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apwil tagged me. di ito matatanggihan.

>> Sunday, July 31, 2005

oh how i love answering these kinds of tests. haha

Three names you go by:
1. yumir (long story.. paninindigan ko toh. birthday niya sa wednesday!)
2. yumi?
3. naomi (to my teachers, highschool and gradeschool classmates)

Three screen names you have had:
1. yumipitz
2. tsokolateng_bulok
3. sunlight_pianist

Three physical things you like about yourself:
1. my eyes. kahit malabo na yan.
2. my feet!
3. my perfect set of pearly white teeth

Three physical things you don't like about yourself:
1. height. height. height!
2. iskin. not the color the texture.
3. my hair. halong kulot at diretso. haha

Three parts of your heritage:
1. hoy! pinoy ako! buo aking loob, may agimat ang dugo kooohh!
2. 12.5% ng chinese? haha
3. mental

Three things that scare you:
1. a big fat red F on my card. so far, wala pa. hehe
2. getting called for philo and haven't read the handouts
3. losing loved ones

Three of your everyday essentials:
1. sellpone
2. my schoolbag
3. my faith. yeaashh, i believe. haha, philo?!

Three of your favorite musical artists: (at the moment)
1. josh groban. solid
2. lea salonga
3. block e. haha! gawa na tayo ng banda-banda doon!

Three of your favorite songs: (at the moment)
1. awit ng pagbubuklod - lam-ang soundtrack (haayy..)
2. all'improvviso amore - josh groban
3. broken sonnet - hale (LSS material eh! or.. too bee, is all i gotta beee hehe)

Three things you want in a relationship:
1. r-e-s-p-e-c-t! you've got to gimme, gimme.. r-e-s-p-e-c-t!
2. space (i hate those "kumain ka na? natulog ka ba?" ano ka, magulang ko?)
3. in sir migs' tone.. luuvvee

Three lies and truths in no particular order:
1. i'm acing my thelogoy test
2. i love block e
3. i have finished studying for my history exam

Three physical things of the opposite sex that appeals you:
1. da shikret shmayyl
2. personality aka magaling mag-english. fluent. creative writing yata itong kausap mo! dapat lang marunong ka mag-english.
3. height.

Three of your favorite hobbies:
1. blogging
2. reading (scripts, books, books, books, philo handouts, theology book, history handouts, poetry readings, yun na buhay ko.)
3. sleeping

Three things you want to do really badly now:
1. sleep
2. finish that next writing job asap (hello stress! ghost writer on duty. again!)
3. something that i don't want to share here. basta, something that pisses me off.

Three careers you're considering/you've considered:
1. children's book writer
2. editor for a publishing house
3. apprentice ng isang sikat na scriptwriter

Three places you want to go on vacation:
1. some private place na overlooking the sea. tapos may swimming pool
2. borakaay.
3. mindanao. patok. yes.

Three kids' names you like:
1. amy (pronouced as ey.mee)
2. hiyas (kasama ko sa oaa. i love her name)
3. samuel

Three things you want to do before you die:
1. say i love you to my friendsss and familee
2. be part of a big musical production
3. play my dream piano piece

Three ways that you're stereotypically a boy:
1. i always wear rubber shoes
2. sometimes i eat toooo much
3. i love my girl friends (note, there is a space between the word girl and friends)

Three ways that you're stereotypically a girl:
1. i carry kikay stuff in my bag (aha! di niyo alam yon noh?)
2. i fall in love with love songs (dapat convincing! lam-ang plang yng convincing na love song para sakin. saka si josh groban)
3. i love dressing up for occasions

Three celeb crushes:
1. dennis trillo
2. tom felton. haha
3. josh groban

Three people I'm tagging:
1. edlyn (kahit nth time na toh)
2. cam
3. abi



>> Saturday, July 30, 2005

things to accomplish for next week:

[ ] go to dean's office and talk to ma'am anjie about reservation of the conference room for the visual arts exhibit. yihee, magttrabaho na ang head!
[ ] nag hanniel about marketing letter for romeo and juliet. hehe hanniel will get mad at me. don't worry, i'll treat you because you're doing a great job as my marketing head.
[ ] collect pictures from first year for larawan scrap book
[ ] study for history and philosophy tests
[ ] return to infirmary with a healthy body. i have to go to that immersion!
[ ] august 1, 430-6 osci office, bellarmine hall. orientation for immersion
[ ] greet mr rime and reason on wednesday. yihee. haha!

things to do today:
[ ] transfer notes from scratch notebook to real notebook (ongoing 7/31/05)
[x] 1st reading of philo readings for friday (7/31/05)
[x] practicum budget breakdown (7/31/05)
[x] sign-up for aegis. we have to get that block picture for the yearbook! (7/31/05)
[x] photocopy notes for history (7/31/05)
[x] return borrowed book to library (7/31/05)
[x] no short-cuts, no detours. that means no more tv and internet after this! (7/31/05)
[x] be good on family dinner tonight with tito fred's boss. hehe (7/31/05)
[ ] pray that the deliberations will turn out positively and my work will win! hehehehe *gets down on knees*
[x] post at my lj the idea i have for the second draft of my play for drama class.

one down, more to go. admu vs up at 2pm. i won't be able to watch. i'll be on my way to school for nerd mode. :D

edited at 7/31/05


friday's time table.

