

[94] Fast food: mcdo. oooh the french fries. with mayonnaise. aaahh, heaven.

[95] Restaurants: old spaghetti house. the best pasta ever.

[96] Dream: i'm back to training sa swimming. in an olympic-sized pool.

[97] Song: burn by nina featuring christian bautista. relate ako. first line palang starstruck na ako. "do you wanna be a poet and write.." assshhhooooot! this is iiit!

[98] Band: orchestra. haha seryosooo!

[99] Persons you miss: blockmates, and certain-people-that-i-don't-want-to-mention-in-public

[100] Persons u love: blockmates, and parents.

mhen, senti mode naman yung last 2 questions eh! walangya.



Image hosted by Photobucket.com

"come a little closer, flicker in flight."

you have seen the video by spongecola.
now experience the passion.

metropolitan theater guild presents

romeo and juliet

starring ina feleo and yanny yuzon

january 29, 2005
afp theater
730 pm
P350 for students
P1250 for non students

contact me if you are interested

for the benefit of the fine arts festival 2006


nakaw kay camsisoysie

>> Saturday, December 17, 2005

1. Badtrip ka ba ngayon?== sa ibang tao, hindi. pero sa sarili ko, oo.
2. bakit ka naman badtrip?== ang tamad kong tao.
3. kumain kana ba?== di pa. pakain palang
4. Cnong huli mong naka-usap sa fone knna?== si missy. tinawagan ko sa cell.
5. Aalis/umalis ka ba ngayon?== yup. later. first reading ng comfort woman.
6. San ka naman pupunta/pmunta?== sa mocha blends.
7. Ano ang favorite mong chocolates?== milk chocolate ng hersheys. at kisses!
8. mahilig ka ba mag-basa ng libro?== op cors.
9. may binabasa ka bang book ngayon?== ngayon wala, kasi nagttype ako. hha, joke. yung binigay ni jace na libro. laugh trip!
10. eh magsulat?== shempre. kaya nga creative writing course ko eh!
11. Anong martial arts ang natutunan mo?== arnis. hiyaaah!
12. Anong favorite food mo?== sinigang, dinuguan, anything pinoy.
13. nahihirapan ka na ba?== sa schedule ko. sobrang hectic na ewan.
14. eh anong balak mong gawin?== um...bahala na ang diyos ng panahon.
15. pero masaya ka naman?== oo naman. may bago akong swimsuit eh!
16. mahilig ka ba sa mga musicians/bands?== oo naman. no music, no layp!
17. yung minamahal mo ba kapit bahay nio lang?== walang lab layp. si colgate nalang!haha, ipilit ba raw! (hoy, di ko yon crush. pinagtritripan lang namin ni missy)
18. ano tingin mo sa survey na toh?== pampalipas oras
19. paano ka talaga magselos?== ewan. siguro iintindihin ko kung tama ba yung pagseselos ko.
20. Pano kung pinayagan ng magingkayo?== sino kami? si colgate? nyahaha, aba malay ko. sino bang kami? siya? sila? ako? wala nga akong special someone eh! makuleet.
21. Cnong last na nag-sermon sayo?== ewan.
22. magpapaka-good girl/boy kana ba?==oo naman. wala nga akong boyprend o galprend, hintayin ko raw muna ang tamang panahon. *paagdatiing ng panahooon*
23. Anong kanta pinapakinggan mongayon?== theme song ng etheria
24. Anong iniinom mo ngayon?== wala
25. eh kinakain?== laway ko. kinakain pala ang laway?
27. namimiss mo na ba pinsan mo?== ok lang. not really miss na die-to-death miss
28. cnong nakikita mong tao ngayon diyan?== nanay ko, nagluluto.
29. anong ginagawa niya?== nagluluto nga eh.
30. nasan ang mommy mo?== nagluluto nga eh!
31. eh kuya mo?== ay wala ako nyan. kuya-kuyahan, marami.
32. eh daddy mo?== ayan, nagising na. kalalabas lang ng kwarto.
33. may fax machine ba kayo?== wala. loooser
34. may lupa ba kayo sa tagaytay? san dun?== pwede ako mangangkin ng lupa don.
35. anong kulay ng shirt mo ngayon?== puti
36. may aso ba kayo? anong lahi?== wala na. sniff, sniff. patay na. tapos yung foster aso namin na aso talaga ng pinsan ko, eh namatay narin.
37. love mo ba yung aso nio?== si ashley, mahal ko yon. umiyak ako nung bata ako.
38. anong nickname mo?== yumi
39. iyakin ka ba?== hhaha! oo! pero sa sine nalang ako umiiyak ngayon. pinpigil ko pa.
40. war freak ka ba?== sa sine, war freak ako. nageenjoy ako sa mga war movies.
41. pero masama ka magalit?== hindi naman.


