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miss accomplished

>> Friday, September 30, 2005

after another hell week, i gave my friday night a break and dedicated it to making and editing blog layouts. i uploaded ina's template which has the theme of tandang. hehe, tiktilaok! i also did edlyn's but i'll have to email her the code because i do not know her password. hehe

highlights of my week
- format painter sa word or sa powerpoint. turo ni dianne. hanep! pinapahirapan ko sarili kong mag bold at change ng font manually, may format painter palang nalalaman ang loko. hehe
- after a sem of bitterness towards mac, i have learned to love it. habang nagpapanic kami sa powerpoint presentation kanina bago mag theo, wala akong choice kundi gamitin ang mac ni dianne. haha pero mas user friendly parin ang windows
- "brainstorm" = "brainwash" para kay gerald. yan ang nadadala ng kape na 8 tablespoons ang nilagay at hindi finilter. sana kasi gumamit kayo ng tissue diba? hehe
- andre's with me this weekend. i'm planning to give him a bath tomorrow, unless the sun does not shine
- pag may company name ako na element, eto ang tagline ko: a necessity to the periodic table of my life. haha, pampagising kay dianne. panindigan mo ang eh-poh-khey. k?
- hell is really hell
- i can't wait for our practicum presentation, which means i have to go though another hell week before reaching friday. nyarrr.

nerd mode starting tomorrow. must resist temptation.



>> Thursday, September 29, 2005

a song to keep me alive

minus the christmas theme, this song is appropriate for the rest of the semester. believe yumi and think that this will be over in a few weeks.

Believe (Polar Express Soundtrack)
by Josh Groban

Children sleeping
Snow is softly falling.
Dreams are calling
Like bells in the distance.

We were dreamers
Not so long ago.
But, one by one
We all had to grow up.

When it seems the magic slipped away,
We find it all again on Christmas Day.

Believe in what your heart is saying,
Hear the melody that's playing.
There's no time to waste,
There's so much to celebrate.

Believe in what you feel inside,
And give your dreams the wings to fly.
You have everything you need
If you just believe.

Trains move quickly
To their journey's end.
Are where we begin again.

Ships go sailing
Far across the sea.
Trusting starlight
To get where they need to be.

When it seems that we have lost our way,
We find ourselves again on Christmas Day.

Believe in what your heart is saying,
Hear the melody that's playing.
There's no time to waste,
There's so much to celebrate.

Believe in what you feel inside,
And give your dreams the wings to fly.
You have everything you need
If you just believe.

If you just believe
If you just believe
If you just believe
Just believe
Just believe


hell isn't over yet

>> Tuesday, September 27, 2005

i thought last week was the hell of my life. it wasn't. it will be ongoing until the semester ends. and i am tired of thinking.

what to accomplish:
- theology report
- history report
- theology paper
- revision of works
- practicum play
- drama play
- history paper
- history long test
- philo readings

i'm just glad to get the beauty and the prince script of my shoulders. i can now focus on my school work. hello, library, kami na uli ng library. the library will be my boyfriend again because i get to do my schoolwork rather than here at home, where the internet is my number 1 temptation.

so help us God.


funny thing that happened in the fine arts department

>> Monday, September 26, 2005

raph asked me to lay out cards for him for our daily "hulaan". we were kicked out of our tambayan because the heights people needed a place for a special meeting. *grumble grumble* so we evacuated to the fine arts department.

i was in the middle of stage 2 of the "hulaan" when father jav enters the department.

fr jav: oi! cards! that's bad! gambling!

me: (since i was the one holding the cards, i was obliged to answer) hindi po.

fr jav: eh anong ginagawa mo?

me: (didn't think of the first thing that went out of my mouth) uumm. nanghuhula po! (what was on my mind was that i was trying to guess what number i was holding. pero iba yung meaning nung sinabi ko. hehe)

fr jav: mas masama yon!

after a few minutes, raph and i decided to go back to studying. we actually finished the "hulaan" (which was reduced to 4 cards.. aha!) then postponed the next session until we were safe in our turf at the painting room. then fr javellana approches us again.

fr jav: sino yung nanghuhula?

(everyone starts to point at me. because i was the one holding the cards a while ago. haha, wais na mga kaibigan.)

me: taga bigay lang po ako ng cards, si raph po yung nagiinterpret. (which is true, i could not understand the part when the cards need to be explained.)

raph: joke time lang po yon.

fr jav: sige nga! hulaan niyo nga ako!

so i don't really know if we're in trouble or not. the fact that fr jav asked for an interpretation was somewhat convincing that he was playing along with us. kaso fr, pang love life yung interpretation eh. hehehe!


in the computer lab

ok, so here i am again, cramming my script for thesis. sir said that i could just write at least five pages, even if it's not yet done yet. but i want to finish this and get it over with, so i don't have to cram it some time in the future (that's three weeks from now).

question for the day: will i cut theology or not?

maybe not.