>> Friday, July 29, 2005

it's all in a day's work.

730-830 philosophy 101 mr pasion, ms pitargue and ms ramos crossed their fingers and wished that they would not be called for recitation. we BELIEVED. and God was good.

830-930 muni-muni meet up with jace. saw den and got a hug! mela and jihan came because they were waiting for their theology orals. saw ph who was waiting for jihan. cerz and raph showed up, having finished their theology test early. had an enthusiastic conversation.

930-1030 theology 141 got back my paper. b+, not bad.

1030-1130 waiting for cerz's class to start red alert! thanks to jihan for the trip to faura. hehe, and for the 4 pesos. said hi to mr rime and reason. yihee! masaya si yumi! ehehe submitted barkada write-up for aegis. tinanggap yung 12 lines! hehe, hindi nila binilang. we heaved a big sigh of relief. thanks edlyn for the write up and the cd! hehe

1130-1300 lunch bento box. macaroni soup from jollibee c/o jihan and jace. had a cold reading of SAWI (single ako, warning ito.) very funny. LIIIEE DOOWN RAAYYT NEXT TO MEEE.. LIEEE DOWWN RAYT NEEXT TUUU YOOOUU.. AND AAYYYLL NEBER LET GOOHH, NEBER LET GOOOHH! relate daw ako kay che-che? ehe ehe. joke. the buzz!

1300-1330 trip to sanggu can't find proposal at sanggu space. uh-oh. proposal's due today.

1330-1400 xander's office meeting with my heads regarding scrapbook and new marketing letter for romeo and juliet.

1400-1430 infirmary left meeting in the hands of my heads and had check-up for immersion. i have to go back on tuesday until my running nose stops on its tracks and breathes normally. hehe

1430-1530 painting room jammming with hanniel, cerz and raph. got xander's guitar and the department's keyboards. learned something new today, the chords for noypi. D-A-C-G

1530-1620 cards card session with raph. i reveled a secret to raph. it concerns a jack of clover and a king of spades. hehe i didn't mess up xander's cards! promise! raph was there to supervise so i didn't do anything wrong! hehehe

1620-1800 sanggu opening prayer. promo. part of promotions for batch ring. assignment for coursereps, especially humanities.

1800-2000 road trip went to sm fairview to catch some movie, whatever's available. ate at wendys. mmmm, fries.

2000-2200 movie at cinema 1 herbie. fully loaded. herbie's the hottest "bug" i've ever seen. what if beetles are in big car races? what if? typical disney movie.

2200-2400 in front of the computer cramming final draft of the proposal for arete. yehey. eyebags!

it's all in a day's work.

ps. you don't have to regi. hehe, nakakahiya na. *wink*


weird day.

>> Thursday, July 28, 2005

keith texted me this afternoon. an anonymous texter sent him this message.

"stay away from yumi."


thank you to block e people who made my day.

edlyn, for the speed game that lead to a heart-to-heart talk. i was feeling crappy for two days and you lifted my spirits. i'm high now, because of "speed". hehe

chika, kahit huli ka na sa balita, benta sakin. pampasaya. hehe

darls, for the story about your lovingly stalker. hehe, "hello darlin?" hehe darling darlene? hehe, pwedeng darling yung darlene! haha, kadiri!

jace and cerz, for keeping cool even i was answering back with a bad attitude. hehe and thanks jace for the solitare. hehe

hanniel and abi, for the "love" discussion. hanniel, ma-chicks! hehe at may karamay ako sa mga karanasan ko. yes abi! whee!

raph for the link and for being my wonderful groupmate. hehe, talino! and the short chit-chats.

geopet kahit hindi mo nagets yung script ni xander, ok na yon! benta naman eh! hehe

and tooo..

jihan, wrong send? haha, you're cheating behind my back! *gasp* how dare you?!? hehe, joke lang.. hehe relief bang ako nakabasa non? hehe you made me laugh today. haha!!

i love you guys. hindi na sira ang linggo ko. :D


home by 1pm

>> Wednesday, July 27, 2005

i love having classes in the morning. by 1030, i'm free for the day. i went straight home after eating lunch with darls and edlyn. raph and jay were also there at the painting room for our cards session. ehe

i'm done with my theology test! whee! and boy, did my hand hurt. for the whole hour, i was running with time, trying to answer the questions the best way i can. we all studied for 14 questions that fr. pat gave, but he only asked three questions. ok, so much for studying. at least i got to enumerate and explain them.


