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>> Wednesday, November 30, 2005

my tita got me a sea games ballpen from subic. yehey! i have a souvenier from the sea games! go team philippines!

visit the official site of the sea games for news, updates, and schedules. :D



>> Tuesday, November 29, 2005

contact me (09175201700) if you want to audition. there are 7 plays and 1 film. don't worry, you don't need experience to audition.


project: jose

>> Monday, November 28, 2005

It was a different experience. A play weaved into a concert. I went with my parents to Crossroad 77 to watch Project: Jose, by Creative Futures and for the benefit of Turning Point Foundation (a rehab for drug addicts in Tagaytay) and Lydia's Helping Hand Mission (a tutorial center for the kids of tondo).

The Story
There are three friends, all with the name of Jose. They all love one girl, and they enter into a competition for the hand and love of Maria.

Jose #1: (played by Raymond Lauchengco) a politician. Gets everything he wants with the use of his power and money. He wants to be called 'Joe' because it sounds "rich"
Jose #2: (played by JM Rodriguez) a poet. Actually, more of an old poet -- loves to add rhyme to every word at the end of his lines. Does the old style of courting, harana, poems, flowery words. Calls himself 'Joey' because it sounds cute.
Jose #3: (played by Robert Sena) The modern man. Will work for the country and for his love. Satisfied with the name 'Jose'.

The Girl
Maria is looking for a husband, but more than a husband material. Of course it would be idealistic and realistic to have a rich husband (and a politician! think of all the connectins) and have everything to your heart's desire. It would be sweet to have a romantic husband, always wooing you with words your ears would like to hear. But who to choose among the three? Jose, jose or jose?

The Set
No set, no fancy props. Raymond Lauchengco's character was the only one that needed a lot of props: a car, a house, and a huge diamond ring (the ring could fit the waist of Maria, it was that big). Raymond did throw a lot of play money. JM's props were a cd player and two animals for his solo songs. Robert had nothing, only a native necklace.

The Song Numbers
There were original songs, there were songs where the lyrics were edited to fit the situation. There were also three dancers (i think they were jazz dancers) and three hilarious body guards for the politician Raymond Lauchengco.

My favorite part was when Noni Buencamino (the narrator) was narrating about the situation of the Philippines, the political problems, the corruption, and such. He was calling for a super hero. And the dancers entered with masks on their faces. The screen behind them flashes a mini flash presentation similar to the animation of Mang Jose. Noni sings the song of parokya ni edgar like a rock star.

The Funny lines

The three Joses were trying to get Maria's attention. Then the set changes into..

(insert Game KNB music)

Maria: Welcome to "Sure KNB?" Khoreehk!

(enter Noni Buencamino as the Narrator and the Sex Bomb Dancer for the show. He's a wacky dancer. Exaggerated dance moves that made the audience grow wild.)

Maria: question number 1. What is my favorite color: Brown, Red or Green.

Joey: Buuuuuzzz! Pula, katulad ng aking dugo na dumadaloy sa aking loob at nagpapatibok ng aking puso.

Joe: Buuzzzzz! Green! Green as in dollars, as in money!

Jose: Brown! Dahil ito ang kulay ng Pilipino.

Joe: I am not brown. Nagpapa-spa at facial yata ito. Pumuputi ako.

Maria: Next question, khoreek! How will you show your love for me?

Joey: Buuuzz! Magpapakamatay ako para sayo!

Jose: Mamamatay ako para sa bayan at para sayo!

Joe: (with all heart) Papatay ako para sayo.

The three guys are in deep debate.

Joe: (speaking in straight english.)

Joey: You're so conyo pare.

Joey: (on his ligaw stage) Haharanahin kita Maria. Pero hindi na gitara ang uso. (gets out a portable cd player, complete with microphone) Boom Box na to pare.