Your Personality
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You are this EVIL... - 84%
This is the percentage of KITTIES in the world that love you... - 36%
This cool quiz by LiselleDeFontaine - Taken 72930 Times.
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cool >> well, i can't consider myself as cool because no one drools whenever i pass by any corridor. hehe, it's nice that way, only known to some people. better to have a private life than a big celebrity, you have to meet their expectations. hehe

smart >> haha! i agree! i ain't smart anymore, unlike when i was in grade school. but i am trying my best to do what i can do for the day.

admired >> ahhhm.. ewan, eh di sana may manliligaw na ako diba? wahhaha!

fun to be around >> block e people were born to be fun and crazy. amen.

evil >> mwahaha! yes, i am evil behind this angel facade.

kitties >> they're ok, but i won't spend a lot to buy a kitten. i'd rather buy a dog. :D



>> Sunday, September 25, 2005

how can you concentrate on the meditation when you are sitting with a straight back, feet flat on the floor, hands on your laps, palms up and eyes closed? after all those sleepless nights, how can you not be tempted to sleep?

i think i feel asleep for one minute in the course of the reflection this morning. our class had a recollection at the chapel, where we talked about God's love. we had to sing because father said that singing is like praying ten times the intensity. good thing i came from a catholic high school and i was able to sing along.

"Lord, i know you are near
standing always at my side
you guard me from the foe
and you lead me in ways everlasting"

my favorite part was the group sharing. ge, joanna, dianne separated from the rest of the class and went to the adoration chapel. it was there where we stayed and did our discussion about a bible verse. it was my first time to enter the adoration chapel (after 4 years of staying in ateneo) and i was amazed at the solemnity of the place. it was a small room, with throw pillows for the person to sit or kneel down in front of the body of christ (or as far as i know, the body of christ) and images of mary. i only could not find the purpose of one kind of pillow -- it was round and hard, and there was a thin strip of cloth attached to it. hehe, but otherwise, i loved the place. even if i'm not a catholic. :)

i have actually loved catholic churches, especially the cathedrals with the big domes. it makes me feel safe and sacred. i feel like i'm in heaven when i hear the chirping of the birds, nesting in the chandeliers of the church. sometimes i freak out with the hundreds of images looking at you, i feel that they are watching my every move. yeahyeah, i know they're not real, but still. when we have field trips or when i visit my province during fiestas and death anniversaries, i always make a point to visit the nearest church to reflect. my belief does not forbid me to enter any church or monastery, as long as i respect what they have. and entering a church helps my faith grow stronger, and i always feel that i am 10 times richer when i step out of the great wooden doors.

i remember when we had to report on churches for sir badong's class in aesthetics. i didn't know that there were a lot of characteristics to make a church. i thought it was a fad to have domes, but actually it had aesthetic value. i forgot some of the terms, but i remember that all old churches have a garden, open areas at the side, and a "lobby". churches are supposed to be God's house, and a cathedral is the closest to see God's glory in the hands of humans.

i'm glad i went to today's recollection. :)


photoshop rules!

>> Saturday, September 24, 2005

icon overload

it's wonderful to learn new tricks at photoshop just by mere observation. i pick up tips from jace and cerz, and i try to figure them out on my own. i still have to figure out the brushes and all the other commands, but for now, i'm contented with what i can do. :D

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

tanghalang ateneo's bayan-bayanan is my second favorite play, after lam-ang. it talks about people living in geneva, having different dreams and aspirations. one thing is common among them, and that is their filipino heritage. they meet at manang and manong's house, having gatherings once in a while, while some of them are staying there. filipinos outside the country think differently than what we think of them. we think that they earn a lot of money, providing their families in the philippines with large houses and extravagant cars. they don't know that work for filipinos are scarce and without a working permit, a college degree, good looks and a french accent, it is difficult to find a living there. or else, you end up as a something you don't want to see yourself in.

some filipinos miss their family, but don't have the means and the money to go back home. they could not find a job because they don't have permits to start with. it's good that there are still filipinos who are willing to help and treat you as family, no matter how sick or depressed you are.

the cast was wonderful, a mixture of comedy and drama. my favorite character is ariel, who plays g. del castillo, a wealthy filipino. his side comments are hilarious and everyone could not stop laughing with everything that comes out of his mouth.