1. explain fully the seven contributions of evangelii nuntiandi to catholic social teaching
a. Holistic Sense of Evangelization – Acceptance of the gospel is the first step to evangelization. Evangelization is the heart of the Church’s identity and activity. It helps them redeem the totality of human existence.
b. Continuing Necessity of Evangelization – This reminds the community that they too need to be continuously evangelized, even if they have already accepted the gospel.
c. Witness of Life – Dialogues are promoted through inter-religious relationships. It creates a peace pact among the different religions, which works towards a healthy environment.
d. Liberation – Being in solidarity with the oppressed, working for integral evangelization, never forgetting the primacy of the spiritual, not becoming naively optimistic about how reformed structures will end oppression, and avoiding violence gives room in Catholic social teaching for positive evaluation of liberation theology.
e. Basic Ecclesial Communities – Evangelization starts in small communities such as parishes. This is where the word of God is imparted to the community.
f. Cultural Adaptation – Adaptation of the gospel to the culture of the community creates a true evangelization. Example of this is translating the words of the Bible into Tagalog, so that the people will understand what the Word really means.
g. Popular Piety – This is a vehicle for evangelization more than a phenomenon. It helps the people probe through the practices and fully understand the values incorporated through the popular piety

2. The PCP II document discusses eight elements of the Social Doctrine of the Church. A) List all eight elements. B) Discuss fully three of them.
a) Integral Development - Human Dignity and Solidarity; Universal Purpose of Earthly Goods and Private Property; Social Justice and Love; Peace and Active Non-Violence; Love of Preference for the Poor; The Value of Human Work; Integrity of Creation; People Empowerment
b) Universal Purpose of Earthly Goods and Private Property - Because earthly goods are meant for all, there is a responsibility for developed countries to aid developing countries and to correct the terms of commercial relationships that presently favor the richer and more powerful countries. Orthopraxis on private property (an extension of human freedom which has a social dimension) is a burning vital in our situation. Having property is a responsibility for us to distribute these blessings with others, in order for our less fortunate brothers and sisters would benefit from it.
Social Justice and Love – These two are the principal laws of social life. Justice rejects situations as dishonesty, graft and corruption, and the like. Social justice takes care of the common good, which is the community. Love is necessary for our interpersonal relationships and social structures. Justice attains its inner fullness in love. Love is at the heart of solidarity.
Love of Preference for the Poor – We should devote our time in helping our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Solidarity must be present whenever it is called for. Being aware and dedicating our lives in being one with them urges us to be concerned on the pressing issues of society.

3. What does it mean to do theology in the context of a theology of liberation?
Theology is the talk or study of God. Contemplating God helps us to do works according to his will. Contemplating on God’s word gives us a sense of commitment towards his will. Theology is in the service of the church’s work of evangelization and develops within it an ecclesial function. It is a critical reflection on the presence of Christians in the world. We must be able to relate to the life of faith demanded of us in building of a human and just society. Theology helps us put the church’s teachings into action – justice and solidarity with the poor. Theology also starts with the act of faith. Faith is a vital reception of the gift of the Divine Word heard in the ecclesial community, an encounter with the Lord, and as love for our brothers and sisters.


classes are suspended from 1030-12 pm because of the mass for st. ignatius. oh that is why i love catholic schools. they have feast days for all the saints in the world. and if your school has a particular saint and his (or her) feast day falls on a school day, then you don't have classes. just like monday! st. ignatius' feast day is on sunday. and since ateneo is so goood, they gave monday as a holiday in exchange for the sunday. yahoo!

i have more time to canvas for publishing houses. hehehehe


multi-brain: theo and philo at the same time. yeah.

>> Tuesday, July 26, 2005

hanniel made me laugh today. as in hysterically.

i have already heard numerous stories from a particular theology teacher. he's the teacher of most of the people in block e and i know how his style of teaching is. but hanniel's way of telling it made me laugh. thanks hanniel. hehe

this teacher doesn't teach in class. he tells his students to read particular chapters in class, requires a study group to make outlines, and when class starts, he asks the class if they have any questions regarding the reading. if there are no questions, then he assumes that the class has understood the lesson. ok, where's the lesson sir? hanniel's face just looked so bewildered while telling me about it. i suddenly saw myself lying on the floor laughing. literally. ask mitch, hanniel offered his hand to pick me up because i couldn't stop laughing. that's why hanniel was desperate to photocopy my theology reviewer because his teacher might ask them the same questions during the midters (which they don't know what to study about). it made me love fr. giordano more, because he gave the long test quetions beforehand so we know what to study about. teeheehee, kaya niyo yan! :D

we had our first drama workshops today. actually, i really didn't know what to do and i came unprepared. i just had an idea for a play but i didn't have any plot, conflict and resolution whatsoever. unlike them. haha we threw ideas at each other (with jokes on the side -- at least i got ideas for my plays hehe) until 130. they all had to go for meetings while i stayed behind at the painting room to study theology until 5pm (nerd!)