The whole play was funny, and there are more than I can remember. I wish that I can get hold of the script. Bow ako sa script writer.


pink alert! pink alert!

because mamafai has exceeded her bandwith (bandwidth?) and the background does not show up when i load my blog, i decided to make my own background. i used the template from blog skins then modified it to make it personal.

so there. behold my new blog layout. and yeah, it's pink.


total workout

>> Thursday, November 24, 2005

sweat dripping, muscles stretching, dirt getting onto my pants. it was my first total workout for this year. thanks to our fund-raising activity.

we had to transfer the belens and the paintings from the exhibit hall to the tech room, to give way to the performance night that would happen that evening. the transferring was deceiving, because some of those in the big boxes were light, and some of those in the small boxes were heavy. there was also one particular painting, wrapped in newspaper. it was the size of two bond papers and its thickness was just less than an inch. no sweat, looks light. but no, it was made of glass and we could not carry it by bulk. we had to transport it, one glass frame at a time. by the time all the boxes and the paintings were stored, i looked like some batang yagit, with ethnic earrings. haha, droplets of sweat were visible on my forehead and my hair was all over the place. (it was all in a matter of combing and washing my face before i considered myself presentable again.)

after humanities week, another exhibit will emerge. wait for it on december, and experience the nativity in different themes. :)


money's worth

>> Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My blog is worth $3,951.78.
How much is your blog worth?

i can live with that. i can sell my blog and give all proceeds to the fine arts festival. (and keep a portion to myself since it's my blog.) hahaha evil me.

Name tag for naomi from QuizGalaxy.com

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ooh. i want this at my name tag. yeaah, you can't fire me.


coloratura: flexibility in style, movement and art

>> Sunday, November 20, 2005

i never thought setting up and exhibit would be that mind boggling. i thought that it would be easy, since there were nails and screws stuck to the wall already, and the artists just had to decide which painting goes beside the other. but we had to wait for all the paintings to arrive first, before actually mounting it.

thank God we got voodoo house as our featured artists. we were able to fill the room with paintings. we had 10 aritists all in all, including nix, who is the only atenean in the exhibit. the paintings are big, really big. the biggest is allan's painting, which has the dimension of 6'x4'. and most of it is drawn with the use of an ordinary ballpen. amazing. such tedious work.

we started at 830, asking 2 maintenance people to lug panels from delacosta to ctc. good thing monch was there for extra muscle, and all i did was walk beside them (they were too nice not to let me carry anything). by 9, the paintings started to come one by one, and little by little, the room began to be artsy-fartsy.

we also had to work with bea, for the fashion exhibit. it took us hours of staring at the room, figuring out how to mix the paintings with the fashion without making it look off. finally, 2 hours before ctc closed, we found a way to make use of the cinammai and make the two exhibits look like it's one big thing. yehey.

i have my personal favorites. actually, i love them all. i never imagined that tey would be all so beautiful once i saw them with my own two eyes. they gave pictures of it through mail, but they were all in small size. seeing them in the actual size made me admire the painters who have such great imagination. these are the ones that struck me the first time i saw them.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
what will mother say by kara de dios

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
stigmata by nikki abaya

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
mark of the leviathan by alan po

come visit us and see our work of art. it's located at the second floor of the pldt-ctc building, and will run from november 21-25. it is the first time in arete history that there are real paintings that will be exhibited, and we're all excited to show it to the public. everyone is invited to come, even outsiders.


quote for the day.

>> Friday, November 18, 2005

taken from my polsci teacher, ricardo sunga.

"eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. someday we will all be blind and toothless."

ps. this computer game is so addicting.



>> Wednesday, November 16, 2005

thank you rhem for the caaardd! wheee!

bibigay ni rhem ng libre ang palm memory card niya! haha, sana compatible. haha

nawala yung init ng ulo ko. haha.

ps. cedric diggory is heaven. haha, sayang konti lang scenes ni tom felton. pero i still crush him. don't worry yumi, sa six, marami siyang papel. that is if tom felton is still draco malfoy in the 6th movie of harry potter.


driving 101

>> Tuesday, November 15, 2005

the first thing i should learn to drive before hitting the road? learn to push a cart in the supermarket.

every time we buy stuff in the grocery, i am always tasked to push the cart. my dad said that it is the perfect way for me to learn the basics of driving -- straight, left, right, breaks, slow down, forward, backward, etc. i even learned the proper way of making a parallel park, the kind of park that would get you close to the wall without bumping into anyone or anything. you back up into the space before maneuvering the car (or cart in my case) parallel to the wall.

