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>> Wednesday, August 31, 2005

questions and nonesensical rantings about somethings that should be left unnoticed (labo non ah..)

it's hard to test your patience when you know that the attitude is not forgivable. i don't know why someone could not act his (or her) age, as they are supposed to act. i shouldn't be annoyed because what the hell do i care about him (or her)? but why am i?

maybe because i can't stand the countless times he (or she) has done it to me (oh you malicious minds, what you are thinking is not it). why does he (or she) have to do it? i don't need to hear that, especially from him (or her).

but life has to go on, isn't it? i shouldn't be affected by what i receive, or what comes my way. it is my life, and i govern my decisions and my emotions. there are more important things in life that i should put my attention to. thing such as practicum, the cookie sale, my plays, theo, philo and history.

he (or she) should NOT be a hindrance.

amen. be good yumi. stay good. remain evil inside. haha, joke.

ps. i will never say good luck again. unless as a joke. :)


in the water i remain...

>> Tuesday, August 30, 2005

in the water i remain...

thoughts for today.

do i miss someone? yes, i think i do.

i love life. even if it's killing me.

no more money. spent all on cookies and fa stuff.

3 plays to write. 5 essays to revise.

love is something i always deny. i lie to myself on that matter.

i love my block.

i understand, now that i'm older.

i need more discipline.

i need exercise.

i want friday to come.

i wish... he... *fill in the empty space*

why are there questions that are unanswered?

hate is such a heavy word to say, irritated is much better.

immaturity can be worked upon. but it needs time to attain maturity. (right raph?)

i want, but i don't want.


(ok, no sense, this post is.)


>> Monday, August 29, 2005

look who's the graduating girl!

hehe, thanks to
jace for scanning my pictures. :)


random thoughts in the morning

>> Sunday, August 28, 2005

random thoughts in the morning

- ay nako jm. one more text about that cd and i will throw it in the trash can. di ko yan ibibigay mamaya. learn when to stop reminding and texting. i'm not that stupid.

- ateneo won yesterday over ue! yehey! that places us on the second spot.

- our babble needs help in their cheering. especially the guy babble. it's the same choreography since... when? decades ago? haha

- i have ideas for our commissioned work. what if we make a new couple character? that way we can keep the princes and princesses. hehe

- walang pasok bukas diba? where's the sanggu announcement? come on sanggu! let's get the announcement out! i need it noooow. hehe (wait, sanggu pala ako. haha)

- i was able to watch willy wonka and the chocolate factory last night! the songs are better than the new version, but story-wise, there's nothing to compare. charlie and the chocolate factory version just placed a back story why willy wonka built a chocolate factory. and the new version did not include charlie breaking willy wonka's rules by drinking the frizzy whatever. hehe i'm expecting a theatrical production sometime in the future. hehe

- i will be a nerd today. i will be a nerd today.

things to do:
- storyline for my play
- storyline for commissioned work
- theo report (study it!)
- finish marcel's article on faith (groan. i hate marcel)
- think of something to share in poetry class
- revise review for poems 'desire' and 'because of you'
- transfer notes from scratch to real notebook. :)
- no more internet for today. save the 99 minutes.

yumir. OUT.


>> Saturday, August 27, 2005

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last night's show of the bayanihan dance company was a blast. you should all watch it. there's another show today at 3 and 7 pm. go and watch. i'm sure sulit ang 300 pesos niyo (150 student price in our cases. hehe)

support philippine culture!

the rest of our bayanihan show experience is found at my lj.

ang galing ni ina at ana! at lahat ng mananayaw!

hindi ka pilipino kapag hindi mo pa napapanood sumayaw ang tunay na mga mananayaw ng pilipinas! bulok ka pag spaghetti dance lang ang alam mo. haha seryoso ako dyan.


go 'teneo!

>> Thursday, August 25, 2005

go 'teneo!

i'm such a loser. after 3 years in college, today was the first time i watched an ateneo game live.

congratulations to up and ateneo for a good game. cerz and i were on our feet cheering and hoping that ateneo would win. up is a tough opponent to beat. the first half was a close match, you would really think that up will win. but ateneo pulled away in the 2nd half, winning with 10 points.

jai reyes is awsome. the team has still a chance of winning the championship in the succeeding years even if tenorio (mr. fastbreak) will not be in ateneo anymore. his legs sped from one court to the other, as if he had wheels on his heels (that rhymes!)

japeth aguilar's height did wonders. everyone cheered when he did a dunk and hung on the ring for about 5 seconds. picture perfect. winner talaga si japeth.