i have three ideas for a play. let's see if i can merge them all into one production. that is where the magic starts. *those who will dare to steal my ideas will get a "sectumsempra" curse from me. you don't want to see blood splattering all around? then don't touch my ideas. (you won't be able to, no matter what. ideas cannot be touched.*

read more at my lj account. may lj cut kasi don, so people who pass by my lj account will have to click the "read more" first before actually reading my ideas.

help. period. i just had to let it out before i forget about it.

thanks chika for keeping me company till 5 pm. liezl didn't come because thesis called. :D we should've tallied our card games. and yes xander, i was able to study. hehe


awit ng pagbubuklod

>> Monday, July 25, 2005

i am in love with this song. it always gives me the chills whenever i hear the song. especially when the images of crisel consunji and felix rivera singing are flashing in my memory. *sigh* Lam-ang is the best Tanghalang Ateneo play i have seen. i'm going to die happy when someone sings this with me. *sigh*


Mahal kita sa ngalan ng Poong Maykapal
Katulad ng Birheng sa Diyos at naglingkod
Sa bawat mong hiling at tawag, ako’y tutugon
Buong diwa’t damdamin sa iyo itutuon

At kunin mo itong singsing
Tanda ng yakap kong ubod-sinsin
Hindi mapaptid na pagtingin
Pag-ibig kong aba ay tanggapin

Tayo’y pinagbuklod ng panahon
Tadhana at ginto, baya’t poon
Ngunit pinili ang isa’t isa
Tanging ang puso ang siyang nagpasiya

Mahal kita sa ngalan ng araw at ulan
Siyang tanod mo, tanggulan mo at katuwang
Liwanag mo sa maghapon at kayakap sa dilim
Lilingapin ka giliw hanggang tayo’y mahimbing

At ang payneta na purong ginto
Ngayo’y ikapit mo sa iyong buhok
Tanda ng palad ko’t kanyang haplos
Hindi mawawaglit, magdaramot


something to keep me from getting bored.

the whole day is dedicated to studying theology. mehn, i hope i find the answers to all the questions fr. giordano has given us. fourteen freaking questions. i will not have any social life today, unless i find someone worth talking to online. hehehehe.

what to do when bored with studying? MEME!

You scored as Prep/Jock/Cheerleader.



Drama nerd




Ghetto gangsta










What's Your High School Stereotype?
created with QuizFarm.com

yeahyeah, i wish i'm some cheerleader. i'm frustrated dancer remember?

You scored as Ashlee Simpson. You are most like Ashlee Simpson (looks are not identical you just have similar features)

Ashlee Simpson


Pamela Anderson


Paris Hilton


Michael Jackson


Lindsay Lohan


What Celebrity Could Be Your Twin!? (Awesome!!)
created with QuizFarm.com

twin celebrity ko si ashley simpson? ahhhmm.. ahaha! dream on yumi!

You scored as Peter Pan. Your alter ego is Peter Pan. You are a child at heart. Anything you believe is possible, and you never want to grow up.

Peter Pan


Sleeping Beauty




The Beast




Cruella De Ville




Donald Duck




Snow White


Which Disney Character is your Alter Ego?
created with QuizFarm.com

patok! that explains my plays..

tama na. next time uli. back to theology. back to drinking fresh milk. keeps my bones strong. mauubos ko na yung isang bote ng fresh milk! all in 2 days!


it has been a year!

>> Sunday, July 24, 2005

as i was looking at my profile this morning, i just realized that i have been with blogger for a year now. yehey! i don't know the exact date, but i'm sure it's somewhere in this month.

yahoo! happy birthday to my blog!

i have accomplished one thing already. i finished reading my philo handouts, but i still have to reread them tonight. i will do my paper in practicum first -- i'm changing my statement, but it's still in that theme -- which is easier than doing my theology reviewer. dang, i really need that review session with liezl on tuesday. i need her nerdox brain. haha

guess what people! in two weeks, i'm going to immersion! i don't know what to expect, but i feel the excitement inside of me. i hope it will be as fine as the ones i have been in high school. oh yeah, remind me to pass by the infirmary for my check-up.

yihheee, wala akong pasok bukas...

p.s. hey you, stop it. you're scaring me.


long weekends means more time to study

>> Saturday, July 23, 2005

thank God for the SONA and we don't have classes on monday. which means, i have more time to study.

things to accomplish by monday evening:
1. theology reviewer (ongoing)
2. read philosophy till chapter 9 (read and reread, and reread, and reread)
3. research for history paper (philippine-american relations.. economic, political, social, cultural factors)
4. practicum paper (2nd draft for concept, pre prod and post needs)
5. poem analyzation (villanelle)

looking at it, that looks like all of my subjects. yeah, i have to work for all of my subjects. better start working now. soupy snacks, keep me alert.

chapter 13 na ako sa harry potter!! whee... more to go.


thank God it's friday.