and like cars, push carts have also models.

the jeeps. jeeps are known for "pawis" steering, making a lot of effort in turning corners. there was one time that i pushed a cart that took me a lot of effort to push it. the cart was not full, and i looked stupid because my face was scrunched up in all energy to move the cart from one aisle to another.

the buses. these are the big carts, that could probably fit a whole row of coke cans and have space for more food. people who have sari-sari stores usually use these carts to place all their stock. instead of pushing two carts at a time, they use the bus cart to fit to save energy and space.

the van. sm supermarkets have these kinds of carts. instead of the typical cart that is shaped like an upside down roof, it is rectangular in shape. it does not go all the way to the wheels, a space is alloted for big boxes and other stuff. but adults with children find that space useful. children would sit below it, and imagine themselves in a car or simply a stroller. at most two children can fit below, while their mother or father happily shops in peace without worrying if a kid would sit on the fresh loaf of bread.

the sedan. small carts, easy to "drive", useful for the weekly grocery. the size is just right for replenishing the stocks at home, maybe for a few cans of tuna and soda, an addition to the junk food factory you have at home, etc.

the tricycle. ran out of food and need a quick shop at the supermarket? grab a basket and shop for what you need. it's handy, you can carry it like a hand bag, and can fit the important food and things you need for your home. the weight on you is a gauge for the person to check whether he or she is buying more than what she is expected. realizing that the basket is getting heavier is a sign that it is time to go to the cashier and stop impulse grabbing from the shelves.

shopping through a supermarket is like driving through the crowded streets of the philippines. fellow buyers are fellow drivers and each stopover is like the traffic lights. when one stops, it causes great traffic. especially if the aisles are narrow and only two carts can pass through. different supermarkets are like different towns or cities, the more developed a supermarket is, it has more light or the aisles are wider. i just hope that when i get to a real driving school, i will be able to apply all that i have learned in the simple task of going to the grocery.


lasing si yumi sa kakatawa

>> Monday, November 14, 2005

first day of the semester. one subject, one heck of a day.

it started with ina opening up during theology. sir salvana was asking for reactions on his mini reflection during the first part of the class. ina asked sir for an opinion regarding her life experience and sir was willing to give an answer sometime during the semester. that got ina's hopes up -- she's willing to wait to get that help for her sister.

i had only one class today, but i still stayed because of meetings. when i arrived 1030 at the dela costa gardens, the arete meeting was over and cris had told sid about our tasks and updates regarding the exhibit. i had nothing else to do except errands.

jace and i did trips from the fa dept to the treasurer's office and back. twice. we gave the letter for the reimbursement of the check from j&j. but when the treasurer's office kept on asking stuff, we just said we'll call from the fa dept because we were tired from walking. in between trips, i paid for my ateneo alumni membership and signed up for the routine guidance interview. if it weren't for jace, i would've forgotten to pass by the guidance office.

lunch came and we went to mcdo to satisfy our hungry stomachs. raph drove us to mcdo and we had a very (as in vERY) difficult time getting the starex out of the parking area. the vehicle was big, but the space for backing out was small. so the sensor kept on going off and i'm not sure if we bumped into the pajero behind us. teeheehee, another hit and run incident? shhh. i don't know. we met up with liezl, deng, janess and friend at mcdo for lunch. jace had a small chat with yael (and it was about lost. again.) before heading to national to buy something.

jace accompanied me to the dean's office to inquire about the panels. finally, i met ma'am angeli and i have asked assistance regarding our exhibit. she's nice, and i want to go back to her office for a short chat. teeheehee.

mom and dad fetched me and went for food shopping in the newly renovated robinson's novaliches. i want to watch harry potter 4 there, because it's near home, and it's better than sm fairview. :D bahala na sa wednesday, kung sasama ako kela jace or not.

i start with my day with christian bautista and i end my day with him.