photo courtesy of chino

tenorio's performance is always consistent. even if macky escalona got the energy player of the game for scoring 19 points, tenorio still had his moments.

i enjoyed the game. sulit 100 pesos ko. i don't care if my throat hurts from all the screaming and cheering. i can proudly say that i have school spirit because i have already watched a game live.

did you see my hair during the first day funk ad? haha, up students were chosen to dance the first day funk ad and they did it where we were seated. cerz and i moved away when they went on-air. haha, na-shy kami. next time, we shall be seen on tv.

after the game, we met up with chino for dinner at shakey's. i had to leave early because my mom was left at home with a fever and we had to go home right away. but thank you chino for the funds. it's a big help to the block. really. thanks again. :) you're the best.

if i don't talk to you tomorrow, it means that i'm saving my voice. i used up all my energy in shouting.

"get that ball! get that ball!"


new template

new look. new face. new template. and it's back to being pink.

i still have to figure out how to put the signature properly. the signature i made won't appear. i'll fix that as soon as i have the time again. i was supposed to be doing my part for our theology report, but the urge of changing my template was stronger. haha, so here it goes.

speaking of theology, it's a miracle that i got a B in my orals. ahaha cool. thank you God. :) next time i'll make it an A. i will not cram the third test.

ateneo-up game later! catch me and cerz on tv! mwahaha!!


ow well..

>> Tuesday, August 23, 2005

it was my chance of a lifetime. he was there, waiting.

but school comes first. before "friends".

if you want to know the full story, then ask jace about it. he was with me when that happened.

"yumi, hatid mo ako sa socsci."

but no.



in exchange for that opportunity, i got a hundred bucks.

but still..

saying it in the words of stephen's poem, "damn."


name generator

>> Monday, August 22, 2005

if you want to learn what happened to me today, check my lj. i'm too lazy to write a different life account on my blog. maybe next time.

this is the only day that i can bum around. starting tomorrow, i will return to reality. may philo na uli kami bukas. nyaaar...

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labo. i took this test twice. i got (N)ice, (A)rty, (O) can't remember, (M)ezmerizing, (I) i forgot also.

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kohhreeeek!! pero di ko type yung picture. hehe

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ok. enough. tulog na yumi.



>> Sunday, August 21, 2005

"come and sing our siren song..." - little mermaid, trumpets production

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when cramming becomes numb.

>> Saturday, August 20, 2005

my will wants to talk about the play we watched at up this evening, but my mind isn't working. instead i'll answer a survey from raph.

1.Song playing at the moment?
nothing. silence.

2. My reason for living?
because it is unethical to kill yourself. haha, labo

3.Do u think your crush is sexy?
ahmm. no? taba eh. hehe

4.Ever donated blood?
not yet. i am the one who needs it. haha, underweight ako.

5.Fav color(s)?
blue, white, pink.

6.Accessories you usually wear?
earrings. i never leave the house without earrings. makes me feel naked without them.

7.One song to describe a heartbreak in the past?
ahm. i dunno. never felt heartbreak? whatooot!

8.Last place you went to?
up palma hall. watched "st. louis loves dem filipinos." *applause*

9.Last person who disappointed you?
myself. for not meeting my deadlines.

10.The most boring sport?
golf. kasi hindi ko naintindihan yung scoring. hehe saka chess. magssports ka na nga, magiisip ka pa ng todo?

11.Ever had a baby?
baby dog? but humans? ahhh... wag muna ngayon!

12.The funniest movie you watched in the past?
meet the fockers. i think. hehe

13. Any piercings or tattoo?
earrings. one on each ear.

14.The most romantic gift?
hmm. perfume?

15.Sang on stage before?
yeah. solo. pero rehearsals yon. tapos hindi natuloy yung presentation. haha *lucky me* the rest of singing performances were with the choir.

16.Struck by lightning before?
no. at sana hindi mangyari yon.

17.Danced with your loved one before?
yeah. dad and mom. :)

18.Ever wished you could turn back time?
yeah. i want to do a lot of things that i didn't do before.

19.What would you do if you woke up one day?
then i would be still alive?

20. three songs that's meaningful to you?

you raise me up - josh groban
i swear i'll give my life for you - kim, miss saigon
some song from trumpets' production of little mermaid

21.Last person you met?
marami eh. a lot of incoming freshies applying for ateneo. hehe

22.What will you be doing tomorrow?
s-t-u-d-y and panic.

23.One thing you totally regretted doing?
allowing him to court me.