a big fat F

>> Wednesday, December 14, 2005

something's wrong. everytime i breathe in, i feel my insides are pressing upon each other. i feel it creaking, i feel myself having a hard time breathing. maybe it's the stress. or maybe it's the weather. but i feel that i'm failing myself, literally and figuratively.

well, Lord, if it's time, i'm ready to go.

sorry to those who are reading my blog. i've been down these past few days. cutting my classes has never crossed my mind until this last semester of my college life. i just want to sit down, stare at the sky and cry. but don't take pity on me, i'm not going to commit suicide. don't worry, i'm not that crazy.

this is the day that i appreciate breathing. i feel the air coming into my lungs, despite the uncomfortable situation i am in.



>> Monday, December 12, 2005

yumi is getting lazier and lazier by the minute. even though yumi knows that she should be doing something, yumi always say "bukas nalang". stuff to research, stuff for advanced studying, stuff for practicum are always moved to tomorrow. there will come a time that yumi will cram again.

tonight, yumi did not do anything academic. she just watched etheria (ETHERIA ROCKS!!! whoops. hihi) and went online. talked to jihan and talked about yumi's fat lazy attitude. yumi needs pushing. i need someone to tell her to go to the library and literally drag her to meet her "boyfriend" (mr. rizal). if it needs dragging, then yumi will receive that fate.

yumi wants to thank missy's class for auditioning for fine arts festival (nadagdagan nanaman ang mga clean teeth men sa buhay ko). dramatists are almost done with the cast list. but a lot of people wanted to read for cerz's even if she only needs sarhento/ansel. yumi got her prog princes, although they do not want to commit. but the prince in blue was very good. now yumi needs to think about is rehearsals.

lazy god, please, stay away from me until february. please. please. god of nerds and perseverance, come to me. come, come and bless me.

but yumi should be happy. the block has 70,000 in the bank. and more will come from the god who loves larawan. but yumi feels depressed already after being hyper during auditions. yumi is sad. yumi does not know why. maybe because yumi is running out of money for christmas gifts.

haay. such is yumi's life.


go philippines!

>> Thursday, December 08, 2005

the sea games is over, and we have won over 113 medals. even if there were controversials, our strength and unity proved that we deserve the medals. i tried to watch all the sports in the 3 channels that aired the games. i wanted to see with my eyes how our athletes performed in the different sports. filipino athletes shone even if basketball wasn't part of the line-up. the filipino people supported the other sports, they cheered for the philippine team, and stayed with them till the end of the sea games. congratulations to the athletes, they shone among the other countries. congratulations to the organizers, they welcomed the guests with the filipino hospitality and created a wonderful opening and closing ceremonies. and congratulations to the countries that constitutes the asean. nothing beats the excitement brought by the sports they have participated in.

Posible - Rivermaya

Posible kayang labanan
Ang agos ng paghamon
Mabuwal at madapa man
Sabay tayong aahon

Posible kayang mabura
Alinlangan sa sarili
Ang tapang sa loob makikita
Taglay mo ang dugong bayani

Sulong, laban, `wag uurong
Pakinggan sa iyong puso
Ang sigaw na dati¹y bulong

Sulong, laban, Pilipino
Pakinggan sa iyong puso
Ang sigaw na dati¹y bulong

Posible kayang matikman
Tamis ng gintong minimithi
Sa kagat ng bawat laban
Magtatagumpay kang muli




>> Sunday, December 04, 2005


LARAWANfineartsfestival2006 is in need of actors, actresses, dancers and singers. december 5-7, 430-630 pm, fa theater [g306] (dec 5), painting room [g207] (dec6), gonzaga music room [g312] (dec 7), ateneo de manila university.

for dancers, please prepare a short movement piece. for singers, prepare a song. prior experience, not needed. see you there!


boys are not meant for the word "men"

>> Saturday, December 03, 2005

yesterday, when we went to the supermarket, i saw a boy in the magazine stand. he was about the age of 10, chubby and innocent-looking. he was staring at a particular magazine and his eyes were glued to the cover page.

he was staring at katrina halili as the cover girl for fhm.

where oh where are you, parents of this little kid?


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