(connie poses in the doorway. blocking g. del castillo from entering the dining area.

g. del castillo: uhh. excuse me... (points to the doorway.) doorway?

jake played an innocent student named dino, amazed at the tourist spots in europe. we were just not prepared at the "scene" with bianca aka connie, it was not jake-like. hehe, but we still loved jake. you're the best jake!

pol, played by jean pierre was a pitiful character. he kept coughing the whole time, because his body could not take the pressure and the weather. i thought he would really collapse by all those coughing. now that's what you call an actor.

tessie! by our wonderful adviser, missy. she's a nurse waiting for her italian boyfriend to visit and propose marriage to her. her story is about waiting, waiting for a love that she never got. we could not stop the tears flowing, when she hugged katski in tears.

ricky boy, played by dan, did not look like manang and manong's son by his size difference. hehe, kidding.

other charaters were superb, pia as anna marie (miss conyo. hehe, the "r's" aren't rrrrooolling.), bianca as connie, don as manong, katski as manang, li-an as aling pia, nev as gng. del castillo and boojie as g. luz.

wonderful cast. i congratulate you for a good show. :)



for my dear ph

the juniors were debating the other day about some drama terms. they used beauty and the beast as an example, and they could not decide on some things. as i was surfing the net this morning, researching for animal connotations, i chanced upon some drama terms. then i thought about ph and her group, having problems with their group play.

conflict - protagonist is opposed by some person in the play
climax - turning point of play to which action leads
catastrophe - includes death, or moral destruction of protagonist
exposition - presentation of essential information regarding what has occurred prior to beginning of the play
falling action - series of events which take place after climax
resolution - after climax and which establishes a new norm, a new state of affairs - the way things are going to be from then on
rising action - begins with exposition and puts stage for climax

the term "dramatic situation" was not at that site so, i didn't anymore look in other places. :) hope this helps and God bless on your groupwork.. and teacher. teeheehee

now, back to my own plays.


yan ang nagagawa ng asar

>> Friday, September 23, 2005

getting an F

because i feel bad that i didn't do well on my theology test this morning, i changed skin.

no not my skin.. my blog skin.

there you go. a brown version of a brown woman. :) new layout, new life, new day.

let it go yumi, there's nothing you can do now. i'll just hope that i'll get a D at least. no F. Lord, no F please.

thanks to those who remembered my test and wished me their "blessings".

chino. for keeping me company online for the past days. for that i will hug you with the use of the huggy machine. *wink* thank you too for the songs, i really love them.
jace. for reminding me to study and stop texting while i was in the library.
chika. for taking the time to send a single text message. that "God bless" kept me going even if i knew i was hopeless.
edlyn. for being a concerned friend. i wabshu! hehe
regi. for praying for me.
dianne. for keeping me sane for the last 2 studying days.

and to those who asked how was i. i heart you all.

thank you too for monix, for giving wonderful marketing tips and contacts. i will never forget you, girl. :)


so help me God

>> Thursday, September 22, 2005

heaven help me

my theology test is tomorrow and i'm not confident that i will be able to memorize all of the quotes. a miracle and space between me and the computer will give me hope to get at least a C. i think i should go offline now.

to larawan people, the check is ready from johnson and johnson. the problem is, the check is addressed to ateneo. so i will have to ask fr javellana if fine arts has an account in the ateneo bank. we have money! next target, proctor and gamble.

i just hope nobody will be a slacker when it comes to finding sponsors. i hope there won't be fights when it comes to money. *kneels down to pray*

i hate politics. lamang siya eh. but no. brushing elbows with the board of regents gave his opponent the title. shhooot. i hate them. but life is unfair. that's how life goes. maybe the role wasn't really for him.

i shall end a quote i made in my lj. i feel that edlyn will do her "lawyer" skills again on making me speak. i will be a stubborn suspect. hehe

there are some people you like, but you don't have the guts to share it with other people. there are some people you deny liking, but your face flushes red when his name is simply mentioned. they say that it will work, but you joke and say it wouldn't. but deep inside you wish it will, even if you know it will never be. you talk when you're with him, but act as a stranger to him when there are people around. it's as if you don't know him, or secretly admire him.

there are things that are meant to be that way. sometimes dreams don't make you feel better.


change skin

shed thy skin

my lj has once again shed its skin. new layout, new life. josh groban. yipee!

making layouts for lj is easier than in blogger. i still have to check sites for my blog layouts, because i don't know how does the code work.