24.Do people like you?
maybe. siguro.

25.What was the last game you played on the computer?
free cell.

26.Someone who means a lot to you at the moment?
now? someone from the block. haha! don't worry, hindi ito issue-able.

27.The color of your mobile phone?
dark blue na may pagkagreen?

28. Do you hate someone at the moment?
hate is a strong word. irritated. pwede pa.

29. What do you wish to happen now?
rae got our history paper.

30. Do you think it will happen?
i hope so. *crosses fingers*


thursday rantings.

>> Thursday, August 18, 2005

thank God there are no classes tomorrow. i won't have to read philo for tomorrow, which means i have all the time to do my theology reviewer. even if i was assigned to do only thesis numbers 16 and 17, i will still the rest of the numbers. it'll also help me study for the other thesis statements when we have a run through on sunday.

tomorrow night, after watching the play in up ("st. louis loves dem filipinos") i shall cram our history paper. yehey. no more decent sleep until monday.

but i will have to go to school tomorrow. oaa needs me at the last day of submission of ateneo application forms for incoming freshman. even if i have exceeded the required work hours, i still enjoy helping the oaa. it'll also be nice to see on my resume that i go beyond the requirement. haha ate kamille was begging me to go this afternoon because the volunteers were not enough to accommodate the long line of applicants. but i was already at seattle's best with my theo groupmate, studying for our theology orals on monday. (did we really study? or did we just have fun teasing dianne? hehe) i promised i'll work at oaa tomorrow.

i'll leave after lunch to get my contact prints from my place. i hope my grad pictures turn out fine. i can't wait to see them! see yah edlyn! i'll text you when i'm on my way to my place.

happy birthday drex. manlilibre ka ha? hehe lagoooot ako.



>> Wednesday, August 17, 2005

i want to change my blog layout.

or maybe the main picture, i am getting tired of seeing my face.

or maybe not. nakakatamad eh.

sinong may birthday bukas? yihee! tumatanda na! haha


>> Tuesday, August 16, 2005

thank you to yael for the autograph. i'm sure my foster sisters are now squealing with joy.


do you know how to sing our national anthem in english and spanish?

tierra adorada

tierra adorada,
hija del sol de oriente,
su fuego ardiente
en ti latiendo esta.
patria de amores,
del heroismo cuna,
los invasores
no te hollaran jamas,
en tu azul cielo, en tu mar
esplende y late el poema
de tu amanda libertad.
to pabelion, que en las lides
la victoria ilumino,
no vera nunca apagados
sus estrellas y su sol,
tierra de dichas, de sol y amores,
den tu regazo duece es vivir
es una gloria para tus hijos,
cuando te ofended, por ti morir.

land of the morning
land of the morning,
child of the sun returning,
with fervor burning,
thee do ours souls adore.
land dear and holy,
crady of noble heroes,
ne'er shall invaders
trample thy sacred shore.
ever within they skies
and through the clouds
and o'er the hills and sea,
do we behold the radiance,
feel the throb of glorious liberty.
they banner, dear to all our hearts,
its sun and stars alight,
o never shall its shining field
be dimmed by tyrants might.
beautiful land of love,
o land of light
in thine embrace 'tis rapture to lie.
but if it glory ever,
when thou art wronged,
for us, thy sons, to suffer and die.


>> Monday, August 15, 2005

i need sleep.

dear schoolwork,

please give me time to catch up with my beauty sleep. life was not made to give all my "awake periods" to you. a person needs rest in order to carry on my tasks for the school i love. please give me the wisdom to think so that i do not have to redo the things i once did.

sincerely yours,

my bed is calling me. i miss my bed, my pillows and my fuzzy blanket.

i would like to thank watson for keeping me company during my immersion. watson was one of my things that helped me sleep during the rains and the cold weather. he was by my side whenever i was looking for familiarity. adults are not too old to carry stuffed toys in their bags when going on trips. if raph has andre, jace has martino, i have watson. :) who else from the block wants to join the stuffed toys club? hehe

it is difficult to make a play when the time frame is during the world war ii. i don't know any experiences when it comes to war, so i will base my script from the reading i have. actually, i'm lost on how to tell a story with the use of a play. sir did not really teach us, nor give examples. i'm learning more with the informal workshops with sir rene o. villanueva (is he a national artist like sir badong and sir bien?).

o crap, speaking of practicum, i still have to write a journal entry regarding our workshop this afternoon with sir rene.