libro sa aking palad

>> Thursday, November 10, 2005

kumukulot ang buhok ko sa tuwa. nakapaglipat ako ng mga ebooks sa aking palm pilot at ngayon, puwede na akong magbasa ng libro ng hindi nagdadala ng maraming pahina. lahat ng ito ay nasa isang maliit na kagamitan, isang kompyuter, na kasya sa aking palad. nakakatuwa. makakalabas na ako ng bahay na hindi nagiisip kung paano ko pagkakasyahin ang libro sa aking bag, hindi ko na kailangan isipin kung matatapos ko ang libro bago dumating yung kung-ano-man-yung-hinihintay-ko, hindi ko na kailangang alalahanin kung magugusot ang mga pahina.

masasabi ko na ngayon na mayroon nang silbi ang aking palm pilot -- hindi lang ito simpleng organizer, kundi lalagyan na ng isa sa aking hilig: ang pagbabasa.

nakuha ko kay jihan ang inspirasyon na maghanap ng software sa internet. noong dinala niya ang palm pilot ng kanyang cupcake na si rj, naiinggit ako at ginustong magkaroon ng silbi ang aking palm pilot. hinangad kong dagdagan ang mga laro libro na wala ako para kapag binabato na ako sa labas ng bahay at walang magawa, magbibigay aliw ang aking palm pilot.

mag-isa akong naghanap sa internet ng mga libreng software. nagtanong narin ako kay rhem na isang baliw sa "electronic gadgets". binigyan niya ako ng maraming software, kaso kelangan kong magbayad para ma-download ito. kaya naghanap pa ako. nahakahap ako ng e-reader at dali-dali kong pinasok sa palm ko. maya-maya, naghanap ako ng magagandang libro sa binigay na link ni chino at nagkaloka-loka ako sa dami ng libro na gusto kong ipasok. ngunit, konti lang ang memory ng palm ko (kinakailangan ng memory card para lumaki) kaya tinitipid ko ang kakayanan ng palm. marami pa namang lugar para sa libro, pero tatapusin ko muna ang anim na libro na nilagay ko. marami pa akong gustong i-download. sa susunod na.

makakabasa na ako ng libro, kahit saan, kahit anong oras. yehey.


being opinionated leads to fun

>> Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"and you lose the side of your circles, that's what i'll do when we say goodbye." - the day you said goodnight, hale

how do you exactly lose the side of your circle? and in the first place, do circles have sides?

it was a long discussion among me, jihan, raph, jace, xander and jihan's cupcake (rj) this afternoon at the fine arts department. i didn't know exactly how we got to that topic, there was just this point in time that we were debating on why that song became a hit when there were lines that were questionable.

someone told me that maybe the side they were talking about was like the circles in "meet the fockers" (which circle are you in?). that when the girl (the "you" in the song) lost the side of the guy, that was when they said goodbye. maybe they meant it to be "your side where we once had a circle of understanding or friendship". that makes sense, don't you think?

that loss of the circle of trust could be the end of the relationship and led to that mushy and cheezy song. hehe, hale is known for those kinds of songs, even the broken sonnet sings of a relationship that has gone wrong. i'm not against hale, i like the broken sonnet and blue sky. it's just some lines are ironic, but not ironic. gets?

ps. haha, sd talaga! kunwariang labyu-labyu. pag ikaw nahuli ng girlfriend mo! patay ka! hahaha. pssshhh. invisible mode! whee! teeheehee



>> Monday, November 07, 2005

in celebration of surviving my first semester of my last year in college, i cut my hair. trimmed it 2 inches shorter. a sign for a fresh, new start, a new beginning, and the end of a 4-year college journey.

gosh. i still can't believe i'm graduating. when i am starting to enjoy, that it is when i have to go and leave everything in the past box. another beginning is waiting at the end. this is now the real world, hello corporate planet.

my grades are fine -- i would've been a dean's lister if i were in lasalle. but, second honors have higher cut offs in ateneo, so i'm left with a last chance of getting my second dl. congratulations to those who have made it to the dean's list: edlyn, liezl (tinatanong pa ba yan?), geopet, and the other ateneans. you deserve the grades from all the hell you have gone through. libre ha. haha

i missed the block. sobra. the internet has only been my connection to the outside world, and pictures are the closest i could get to the block during the semestral break. ok, i'm getting sentimental here. haha iw.