>> Friday, July 22, 2005

a long weekend ahead, so i gave myself a "little break".

i changed my prime picture. i discovered another trick in photoshop: overlay. haha, call it simple, but it's a great achievement for me. as nats said in jihan's play "aba.. froud."

i advanced in reading harry potter 6. i think i got as far as the 9th chapter, and i really love draco's character. even if i hate bullies, i still adore his ways on getting to harry's nerves. haha *evil grin*

haha, i still win, edlyn (in a way), because tonight, after i type this entry, i shall go back to studying theology.

and i discovered a snack to keep me awake during those "nerd mode" nights.

soupy snacks. stop at [11 pm] and stay alert.


intestine in my intestine

>> Thursday, July 21, 2005

i went to the chap book launch of the high chair series this afternoon at balay kalinaw, up diliman. since we were "encouraged" (it is a far more humane term than required, according to sir larry) to buy a book, might as well have it signed. up was also part of our route going home.

cerz went with me, while the others (jihan, jay, mitch, and hanniel) rode in raph's car. benny and jo arrived there first. cerz and i arrived at 330, so we decided to go on a food trip first. i toured cerz in the famous up mall, and showed her where sir de jesus leaves our readings for philo. hehe. then the food stand. whee!

up really holds the best street foods in town. we remembered jace when we saw the green mango stand beside the fish ball stand (but he said he bought one for himself already and was happily eating them at home). we craved for the sweet-smelling corn, but we satisfied ourselves instead in fishballs, tukneneng (or kwekwek), and kikiam. mmmmm... on our way back to balay kalinaw, we passed by the famous "isawan sa kanto". we were intrigued by the way they served the isaw. sticks of chicken intestine were placed in cups of vinegar. it looked sooooo enticing, we could not resist buying 10 pesos worth of it (which is 5 pieces).

oh my god. it was the best tasting street food. the last time i ate isaw was during high school, my classmate had a neighbor who was selling isaw. mhen, i missed the taste of intestine. don't remind me that that is where all "residue" (that the stomach wasn't able to filter) pass before going to the toilet. kung ano yung masama, masarap. right?

we were late for the launch. hehe, cerz and i sat at the front stairs of balay kalinaw and waited for the gang to arrive. by the time they came, the poetry reading started. we settled ourselves outside the room, and sat by the windows, were we could at least see the "stage".

oh yeah, before cerz and i went to up mall, i had my booked signed. (hehe, remind me to pay for that. haha, ako naman beadle sa class eh) i was expecting an old lady, or a very experienced writer because her prose poems were way beyond my mind. they were brillant. but when sir larry introduced me to her, i was suprised to see a young lady in front of me. she was no more than at 25 (i think) and she looked like she just graduated from college. what is her brain? genius poet. i wish i could be like her.

poems were read by their friends and up people (that included atom araullo, the 5 and up reporter, who is a nerd. haha joke). there were also two musical numbers; one was a pair of guitarists and the other was a guitarist and a jazz singer. the program was short but the eating session was long. yess, free food.

we could not resist taking a second serving of isaw. haha, we went back to the isaw stand before getting snacks from the free food counter.

winner ang isaw! i shall come back for that. but not tomorrow, i need to detoxify my body from all those cholesterol. very bad for the health. hehe, swimming muna tayo para malinis ang katawan, para sa panibagong araw na pagkain ng isaw.

The man who thinks he is God likes to say "I forgive you."
-smile, conchitina cruz



jack and the beanstalk reaches jack's loft

>> Wednesday, July 20, 2005

people from block e have already posted the pictures from our eastwood quadruple celebration. i only uploaded the pictures where i'm in it. haha, the rest are in the block's lj account.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
the block! pero may kulang.. si raph, si jace, at sino pa? si billy?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
the celebrants! chino, jihan, moi and cerz

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
cerz, yumi, edlyn and jing. at ang makulit na kamay ni jace. kung saan-saan sumusulpot.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
billeeh and moi

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
yumi talking to the waiter-na-mabagal-umintindi, jace emote!, hanniel candid, at abet.. project. as always.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
yumi, hindi doon ang camera. dito, dito, tignin dito.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
awww... we all love edlyn! jihan, moi, edlyn, jing, cerz

yehey! mauulit yan ha! kelangan complete attendance na! hehehe


"ikaw ang aking bulaklak"

>> Tuesday, July 19, 2005

pinoy blonde rocks!