why can't i sober my insides when i'm talking about her? why do i hate her actions? why am i bad? i shouldn't be. but i am irritated with her. stop asking freaking updates about our festival. ano ba pakialam mo? hehe, i'll leave the story-telling to edlyn. i'm too tired to talk about what happened last week. haha

back to the script.

waw, this post had no coherence in any way.

to chino. thanks so much. you deserve a hug from me. :)



>> Sunday, August 14, 2005

i miss my foster family.

wala na akong pakialam kung huli na nung sinabihan kami na immersion namin nung biyernes. wala akong pakialam kung kulang ng isang pader ang banyo sa bahay na tinirhan ko. wala akong pakialam kung nagising ako sa bukong nahulog sa bubong ng bahay namin. wala akong pakialam sa putik na naipon sa mga kuko ko sa paa nung inikot namin ang buong area g sa sjdm bulacan.

ayoko nang bumalik sa ateneo. gusto kong bumalik sa bahay ni nanay lisa. lahat kaming nag-immersion sa san jose del monte, bulacan ay ayaw nang umuwi. (ako, gerald, izelle, rochelle, joanna, dianne, handrew, carl, ken, sarah, kristel, mario, lara) napamahal na kami sa mga foster family namin. pangalawang pamilya ko na sila. mahal ko sila. sobra.

nanay lisa.
ate olive.
kuya frank. (aka nonoi)
ate odinah. (ang ka-berks ko)
oscar. (aka oca)
oliver. (aka ber)

2 aso
2 tuta
1 pusa
1 tandang
2 manok
at maraming sisiw

nagkasya kaming lahat sa isang maliit na barong-barong (na mukhang play house). pero isa silang masayang pamilya, kahit isang kahig isang tuka lamang sila. hindi mababaw ang kanilang pananaw sa buhay, may mga pangarap, hindi lang humahangad na magkaroon ng pera. gusto nilang lahat na makatapos sa pag-aaral ngunit mahirap magpaaral sa kolehiyo.

nakilala ko rin ang ibang mga pamilya ng mga kasama ko. nung sabado, isa-isa naming sinundo ang mga kaklase ko at ang kani-kanilang ate habang nililibot ang buong area g. naranasan kong magpa-foot spa, gamit ang putik habang papunta sa mga foster families ng mga lalake (mas malayo at mas madugo ang mga kinaroroonan ng mga bahay ng mga lalake). narasan kong maglakad sa putik na naka-paa kasi naiiwan ang tsinelas ko sa putik kaya minabuti ko nalang na magyapak. pero masaya. kakaibang karanasan. extra challenge ito.

naranasan ko narin gumawa ng wallet. pumunta kami ni joanna, ate jo at ate odinah sa kapitbahay para gumawa ng wallet na balat. masakit sa kamay, dahil kinakailangan naming ihilot ang balat para lumambot at mabuo. bilang sweldo, binigyan kami ng isang wallet na tapos na. hanep, sana makabenta si kuya billy ng marami sa quiapo. :)

mahal ako ni nanay lisa. mas inalala niya pa ako nung nasa pagawaan kami ng wallet at umuulan. akala niya, nagpapaulan kami ni ate odinah. sinundo pa talaga kami, para lang masigurado na wala ako sa panganib. mahal ko rin si nanay lisa.

mahal ko si ate odinah. siya ang kasama ko lagi, kahit saan pumunta. magaling siya kumanta dahil kasama siya sa choir sa simbahan. siya ang lagi kong kakwentuhan. kapatid ko na siya. kukuhanan kita ng autograph ni yael. pramis. hehe para sayo.

si ate olive. sabado na ng gabi ko siya nakita dahil kakagaling lang niya sa trabaho. pero chummers kagad kami. iba talaga magbonding ang mga babae.

si kuya frank. kung hindi ka lang lasing nung sabado ng gabi, hindi mo ako kakausapin. haha, shy-type daw. biglang nung umaga ng linggo, tahimik ka nanaman. winner ka talaga. :D salamat sa chords ng "the day you said goodnight" at "same ground". sana natatandaan mo pa surname ko. hehe

si oscar. tahimik. tahimik. ngiti lang. eto lang sinabi niya sakin sa 3 araw: "excuse me po." kasi nakaharang ako sa aparador nila at may kailangan siyang kunin. haha, bait mo talaga oscar! bagay kang sakristan. i'm proud of yah bro!