share: my reviewer for theology is 14 pages long. i have to memorize them by tomorrow.

last night was reviewer-making night. but aside from "studying", i made my lj layout and edlyn icons. :D

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com


this is my hell week

>> Wednesday, September 21, 2005

this is my hell week.

it's a gloomy day. maybe it's the cold weather that makes you want a hug from someone. maybe it's the stress brought about the hundreds of pages i have to read for my theology test on friday. maybe it's because i'm tired of studying (now i understand the term "senior's syndrom"... except for the boyfriend part. teeheehee) and my brain could not anymore take the hundreds of terms needed to be memorized.

i was in the library the whole day. as in from 930 am to 430 pm. we had a free cut in theology and a meeting for aegis and arete at 430. i had major idle time in between. i decided to be a nerd for a day and i spent my "tambay time" reading my theology handouts.

i only got to do "rerum novarum: the condition of labor by leo xiii, 1891" for the encyclicals. they were long so i skipped that part and moved to the easier ones. that way i could say that i have accomplished something. my morning was productive. i thought i would be able to do another encyclical that afternoon.

then sleep seeps in the windows of the library.

before i started the second encyclical, i felt my eyes drooping (that was around 2 pm). so i told myself that i would take a short nap, 5 minutes max. i placed my head on the table and used my theology readings as a pillow, elevating my head with my arm. 5 minutes. yawn, and i go for a nap. i woke up, rejuvinted and ready to continue. i checked my phone for the time and i realized...

that i slept for 2 hours.

amazing. i was that tired that i didn't feel the time pass by. it was a dreamless sleep, meaning that everything, including my brain, was shut down for two hours. that was what i needed. but my arm was numb because i was in that position for 2 hours and blood was not anymore flowing in it. hehe i had to wait for five minutes before i got the strength to stand up and attend my meetings.

i now have to catch up for the two hours i spent napping inside the library. sarap talaga kapag aircon ang lugar na pinag-aaralan mo.


>> Tuesday, September 20, 2005

place your name here

what does your name stand for?


Naomi, a girl's name of Biblical origin
Meaning: Courteous
Ethnic backgrounds include: Hebrew, Israeli, English
Other names associated with Naomi are: Neomi, Neomy, Neoma, Noemi
Cultural & Historical figures with this name: Naomi Wolf, A feminist writer known for her book The Beauty Myth. (Art/Literature)
Sports & Entertainment figures with this name: Naomi Judd, A singer (Musicians)

just finished watching sleeping beauty. i like beauty and the beast better, because the characters had a back story. they did not fall in love the first time they met, unlike in sleeping beauty, aurora placed her head on a stranger's shoulder. i wouldn't do that even if he was as handsome as philip. maybe it can be improved. hehe, even the animation for beauty and the beast is better -- body movements and facial expressions were important in building up a character. belle was adventurous and wanted more to her provincial life.

pero nothing beats classic cartoons.



the sun is shining

the second installment of the subic pictures are already here!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
dapat hindi nagpipicture habang nagpipingpong yung ibang tao. ayan, natamaan tuloy ng bola.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
mananalo na ako! lookie! ganda ng cards ko!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
ina and yumi. pagkatapos lumangoy, hindi parin nangingitim. langoy pa!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
yumi and helga.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
the santiago moves sa pingpong table. ang mag-dudes (ina ay edvina) at ang singit na yumi na kunwaring nagaaral ng philo.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
ina: mwahaha! may utang kayong rent na $900 dollars! invest on more houses and hotels!
edlyn: langya, wala akong pambayad. nakamortgage na lahat.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
hindi ako marunong kumuha ng picture. hehe, hindi nasama mukha ni helga!

shempre hindi ko uli nilagay lahat. the rest are in cerz's blog.


>> Sunday, September 18, 2005

more icons

nag-enjoy kami ni ichie sa mga pictures niya. kaya instead of doing my play, gumawa ako ng more icons! yehey!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

meron pa dapat na isa, kaso wala pa kaming maisip na isusulat. to come nalang yon.

last day of acet tomorrow! waah, yoko pa mag-end yung experience! saya eh!

ate nette, gumagawa ng intriga. tsktsktsk. ayan tuloy, kala nila totoo.


acet tomorrow

>> Friday, September 16, 2005

acet tomorrow

i can't wait for tomorrow. i'll be assiting the ateneo college entrance test tomorrow. i had fun last year and this year, i'm sure to have a blast too. go team grade school (ate net, ma'am jolly, kuya noli, ate she, ate che, mike, edson, gj, marj, ge, marco, yumi, sir waxx, and ate tin)!!! talunin natin ang mga taga highschool!

expect heavy traffic in the katipunan area.

tonight, i'm giving myself a break and because of ichie's happy day, i made her icons. :) i'll be posting mine too. two of which are in my profile already.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com


go lasalle?