>> Friday, November 04, 2005

ilang linggo na kita napapginipan. bakit sa lahat ng tao, ikaw pa? ano meron ka at hanggang sa panaginip ko, nandoon ka?

kagabi, nakita ko ang sarili ko sa dati kong paaralan, sa holy spirit. maraming tao doon, hindi naka-uniform ang mga tao, siguro may okasyon. nandoon ka. nilapitan kita, nilapitan mo ako at nag-usap tayo. hindi ko na maalala kung ano pinag-usapan natin, pero mukha tayong masaya. naghiwalay tayo dahil nagkaroon ng kaguluhan, nagtakbuhan ang mga tao. bumaba tayong dalawa at hindi na muling nagkita pa.

nagising na ako. pero ang mukha mo'y nasa utak ko pa. ano ba? anong meron? pahiwatig ba ito?

grabge na ito. sino ka bang mahalaga sa buhay ko at napapaginipan kita lagi?



>> Wednesday, November 02, 2005

there are two recurring themes when i dream.

1. swimming
2. and someone.

i can explain the first. i miss swimming like crazy. it has always become my dream to be able to swim in an olympic sized pool -- i always imagine what it is like to swim olympic style. i don't dream on becomin an athlete, i just want to experience it.

and the second? ummm... i don't know. i want to deny.


anong isasagot mo kapag may nagsabi sayo ng...

>> Tuesday, November 01, 2005

i. "bakit ba palagi ka na lang ganyan?"
~bakit ba laging ganyan tanong mo?

ii. "ngayon ko lang na-realize..mahal pala kita"
~lamang ako dahil dati ko pa alam na hindi kita type

iii. "iwanan mo na sya. mas magiging masaya ka sa piling ko."
~ngayon palang naaasar na ako sa mukha mo, asa ka pang matutuwa ako pag kasama kita

iv. "smile ka nga..cute mo kapag naka smile e.."
~di ako makasmile eh, may malaking halimaw na kumakausap sakin

v. "gawin mo naman yung homework ko sa math"
~di mo alam ang 1 + 1? daig ka pa ng pinsan kong hindi pa nagnu-nursery!

vi. "sino crush mo? ako diba?"
~grabe, i want to crush your bones right now.

vii. "i am so blessed to have someone like you"
~and i am blessed to have my prayers granted. may target na ako para sa gun-shooting lessons ko!

viii. "why does monday come before tuesday?"
~may problema ka don? ako may mas malaking problema: ikaw.

ix. "may ticket ako sa concert ng linkin park, wanna watch?"
~engot ka pala eh! isa lang yung ticket mo. ano, hati tayo? (haha, galing ng sagot ni bay! Patok!)
~pangit ticket mo, anlayo sa stage. ako, may backstage pass pa.

x. "isa ka sa mga pinakaspecial na tao sa buhay ko..alam mo ba yun?"
~ikaw din, special. nasa special list na ipapadala sa timbuktu.

xi. "nahuhulog na ata ako sayo.."
~may mahuhulog din sayo. isang elepante. eksakto sa ulo mo.

xii. "i can't smile without you.."
~i can't smile when i'm with you.

xiv. "wala lang"
~wala ka na.

xv. "ano cell number mo?"
~bibilangin mo cells sa katawan ko? Ano ka, mangkukulam?

xvi. "can i have this dance?"
~paalam ka muna dun sa nag-imbento kung pwede mo i-copyright yung sayaw niya.

xvii. "pwede ba manligaw?"
~ililigaw kita sa forest, ok ba yon?

xviii. "mahal ko pa din sya hangang ngayon.."
~ba't mo sakin sinasabi? as if may magagawa ako.

xix. "you were everything, everything that i wanted"
~buti nalang "were". past na. so kaya mo palang mabuhay ng walang tubig o pagkain? Wow talent!

xx. "kelan mo ba ako sasagutin?"
~kapag nakabili na ako ng samurai sword.

xxi. "tulog ka ng maaga ha? para hindi ka mapuyat."
~ nanay ko nga walang pakialam sa pagtulog ko, ikaw pa na hindi ko kadugo ang naguutos sakin na matulog?


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