at si oliver. isa pang tahimik. nung tinatanong ko kung paanong hati ang gagawin sa patatas nung tanghalian ng sabado, tipid siya sa sagot. "cubes" bilang din ang mga salita nito. ang susunod na salita na sinabi sakin eh "good-bye" nung paalis na kami. ok lang, masarap ka naman mag-luto eh. benta parin yung sunny-side up egg mo. binabaligtad yung itlog pag naluto na yung isang bahago. hehe

namimiss ko narin yung mga kasama ko sa immersion. sana makita ko kayo bukas. hehe, balik giordano tayo! magkikita tayo ken, mario, lara, izelle, handrew, gerald, dianne at joanna. sa tabi-tabi, sa kasuluk-sulukan ng ateneo ko makikita sila sarah, kristel, rochelle at carl. hehe ang saya nito! sana maulit.

ayokong pumasok bukas. gusto ko bumalik sa bulacan.

ngayon, pag narinig ko ang hale at cueshe. maaalala ko ang mga kapatid ko sa bulacan. aww. miss ko na sila!


magaling ang osci

>> Thursday, August 11, 2005

magaling ang osci. ngayon ko lang nalaman na bukas na ang immersion ko. marami naman akong panahon para mag-ayos ng gamit, mga ilang oras lang naman. at patok, umuulan. magaling.

shempre marami akong gagawin para bukas. una yung sulat para kay sa oas para sa aming fund raising. kelangan ko na siya ngayon gawin dahil aalis kami ng maaga bukas papunta sa bulacan.

okhay. kakaiba yung sine na pinapanood ko. hindi ko alam kung ano yung koneksyon sa philo. anlabo ng breaking the waves. parang pillow book ito, pero mas grabe ang pillow book kasi... basta. kadiri.

pagdasal niyo ako, pupunta ako sa immersion bukas hanggang linggo.


senior ka na ba? ako, oo.

when i saw myself on the computer screen, wearing a toga with the ateneo logo on the lapel, it finally hit me that i'm a senior and i will be graduating next march.

edlyn and i had our photoshoot for graduation picture today. we rushed to my place student accommodations after my theology (we had to walk all the way to jollibee first because the mmda are already implementing their "no-trike-in-katips-rule" even if it isn't the 15th yet) because we didn't want to pay the fine of 250 for being late. our time slot was 1130, we were supposed to be there by 11 for hair and make-up, and we arrived by 1040. haha, atat.

make-up was fine. by the stories of my blockmates who had their pictures taken the day before, i thought their make-up was bad. bad in a way that i would look like an espasol, face too white and lips too red. i was praying the whole time that the make-up artist won't put too much eyeliner under my eyes and place loud red lipstick. by the time i looked into the mirror, wah-lah! yihee, naka make-up si yumi.

i had two ideas for creative shot. since the package i got required 4 shots, i divided my poses into two. the first pose was that i was carrying an open piano book with 4 of my favorite thick books on top of it (christmas mystery, lion, witch and wardrobe, ginger pye, and the palanca one act plays). the palanca was opened, watson was sitting on it, i had a pencil on my right hand, and i posed like i was reading and making comments on it. i had a smile on my first shot, and a contemplative facial expression on the second.

my second pose was singing. i wanted to bring a piano along, but how in the world will you transport a piano from my house to my place? i wanted to bring the keyboards from the fine arts department, but it wasn't proper to show that i play classical music (sonatina on the keyboards. haha, so pano na yung forte at pianissimo? one hand is on the volume. hehe). i ended up holding the piano book and posed like i was singing.

photos were taken digitally so we were able to see them after having our pictures taken. when i was asked to remove 2 shots from the 5 shots in my formal pose, we had a hard time deciding on what to erase. they suggested one because the tilt of my head looked stiff. the one at the computer was laughing because we didn't know what to remove. all of the other 4 shots had the same smile (nakangloo, i took tita mimi's tip and practiced smiling the night before) so we just randomly picked one pic. i love my creative pic, red really looks good on camera.

yihee, graduate na kami.

congratulate niyo kami ni edlyn. we survived the day wearing spaghetti (edlyn) and a tube tubes (ako. thanks to helga! i wabshu. i like your tube.)