>> Thursday, September 15, 2005

go lasalle?

i wore a green shirt today. nang-aasar. but i still wanted ateneo to win. i didn't watch the game, instead i was in the movie house, watching a boxing match. cinderella man won, the hero of the movie. but who is the hero at a dlsu-admu game?

75-55. My shirt is answer to who won today. Ow well, malakas parin ang lasalle.

I had a chance to watch the game. I had the transportation. He had the tickets for me. But I turned it down.

Stupid thing to do.


killing myself

>> Wednesday, September 14, 2005

killing myself

it is difficult to meet standards set by other people. but it is more difficult to meet your own. i hate it.

i am killing myself. i overloaded to be able to complete the units for 3 genres. i took more than the requirement of a creative writing student -- which is one genre -- but i tortured myself in taking more classes to have a triple genre. now i'm loaded with a lot of paperwork and a lot of mind jobs. stupid move, but i made a decision to have it. i thought (and will always think) that taking a triple genre would help me as a writer.

i feel that i am not equipped with 1 seminar and 2 workshops so i take more so that i know the tricks of non fiction, drama and poetry.

i am tired. tired of thinking, tired of worrying. even in my dreams, i think too much. there are always a lot of action going on in my head and it makes me more tired than when i am awake. i exert too much effort in moving, even for the simple fact of picking up a spoon. it seems that there is this great big air balloon that is restricting me to move fast. so i have to give all my strength to be able to move. then i also think about what i am supposed to do for the week, even in my dreams. i can't understand why i am faced with words, eyes opened or closed. so sleep is nothing to me. it only rests my eyes and my body, but my mind is still at work.

that makes it stressful.

but i can't give up. i can't trade any of these for another life. i have learned to live amidst all the deadlines, i have learned to laugh with my family, friends and classmates, i have seen the beauty in life. there is nothing else i can exchange.

well, except for one wish.

one day of rest, just one day. no thinking of papers or words, just a day lying on my bed, having a dreamless sleep. a day of sleep that when i wake up, i am rejuvinated and ready to take on another day.


hehehe.. check it out.

check it out

i was telling chino about my history paper due tomorrow on the movie "balweg". i mentioned that johnny delgado was part of it. and we discovered something from imdb.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

hahaha. father of ina feleo. :) yehey! hehehe


lazy and lethargic

>> Tuesday, September 13, 2005

lazy and lethargic

i know i have to write three plays by this weekend. but my will does not want to cooperate. i hate it when ideas are not there, the words are not coinciding with what i want to say, and my word document is as blank as my face. why am i so lazy when there's so much to do?

maybe it's the senior's syndrome. i'm excited to get over all of these college stuff and slack off, but this is not the year to do it. stress is on our shoulders because the pressure to pass is there. there is no more room for mistakes, no one wants to be delayed in graduating. so we really have to do good. even if i'm relaxing (ex. watching tv or going online), the reminder of the things i need to study bugs me. and i hate it. i wanna have a day rest or a weekend where i don't think of anything else. but i can't escape the fine arts festival. i can't escape the 3 plays i need to write, i can't escape the history paper i need to submit on thursday, i can't escape the tons of readings for history, theo and philosophy. darn. no exit. no way out.

i promised jace that i will do my part for the beauty and the beast job, but it seems that i'll be facing jace with a blank page in my hand. i asked for an extension from the miriam people, and they gave me until saturday morning to do it. haaay. life.

better start writing at least one page. that way i can say that i have accomplished "something".

ow shoot. i just remembered. i haven't finished reading my philosophy handouts. ow well, there's still tomorrow on the way to school to do that. unless i fall asleep. i just hope sir does not call me for recitation. i think i did a pretty good recitation stint yesterday, so i'm hoping not to be called tomorrow.

my head will be in the clouds tomorrow. thinking of my plays.

ps. i enjoyed the block film viewing of "beauty and the beast" after practicum. :) there will be more of that before the semester ends. and before we all die.