cerz and i caught the 1250 showing at gateway this afternoon. sir madrona gave us a freecut in history because of the field trip we had last sunday.

and i can say that i enjoyed the film. though it is difficult to analyze. i have to watch the film again because cerz and i have a lot of questions.

the movie revolves on a debate on who is the better director, brocka or bernal. andrew and conrad are two film buffs who know every line from movies. they visualized events from reality into the movie they had in mind. when they were tasked by their uncle tong to deliver a package to an abandoned hotel, their quest turned out to be the road to their dream to become filmmakers.

from the website:
"the film becomes an exploration not only of the sleazy, shadowy corridors of the hotel, but of the movies furiously reeling inside their hyperactive imaginations, where reality and their own wild cinematic fantasies collide"

every actor in the film did a very good job. my favorite (i'm sure he's also cerz's favorite character) is jaime fabregas, who plays a "boss" whose task is to make sure that the package is safely delivered. his facial expressions are so funny, he was serious but the tone of his voice made it a big joke.

tipid sa set, tipid sa costumes, very gory, and very good visuals. i don't agree with the mtrcb giving that film a G. it should be at least pg 13, because of all the curses and the violence. even if some of the violent scenes were animated, still, kids below the age of "reasoning" should not watch it.

the film focuses on human dialogue. if you're looking for a teenie bopper film, where everything rests on emotion, well this movie is not for you. your mind has to be attentive to all the details because they mean something. movies should be like that. they have to make you think. kulang tayo sa paggamit ng utak.

you have to watch it. i wish unitel releases more good movies. they will release a new movie, "nasaan si francis?" sometime this year. i will watch out for that.

quotable quotes:
1. jaime fabregas: sino nagpadala sayo dito?
boy2: ummm.. si rico. rico wamboo. (i was expecting rico blanco or rico blanco and bamboo to appear at the background and do a duet on some song..haha, joke time talaga pag nangyari yon)
jaime fabregas: ano pangalan mo?
boy2: ummm... mael. ishmael.. bernal.
jaime fabregas: ako ba'y pinagloloko mo? (pause) ah, ako nga pala si marilou diaz-abaya. eto, (points to ricky davao) si laurice guillen. (ina, you have to watch this! alam ba to ng nanay mo? haha) eto, (points to body guard # 1, na halatang conscious sa camera. haha) si i-forgot-the-director at ito (to body guard #2) si jose javier reyes.

2. jaime fabregas: magbabayad ako ng sampung libong piso para lang sa dimsum?

3. jaime fabregas: (to ricky davao) alam mo ba kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng pasista?
ricky davao: boss naman, up graduate yata ito.
jaime fabregas: sige nga. ano ibig sabihin ng pasista?
ricky davao: pasista. (gives a looooong meaning)
jaime fabregas: P**ha, di ko naintindihan yon. explain mo nga uli. sa madaling salita.
ricky davao: si marcos, pasista yon.
jaime fabregas: eh si gma? pasista din?
ricky davao: hindi. elitista.

marami pa eh. cerz.. help sa mga quotable quotes. hehehe ang dami, hindi ko maayos sa utak ko. haha

benta talaga sakin yung rico wamboo na yan. haha!! saka yung kanilang ride from the hospital to the hotel. kala mo naman kung gano kalupet yung sasakyan nila, yung animation, walang bubuong. mukhang pangkarera pa. nung nagchange yung screen to reality... dandandandaaaan! taxi ito! haha, patok!

and who would forget the "framing"? haha!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

pero mas favorite ko parin ang la visa loca. simple pero meaningful. :D iba talaga maglabas ng film ang unitel.


today, today, today is a good day

>> Monday, July 18, 2005

a relatively good day. thank you.

regi did his monthly visit again. he gave me a gift, a perfume from esprit. waw, bigatin! nahiya tuloy beauty ko. thanks regi. :) edlyn, darls and karissa joined us for lunch at world topps. (salamat sa free lunch regi! whee) we saw two couples umm.. you know.. being too sweet. actually, over sweet. we kept on discussing about them because they were so distracting, we could not help but stare. mga mag boyfriends talaga ano?

drex followed and we had a card session the whole afternoon at the painting room. instead of studying for my poetry test, we played pusoy dos and tong-its. i learned something from drex today, and the term "it's a small world after all" was used again. haha, yihee. haha, joke.

jan came after his 130 class. the more people, card games are more fun! jan and i picked on drex and his strategy. even though i wasn't paying attention to the game, i still won. ha!

raph showed me poems made by sir bien lumbera and sir badong bernal. i was speechless at their poems, especially with sir badong's poem. it captured the whole scenery of a person driving home in his car. mehhhn. i wish i could write those kind of poems. whapak!

at poetry, we discussed more poems which depressed me. i cannot write those poems that have the same depth as the great writers. of course, that's why they're great writers...buut..arrgghh. ako deen. i'll post the poem next time.