>> Tuesday, August 09, 2005

sanggu gave us, course representatives, a lot of homework. yehey, parang bagong subject ito. *groan*

we have to read the constitution ammendment that the sanggunian is proposing. i don't know the gist, the gist was long (ironic? or maybe i was just too lazy to read it). then our batch president issa sent the whole proposal, complete with powerpoint, and is asking us to study it. then we make it simpler then ask the opinions of our coursemates. so now, i have to find a time to squeeze this homework into my schedule and at the end, get no grade for it. haha, joke.

the only comments that i can return are on the topic of the tricycles. starting august 15, tricycles are not anymore allowed in the katipunan road. they are allowed inside campus and in the back streets, but never on katipunan. the city government said that the increasing number of accidents were because of the "little critters" of katipunan. in order to go to school, let's say from edlyn's house, you can take the tricycle from varsity hills to mcdo then walk to school from there.

but what if you're late? what if you have a big cooler and you need a tricycle to transport you to school? what if it is raining and you want to arrive school dry?whatif you're injured and you can't walk for long distances?

what if. what if. what if.

i'm sure my blockmates would create an uproar when they hear about this. edlyn and cerz already ranted to me yesterday about the inconveniences with what the government has proposed. i noticed that no "experiment" worked to alleviate the traffic and accidents in katipunan.

u-turn scheme. not effective. especially with the number of cars that enter ateneo. during rush hour (7 am, where all vehicles rush to grade school, high school and college at the same time) hundreds of vehicles try to fit through the small u-turn space. of course, when you make a turn, you have to drive your car in an angle according to the length and the angle of rotation of the steering wheel. if your vehicle is long, you have to make a bigger angle of rotation in order not make a u-turn and not crash into the cement barricades of mmda. mostly of the vehicles from the grade school are in vans, so all the big cars move from the inner lane of the street to the outer lane as they approach the u-turn slot. since they started in the inner lane, they move towards the outside just meters away from the u-turn slot. the other cars must give way to this van or else he would not fit the slot. all those confusion would create more traffic. and that u-turn slot is the only way to get to ateneo and miriam. so imagine the number of vehicles using that small space for u-turn to get to the two schools in katipunan. imagine a hundred people all entering a small door. that's how it feels.

pink fences in front of kfc. ain't working either. let's say you're from the building bellarmine and you want to go to kfc for lunch? or better yet withdraw from the bank? the shortest way to get there is the cross the street from gate three. the gate is just parallel to kfc and the bank. easy shot. no need for tricycles. but because fernando implemented his u-turn schemes and placed pink fences along katipunan -- so no one will cross the street (use the overpass daw) -- you will still have to walk farther. it's like walking from a store to megamall a to megamall b, go down the escalator then back to megamall a to get to the store beside the one you came from. what if you're in a hurry? you're forced to take the trike which will cost you and the hassle.

and now the ban of tricycles. mhen, mmda schemes don't work in katpunaaan!


philosophy increased my faith

>> Monday, August 08, 2005

correct. you heard it.

before i entered ateneo, i was having problems with philosophy. i heard rumors that philosophy might diminish your faith in the God you believe, or go mad because of the doubts that philosophy gives.

cam's dad, tito niel, said that you're not an atenean until you have gone through philosophy (which means, i graduate. haha). so there's no way of escaping the evils of philosophy.

i hated philo 101 (introduction to philo) because i could not understand the methodic doubting and all those trash. hehe, i got a D for philo for effort. no heart was with 101. in philo 102 (philo of human being), i was able to connect the lessons with what i learned in the previous semester. i understood the lessons (in a way) and my grade moved from D to a C+. hehe, umaasenso.

philo 103 was the ultimate test on my faith. philosophy of religion. i thought philo would disapprove of the existence of faith in a God, since there is nothing to prove that a God exists.

but surprisingly, i am enjoying philo 103. when i was called for my opinion in philosophy today, i didn't hesistate to say what i wanted to say. there was no attitude in me to defend what i knew (unlike in theology 121, when a priest said that noah's ark was a hoax and i debated with him that noah did exist and he really built an ark), just an attitude to show what my faith knew.

i know have a favorite philosophy reading. it is the introduction to fear and trembling. if i am nerd enough, i will buy the whole book and read it for "fun". i know darls will kill me for this, but i am really interested in the topic. and i love it. even though i am always at a suspense mode (if sir will call me for recitation or not), i don't care to be called because i want to be prepared. i think i am not, because i cannot understand some parts. but once sir asks the question, i am able to locate it in my handouts and answer his question. effort is needed, but the fulfillment of answering the question with my faith still intact is so thrilling.

i feel darls hating me right now. i am having fun in philosophy. hehe i wabshu darls!


>> Sunday, August 07, 2005

with all the technology around me, i am disappointed to say that i am not able to accomplish anything. haha when i checked my "to do" list this morning, i found out that i have only done two things yesterday: my practicum journal entry and my philo handouts. so that means i have to do a lot of things today: theo readings (good Lord, one more grueling chapter to go), history paper, poetry report about villanelle, and contacts for practicum.