rainy tuesdays

rainy tuesdays

it's a wonderful morning -- the weather is cool, it's drizzling, and i have my little blanket (franella) wrapped around me. i have exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes to do my storyline for drama and i still don't have a concrete story. i'm still stuck at the character biography of the characters and i'm sure i'm going to be grilled by sir bien lumbera again. hehe

i promise myself to:
- get my theo handouts at the library.. and start reading them!
- research on the optional theo paper (i need to reach my goal of an A on my theology)
- read my philo readings in school and reread them when i get home (this means nerd time at the library)
- make an outline for my history paper

that's enough for the day. tomorrow, different set of "to dos".

before i go offline, here are memes nicked from den. :)

What Makes You.. by SheBangs12
Your name?
Your gender?
What makes you sexy?Your hair
What makes you pretty?Your style
What makes you loveable?How amazing you are
What makes you fun?Your sense of humor
What makes you irresistable?You're the complete opposite.
What makes you cute?Your voice
Quiz created with MemeGen!

teeheehee. eh hindi balik ayos hair ko eh. tapos matutuwa sila sa buhok ko? arrhhmm..

Your Ideal Relationship is Serious Dating

You're not ready to go walking down the aisle.
But you may be ready in a couple of years.
You prefer to date one on one, with a commitment.
And while chemistry is important, so is compatibility.

oooohhh. interesting. and true. (wait, in a couple of years pa? how long will i be sawi? ahh. marriage pala. dong, di kasi nagbabasa.)

Your Blogging Type is Logical and Principled

You like to voice your well thought out opinions on your blog.
And if someone doesn't what you write, you really don't care!
Serious and blunt, sometimes people take your blog the wrong way.
But you're a true and loyal friend to those who truly get you.

camon let's blogger! :D ehehehe (i know walang sense, masaya isulat eh)

Cheese Pizza

Traditional and comforting.
You focus on living a quality life.
You're not easily impressed with novelty.
Yet, you easily impress others.

yum. i miss yellow cab. :)


beauty and the beast

>> Monday, September 12, 2005

beauty and the beast
"Mama! There's a girl in the castle! - chip, beauty and the beast

since friday night, i have watched the movie 11 times already. i can't believe how much i have missed this movie. the last time i have watched it was when i was 10 years old. i remember borring the betamax (oo, uso ba betamax non) everytime we go to the video store. it has been one of my favorite disney films and i haven't lost my fondness to it. after watching it for so many times now, i have learned a lot of things that i didn't notice when i was a kid.

- gaston's singing voice is amazing. he is a baritone, and when he sings those long notes, it resonates and makes you fall in love with the voice.
- chip is my favorite character. his innocence is charming. i have memorized almost all of chip's lines. "tooold-yah"
- beast talks with his eyes. belle recognized the beast after the transformation because of his eyes. there are a lot of instances that the camera focused on the beast's pair of eyes, telling the audience to pay attention on the facial expresion of the beast through his eyes.
- beast does not have a name but the "prince" or "beast"
- the bed didn't come to life
- philippe knew where the castle was. he dropped maurice somewhere in the woods and ran home. the next scene shown was when he brought belle to the castle. amazing, may tracking device.
- belle loves adventure "there must be more than this provincial life"
- may lines from romeo and juliet sa film.
- maurice is an inventor sa disney, pero sa tunay, merchant dad ni belle
- cogsworth sticks to the rules. he gets agitated when rules are not followed.
- lumiere wants jest to everything

marami pa pero tinatamad na ako. hehe


tee kay oh

>> Sunday, September 11, 2005

tee kay oh!!

6 rounds of boxing. one big fight. and who's the winner??!?

IT'S MANNY PACQUIAO! (pa-kee-yao daw sabi ng commentator

i wasn't able to watch the whole fight. we arrived just in time for the announcement of the winner. there will be a replay at 9 pm and i'm sure that i will watch that and it will be less stressful since we all know that manny pacquiao has already won.

congratulations! this is it philippines!


>> Saturday, September 10, 2005

support fine arts festival 2006!



bushy tail

our house is becoming a mini zoo. for the past few weeks, tricycle drivers and passers-by have been telling us that there is a squirrel jumping from tree to tree. my eyes were peeled everytime i look out of the window, watching out for that little critter. but i couldn't see it. my neck strained itself from looking up the trees, waiting for a nut to fall on my head.

today was my lucky day.

we chanced upon something moving on top of our wall. we were at the second floor. the window to our dining table is at the same level. a little squirrell, about the size of a kitten was scurrying across broken glass on top of our wall. he carefully avoided the sharp glass, with great pace. the next thing we knew, he jumped from the wall to the nearest tree (which was 1 feet far) and to another tree. his bushy tail provided the balancing effect when he jumped so that he would reach the other tree. amazing! wildlife!