ina and i weren't able to go jogging due to the rain. we instead went to starbucks to meet steven for a fund-raising opportunity. we'll talk about it more with the block tomorrow or on thursday.

speaking of tomorrow, i stil have to make a monologue for drama. haha, i have no more time. craaam!

joke for the day: sabi ni yanny yuzon, anak daw ako ni ina??!?!

nyee.. san nanggaling yon? hahaha!!!


history field trip

>> Sunday, July 17, 2005

our museums are a big disappointment. no wonder tourism is not a big hit in the philippines (that does not include the abu sayaff kidnappings).

our history class went to cavite to visit some "historical places". we left ateneo at 7am, as i sat beside abi while rae and rv sat at the opposite aisle. we were off to see history for the day.

first stop: kawit, cavite where aguinaldo declared independence on june 12 1896. actually, he declared his own independence and made himself president. anyway... the place was not that "wow" as you see on tv. every june 12, the president of the philippines visit that place to raise a flag and honor that day. but we when we went there, i didn't feel anything nationalistic about it. the pond leading to aguinaldo's house was a swamp filled with trash and.. trash. people hung out as if they did not have any respect for the place.

the museum part was not maintained, but the interior of the house was amazing. while everyone in the philippines were suffering under the spaniards (or the americans? haha, i forget), aguinaldo was sitting pretty in his wonderful house. he had a bowling alley, an indoor swimming pool (which looked like an aligator pit, according to keifer), a grand piano, a refrigerator (take note: GE ang tatak!), a freezer (where ice was imported from europe), and a ceiling with the diorama of the philippines. there were also a lot of hidden rooms (which i found interesting) and spaces. our favorite hidden quarters was the one under the kitchen table. when you lift the table, it will reveal a staircase leading to the basement. ooohhh...

next stop: naic. something about the tejeros convention happened there. the site was converted into a public school. i wish that whoever the congressman of that town is would see the situation of the school. 4-7 classes fit themselves on the second floor, i think the number of chairs cannot accommodate the number of students, their blackboard is small, and their playground is not functional. stop telling gloria to resign mehn! fix your province!

we only passed by the venue of the tejeros convention. it isn't open to the public, because it is not well maintained. so we stopped by the gate and went on.

third stop: bonifacio trial house. another sad state of a tourist spot. it was a small house and the room in the second floor had statues to reenact the trial of bonifacio. nothing really to see, except for the paintings of an art contest in 2000. we were only there for 30 mins and left the place.

fourth stop: gbr museum this one is well maintained. of course, a rich man owns the place and he was the one who donated the pictures for display. the museum is a collection of the philippines starting from the spanish period to the present. he had a lot of pictures and it filled four rooms of the building. there were also two rooms that housed different war aircrafts and certificates of those who went to space and the moon. abi and i were amazed at the paintings of the aircraft -- the details were so intricate, you can read small instructions written on the cockpit of the plane. amazing.

80% of the trip was spent in the bus. abi and i kept ourselves awake by worrying and talking about the fine arts festival, listening to chinese songs in rae's i-pod, and taking short naps. heart-to-heart talk kami ni abi! block e, abi sent an email about what we talked about in the bus.

i got my harry book 6 today!! whopee! goodbye philo handouts! hello harry potter! hehe, kiddin'. i won't let go of my studies. i guess i'll be able to get hold of that book on tuesday. philo muna.


a new look

>> Saturday, July 16, 2005

horrah! i have uploaded a new template. and it will encourage me to post more entries at my blogspot account. :D i just need a few changes on the primary photo, which means i need to get that photoshop tutorials from cerz soon.

i think posting comments can still be done, i haven't checked that yet.

i have to get some sleep. we're going to have our history field trip tomorrow at cavite. if you're interested, just bring 750 and arrive at xavier hall by 615 am. haha.

whohoo! ateneo won over ust today. that makes 1 win and 1 loss (that humiliating loss was over lasalle). tomorrow, games will be at the blue eagle gym. lasalle vs ue at four pm. sayang, i won't be able to watch the game. i'll just text die hard fans from lasalle (aka drex, rommel and dane) about any updates tomorrow.

gosh, the teams are getting better and better. and to think up is pushing hard. so far, they haven't lost to any team. i predict up will land a spot in the final four. ateneo? hmm. i'm not sure. they still have to prove themselves more.


home at last

>> Friday, July 15, 2005

i thank God for the stress. and i'm glad it's over.