MUST RESIST TEMPTATION. that means no more games, both in the palm pilot and the computer. i was given gifts and i should use them in full responsiblity. ok? ok yumi. deal.

two movies will be shown on august 10 and we don't know what to watch first.

the great raid. everyone's fussing about cesar montano being in that movie. i know and have read somewhere that his role is not in line with the lead characters. but since a filipino artist has made it to the hollywood screen, we are proud of it. we're going to watch it because my dad and i love war movies and my mom will go because by sunday, that will be the topic in crossroad.

bewitched. i love the original series of bewitched and i am in full confidence that they will do good job with the new version. but they should not disappoint me with the character of endora (sam's mother). her trademark eyes should be there, covered with eyeshadow and fake eyelashes that seem to look through your every fault (especially darren's). nicole kidman is fit for the role. she has this adorable face and she the twitching of mouth makes her eligible to be called a witch. hehe

and before i leave. i shall leave you with another picture from charlie and the chocolate factory. you're a loser when you don't like the movie or haven't watched it. haha which means you really have to watch johnny depp.


nth journal

>> Saturday, August 06, 2005

i have 2 online journals (acually 3, but i'm not visiting the blog i made at myglobe), and numerous notebooks that i don't write on. ina gave me a journal for my birthday and i rarely write on it. i try to be faithful with notebook journals, but they all end up written on only up to the 4th page.

i recently found out that my palm has a journal in it. i started tinkering with it yesterday. and now, missy required us to keep a journal for practicum so she can keep track of our progress with our advisers and workshops.

2 online journals + 4 notebook journals + palm pilot journal + a journal for practicum= 8 materials to put my thoughts on. haha, great.

does that show how much i love writing?

or maybe it's because of the papers i have to write and submit next week? that's all i do. type a paper, read handouts. write in my journal, read handouts. submit a paper, then read handouts. i am faced with words everyday, i can't escape them. haha


oh the wonderful chocolate land. i would buy all the chocolate in the world to visit willy wonka's chocolate factory. imagine everything around you is made in chocolate. ahhh, wonderful. but i think i won't live with chocolate all my life. carinderia food still rules. hehe

to edlyn and cerz, ang galing ni johnny depp noh? "i laf yor shock-lit" i want to watch that movie again. or when it comes out in dvd or vcd, i'm sure to have that in my collection.

ayan, may kausap na ako sa monday tungkol sa sine. i can't hold back the excitement and the spoilers anymore. at least i have someone to talk to about the movie. may makakrelate na sakin.

veruca's dad (when squirrels were knocking on veruca's head): "what are they doing?"
johnny depp: "oooh. i think they they have found a bad nut."

oops. enough spoilers.

thanks to jace for the avenue q soundtrack. "it sucks to be me."

thanks to raph for the script. i love it. "poor thing."

thanks to hanniel for finally giving the cd of pictures during our jack's loft celebration.

ps. i think i miss someone. haha! think lang.


creating a void in me

>> Thursday, August 04, 2005

our history test was a joke. sir was nice enough to let us have an open-notes test, but the answers weren't found in the book. all questions were based on opinion. oh great. but it was relatively based on reason -- that's what history 166 is about. you have to consider the points and factors leading to certain events in history. we cannot just simply dwell on facts, that war happened on this date, aguinaldo was arrested in a place, etc. we are human beings and we are open to reason. having a reasoning mind helps us decide on the events that happen around us.

i just hope i get a good grade on it. my favorite part of the test when sir gave us a bonus question. it had no connection to history whatsoever, but it tested us if we still knew what we learned when we were kids.

"write the lyrics of bahay kubo."

we were caught offguard with that question. it has been a long time since we have sung that song. we were all humming the song to ourselves while trying to write the vegetables that were planted in the garden. we all had this funny look on our faces, bewildered with the bonus question. yes, that has something to do with history. filipino songs are part of our historical lives. haha!

i can't wait on what grade i will get.


hours away from my history test

six hours away from my history test and zero information in my head. i just love studying and cramming at the same time. haha

i finally got to download some games onto my palm pilot. but i can's still figure out how to read the ebooks. from the info, it says that i have downloaded the 2 books already. but where the hell is it? why can't i see the icon? ahaha, i need the help of idowl rj who knows a lot about electronic stuff. he was the one who gave me the downloads of the books. and thanks to chino for the link to the free books. :D yihee!

i feel so stupid for not having anything in my head right now. bakit ganon? since friday pa ako nag-aaral for history, wala paring pumapasok sa utak ko? ow well, let's see what the test brings.