people have said that he escaped from his "master". maybe he was held captive and was able to find his way out. since our lot looks like a mini forest of fruit trees, he saw home. no one was a threat to him, only the stares of wonder from the people around him. he was safe and our lot was the place he wanted to stay.

how long will it take for us to discover another wildlife? hehe

snakes, mice, cats, dogs, different species of birds, lizards of many sizes, chickens, butterflies, frogs, bees.. and now a squirrel. take note, none of them are ours. they just want to stay in our house because no one bothers them.


subic hangover

>> Thursday, September 08, 2005

sooobeeckk hangover

hindi ako makapag-move on sa subic trip namin. hehe, lalo na nung nilagay ni edlyn ang pictures sa kanyang lj. pero di ko lalagay lahat. hehe

beach! beach! beach! we're all ready to get a tan!

feeling rowing team si ina at si helga. sayang, wala kaming picture ni edlyn. mas magaling kami, buong perimeter ng beach inabot namin! ha!

pingpong moves.. - refer to previous subic post regarding description of moves. hehe

feleo move

santiago move

pitargue move

barrios move

my little work of art. hehe sarap ng jelly ace!

ishmayl! you're in bulacan! heeepoon!

kasya tayong lahat sa camera! hehe

waaah! i can't move on! ang saya-saya ng subic trip! hehe, sana maulit. mauulit! more pictures pag si cerz naman yung nag-upload. hehe



>> Wednesday, September 07, 2005


my right eye hurts. my right contact lens fell off this morning before my philosophy class. i tried to put it back, but after a few seconds it began to hurt. i thought my contacts was just dirty. but my eye was red with pain even if the lens was not anymore there. i placed the contacts back so that i would not lose it.

i tried to resist the pain all througout philo but i kept on closing my eye because it stung when i tried to read my handouts and write on my notebook. i wanted to go home, i could not take the pain anymore.

i cut my theology and now i'm home with the pain still there. i won't be able to go to the sanggu GA this afternoon at the iso. i wasn't able to man our trinket booth at the kostka extension. i wasn't able to meet missy and talk about "something".


happy birthday edlyn! don't you love the little chismis from me and monette? hehe happy birthday too abet! we miss you! grabe, our tnt is on his way to becoming a lawyer!



>> Tuesday, September 06, 2005


no one from the genre poetry would like this picture. hehe but we help each other to improve our works, diba? diba?

taken from post secret.


nicked from someone's lj.

You scored as Believer.. You are a Believer. Whether it be religious or just your ethics and morals. You believe that heart breaks and injuries are just another part of life. Everything can be overcome if you believe in yourself and in your life.



Dirty, Black, Free


In Control.


Cold as Steel






What does your soul say about your eyes?
created with QuizFarm.com



>> Monday, September 05, 2005


congratulations to edlyn! 30/30 sa test kay tejido!!

everybody now! libre! libre! libre!

sulit din yung aral mong isang linggo. hehe memorize mo pa ba yung mga quotes?


i'm back!

>> Sunday, September 04, 2005

i'm back!

3 days and 2 nights in subic. did yah miss me?

edlyn, cerz, ina, kuya edvin (edlyn's big bro) and marvin (edders' cousin) and i went for a vacation in edlyn's house in subic. we all wanted to take a break from all the school stress and experience a vacation outside town.

the girls had a goal: to get a tan. but the sun played games with us. the sun would shine, then when we would turn our backs to get a swimsuit mark, the clouds would cover the sun. the two guys enjoyed themselves with a 30-minute ride on the hetski (aka motorsiklo sa dagat). edlyn hired a kayak for an hour and we took turns riding it. we had an instant arm workout by paddling from one end of the beach perimeter to the other. pwede na kaming pang rowing team!

the sky was beginning to darken so we left the beach to escape the rain and get home in time for lunch. we spent the whole afternoon playing table tennis, while i tried to read my philo handouts. (in fairness, natapos ko yung binabasa ko.) our game was cut short when chino texted me and said that ateneo was losing to ust. cerz and i quickly went to our room to see the action. the rest of the gang left us to go to duty free for a chocolate and chip overload shopping. we had the whole house to scream our heads off while we saw tenorio shoot the only goal all throughout the game.

when they arrived, monopoly with chocolates was next. i did the lucky role of the banker, while ina enjoyed the luxury of having 2 lots (2 houses in one lot, and 4 houses and a hotel in another) and a lot of cash. edlyn and cerz gave up because they had to mortgage all their property to pay rent at ina's hotel for $900.