"this too shall pass." ika nga ni cathy. matatapos din ang lahat ng iyong pinaghirapan.

two days of cramming school stuff. and that kind of stress was only the beginning.


as much as i wanted to go home right after my theo, i couldn't because of the sanggu meeting that afternoon. so i bummed around the fine arts department and the painting room from 1030-430 pm. i tried to read the chapter on integral evangelization for my theo paper, but i only got as far as 10-12 pages. and take note, that wasn't even a small percent of the whole chapter. so imagine the horror i would face if i crammed all those. bah, i told myself. maybe if i went home, i would be able to finish the chapter. yeah right, yumi.

sanggu meeting wasn't bad after all. sanggu voiced out their sentiments on how they came with the decision to let gloria step down voluntarily. i shall talk about it more in my lj. i thought they would let us sign some memorandum that we are part of sanggu that wants to gma to step down. they asked for our opinions and what our block thought about it. phew, i went out of that meeting without signing anything except for cris's write-up for her yearbook. hehe

when i went home, i tried to decipher photoshop. i wanted to make my own senior's page. but after hours and hours of clicking, i asked help from abi, cerz and chino. haha then abi made my senior's page. while doing that, i crammed my practicum paper. i wasn't able to read my theo book. haha


i gave photoshop another chance as soon as i woke up. it's a miracle! i was able to get what i wanted and do all those merging-merging. yeah. i finally got it! but not quite, i still need to learn photoshop tricks. :) next time. but i am satisfied with what came out. too bad, i couldn't get a still shot of me playing the piano (i don't have the software to capture shots from a vcd) so i don't have my face plastered on the senior's page. haha

i went to school fulfilled. :)

thursday night was hell. i had to do three things: finish reading the theo book, do my theo paper and edit my write-up. arrgh. i couldn't describe what i went through that night, i didn't even know what i wrote on my paper. i just kept on typing and typing. bahala na si batman sa integral evangelization and the challenge of the philippine church. kakaiba. thanks to rj, reanne, billy, jihan, and ina for keeping me awake all night and morning.

and i wasn't able to study for my philo test. fish.


man, my philo test was hell. maybe it was because i wasn't able to study the night before and i fell asleep in the car on the way to school. so i only had 30 mins to study for the freaking difficult quiz. i hope i don't fail the quiz. *crosses fingers*

the only fulfilling activity was that i was able to pass my aegis requirements without any problems. yey.

and this is so fun. i'm home my 130. yahoo! more time to catch on my sleep. and we're going to watch a movie later. we still have to choose between herbie and ice princess.

back to sleep. or back to LSS hale.

i need a song for my monologue. yung tipong pang LSS at pangsagot sa mga problema sa buhay.



>> Thursday, July 14, 2005

oh the horrors of being a senior.

preparing for the yearbook is like adding a new subject to our unit workload. deadlines are like meeting a cut-off for a paper or a long test the next day. you focus on it as if it was one of your majors. you think about it like it's your accounting spreadsheet. and it's driving you crazy like the terror teachers of ateneo.

everyone complained. it reached aegis. and they're sending out a defensive letter. mhen, what is this, another impeachment case? teeheehee

deadline for humanities is tomorrow, i haven't fixed my write-up, i had my senior's page done by abi (yey, thanks abi! i wamshu!), and i thinking of changing some parts of my personal profile. the only thing that is certain and not anymore subject to change is the directory. unless we move to timbuktu this very moment.

and i still have a theo paper to cram. arrgh! philo test pa pala! mhen, i have 3 pm tonight till... never to finish everything i have to do. hello eyebags, goodbye wonderful bed.

i shall have a good night's sleep when this is all over.

ps. i invented a tongue twister: crap cramp wala lang.


harry potter book 6

>> Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Larawan (Fine Arts Festival 2006) and Pinoy Harry
bring you

reserve the sixth book with us and be the one of
the first to get your hands on the second-to-the-
last installment of the Harry Potter series.

reservation fee is 500.

the big launch will be at fully booked, rockwell.

for reservations, please contact jason
(09192211787) or yumi (09175201700)

spread the word!



>> Monday, July 04, 2005

i never thought i would be part of a play. i never even thought i would act. yes, i love theater, and i would die to see big productions (and even small ones) but i don't know how to act.

until missy came. acting workshops really helped me, even for short periods. we were rushing our rehearsals for the 2005 fine arts festival, and we didn't really have time to do workshops. but the little moments of analyzing my character for dana's play, i was able to cope with the rest of the actors. hehe

jace took pictures of the play. here are my favorites:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
nica: kung saan-saan kasi siya dinadala ni mr. del rosario..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
yumi as nica, marie as joy and ian as the father. yes..the slap did hurt. i think.
joy: eh mga kaibigan ko lang naman yon eh!
dad: at sasagot-sagot ka pa! SLAP!
nica: (react lang)

wala lang. reminiscing. masarap palang umarte, kahit nakakakaba.



>> Saturday, July 02, 2005

i promised jihan to help her get rid of her hale LSS. sooo, i hope this helps. hehe

to be is all i gotta be
and all i that i see
and that i need this time
to be the life you gave me
the day you said




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