Your Birthdate: July 1

Your birthday suggests that are executive ability and leadership qualities in your makeup.

A birthday on day 1 of any month gives a measure of will power and self-confidence, and very often a rather original approach.

This 1 energy may diminish your ability and desire to handle details, preferring instead to paint with a broad brush.

You may be sensitive, but your feelings stay rather repressed.


reality check

>> Wednesday, August 03, 2005

memorize niyo pa ba ito? sige nga. sing and recite it! no peeking!

lupang hinirang

Bayang magiliw
Perlas ng Silanganan,
Alab ng puso,
Sa dibdib mo'y buhay.

Lupang Hinirang,
Duyan ka ng magiting,
Sa manlulupig,
Di ka pasisiil.

Sa dagat at bundok,
Sa simoy at sa langit mong bughaw,
May dilag ang tula
At awit sa paglayang minamahal.
Ang kislap ng watawat mo'y
Tagumpay na nagniningning,
Ang bituin at araw niya
Kailan pa ma'y di magdidilim.
Lupa ng araw, ng luwalhati't pagsinta,
Buhay ay langit sa piling mo;
Aming ligaya, na pag may mang-aapi
Ang mamatay nang dahil sa iyo

panatang makabayan

iniibig ko ang pilipinas
ito ang lupang sinilangan
ito ang tahanan ng aking lahi
ako'y kanyang kinupkop at tinutulungan
upang maging malakas, masigla at kapaki-pakinabang

bilang ganti ay diringgin ko ang payo ng aking mga magulang
susundin ko ang mga tuntunin ng aking paaralan
tutuparin ko ang mga tungkulin ng isang mamamayang makabayan
at masunurin sa batas
paglilingkuran ko ang aking bayan nang walang pag-iimbot
at ng buong katapatan
sisikapin kong maging isang tunay na pilipino
sa isip, sa salita, at sa gawa.


what's in a name?

in the course of my college life, i have been crowned with many names. before i was only known as yumi or naomi. but when i entered college, the list of my names grew long.

yawmee. it was originally yaomi by my tita noemi. my lolo called me nyomi and my lola yo-me. she combined the two, thus yaomi. i just changed it to yawmee becuase it looked better when i wrote it on paper.

pitz. actually, this was coined by my gradeschool classmate, rommel. i don't know how it came to be, but as far as i remember, he called me pitz from grade 4 until now. that's also where i got my email and usernames. yumipitz.

yumir. thanks to liezl for noticing and mike for the invention. mike was trying to make a christmas greeting with the use of our names. when it came to "merry christmas and a happy new year", he wrote "mike-ry christmas and a happy yumir" on the board. yumir sounded like new year, but liezl saw it as otherwise. it was adding yumi + "someone's name" = yumir. it was the perfect combination for two names. it stuck with those who knew about it. mike eventually found out about it, and he kept on laughing when i told him two summers ago. now everyone from my english block calls me yumir. (na-gets kagad ni liza at ni drex nung kinwento ko. yumir yumir nayumir. naomir. benta.)

pitar. coined by geopet. this is hard to explain. he's peter and he's supposed to be my father. my mother is ina (because yanny yuzon said so) and becuase she's the mother of jesus aka virgin mary. why? because she's the lady of manaoag in the movie. geopet looks like jesus with the curly hair. mother mary and jesus, the father of all. an labo. basta tatay ko si geopet at nanay ko si ina. geopet, who is supposed to be my tatay, gave me a name near to his. peter, pitar (from pitargue). peter, pitar. yun na.

the yumi. adding "the" was jihan's idea from her play (i think). the name stuck after acting for her play, "alay lakad para kay winston", where my character was "the mitch". i was so into the character, that jihan decided to put "the" with my name. so everytime she texts me or sends me a ym, it is always "the yumi".

yumiski. the jihan loves to put -ski at the end of every name. edlynski, jihanski, inski, and so on. and since i'm the number two in her life (haha, alam kong may number one ka eh. hehehe), her term of endearment is to put a ski after my name. thus, yumiski.

peetootzkee. still from the jihanski. she got the idea from the pitz. it was an evolution. from the original pitz, it became pitzski. i don't know where the toot came from, we were joking about it during the biskwet workshop. pitzki became pitootzki and we just made it longer into peetootzkee.

ahhh names, what they can do to me. i don't know what will happen if you give me another name. jihan, tama na. haha mababaliw na ako sa kakatawa.


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