to get rid of all the chocolates and fat inside of our systems, we went back to our table tennis session. edlyn and ina did not put down the racket for an hour because they wanted to make sure that all the sugar will be sweated off. we got our turn after their tournament and after dinner.

mga pauso namin

marvin: piNGGG poNGGG...

ina: this is a great immersion. i was immersed. immersed in water.... marami ka palang mapupulot na aral sa pingpong. tulad ng.. (thinks) pagpupulot ng bola ng pingpong.

da moves

santiago moves: hold the racket facing downwards while hitting the ball.

barrios moves: after hitting the ball, let go of the racket as well.

feleo moves: imitate a gay while hitting the ball. catch the ball with your elbow and ribs. eat chocolate before playing pingpong.

pitargue moves: catch the ball with the hand, not hit it with the racket.

before going home, we passed by bulacan for mass and a celebration. edlyn's sister passed the board exams and the santiago family held a big party for the whole clan. the call of "hipon" was strong and i couldn't say no. bulacan's heeeponnn is the best and i am known for the "girl who didn't leave the table because she couldn't stop eating shrimp". but the banner that was supposed to make edlyn's sister proud was a big joke.


(son of Edgar and Elvie)

for passing the the medical board exam

okhay. first, edel is supposed to be edhel. and it's daughter mehn, not son. haha unless it was kuya edvin (naks, feeling close) was the one who took the test. aahaha

thanks to edlyn's family for inviting us to their house in subic. i really had fun. promise. especially the pingpong matches and the laughter brought by picking up the balls from all over the place. thanks for all the free stuff. promise. yehey!

i'll post pictures when edlyn and cerz have uploaded them. :)

tomorrow, back to reality. :)


stupidity (not curiosity) kills the cat

>> Friday, September 02, 2005

stupidity (not curiosity) kills the cat

this morning during philosophy, sir de jesus was guessing from what schools we were from. he said that by simple judging our faces, he would know what school we were studying in.

some guesses were right. some were wrong.

to those he guessed wrong, my classmates would just shake their heads and smile, thinking that sir was making a joke out of himself.

but when he came across one classmate of mine...

sir de jesus: you look like you're from humanities.

classmate: (in a conyo tone and an irritated facial expression) siiirr.. DO I LOOK STUPID?!?

what the?

it was a wrong move, because the class she is in is philosophy. and philosophy is under the school of humanities and she is talking to a teacher who teaches under the school of humanities.

and i have heard from someone that she's the niece of chavit singson. [edited part. it is unnecessary to put it here for the public to see] sorry to be rude but her reaction was just plain stupid.

i don't want to disclose names anymore. i've done enough damage at the heights room and to some block e people.

i just love everyone's reaction when i told them about her.

"sino toh?!"

i know you're going to ask the same question. :)


breaking news

>> Thursday, September 01, 2005

"breaking" news

cris* and john* have been together for almost 11 months. i thought they were made in heaven, a match given by God. they were happy together, sweet messages proved their love for each other.

cris has been a good friend of mine when matthew* introduced me to her last year. they visited school for a company presentation and i met up with them during their break time. that was the only time i met cris and we were instant friends. she shared her secrets and i too confided in her. yahoo messenger became the medium for us to talk. technology brought us closer than we have ever imagined.

i was acquainted with john through cris. i became a witness of their love story and "kilig" moments. cris would show me john's email messages, telling her that someday, in God's time, he would ask her to be his wife. he loved her so much, and she loved him back. cris and i would always squeal in excitement when we read his messages. i knew their love story, from the very moment they set eyes on each other to the day she accepted him into her life. i was happy for them. they were happy and it seemed that they will take the relationship to the next level. i have never seen a couple that happy.

this afternoon, i received a text message from cris. she wanted to talk to me tonight and her message seemed urgent. i joked that our conversation might lead to another "squeal" moment and will give us smiles before we slept. but my assumption was wrong. yesterday, she and john broke up. i was shocked.

why? why would a happy couple be splitting up? what prompted them to that decision?

sayang. they were having a healthy relationship, because God was in the center of it. they did not let God out of the circle of their love and they always put God first. maybe that was also the reason why they decided to part ways. maybe there was something greater than what they have now.

i don't know. i still have to know.

cris and i will have our ym moments later 930. we set an appointment to talk about things. i wish this conversation wasn't online. i wish this is done over coffee. but time restraints and our long-distance friendship cannot make that possible. technology will do.

awwww... sana magkabalikan pa sila.

*names have been changed to protect identity


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