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UP, down. UP, down. UP, down.

>> Tuesday, May 31, 2005

a roller coaster ride. sometimes you're up, but most of the time you're down. it was my tag line for my last blog template, and it perfectly described my weekend. but i would like to revise my tag line a bit. having negative experiences in life puts me back to reality that life ain't easy. it teaches me to be appreciative of the good things that i usually take for granted. little "joys" are reminders that in order to enjoy life, you should have a child-like attitude, carrying a small urn under a waterfall and let the blessings overflow. you really can't hold the world on the palm of your hand. let it go and let it BE. (yeahyeah, i'm philosophizing.. well, what the heck?)

start the engine. the ride is about to start.

may 28. i was excited. but not quite. that afternoon, we were headed to los banos for an overnight stay with the vitasa family. but i didn't want to wake up and go to log training that morning. i wanted to skip training since i was already part of the orsem last year and i knew what i will do. i would stay in the cov courts.. so what was the training for? besides, i knew we would do nothing except do a lot of GDs (you'll understand what GD means when you enter ateneo. hehe) i went to school with an excuse letter in my hand a boring attitude. haha

good thing i knew the log head -- rinna platon -- and she excused me from attending the training that afternoon and the day after. phew.

GOING UP. slowly.

after a long, and grueling morning (that was one of the longest mornings of my life). mela, edlyn, jace and i went to kfc for lunch. on our way there, the rain poured as if it was the noah's ark deluge. manong tricycle made the trip to kfc a happy one. he spoke english all the way to kfc. yes, you heard it right. english.
(crossing the street from gonzaga to trike terminal): come on! double time! it looks like it's going to rain! you will get weet!
(rain pours down and we stop at waiting shed at gate 3): excuse me ma'am. i will change my shoes. we are in ateneo! we speak english because we are in ateneo!

teeheehee, conyo si manong trike. :D

it was the first time i saw the second floor of kfc deserted. during school days, it was difficult to look for a table, especially if it was in the hour of 12-1pm. it was like having the whole second floor to ourselves. cool.

WHEEEE!!!! The rush of speeding down.

mom and dad fetched me at national book store. jace and i headed there after lunch because we both bought load. jace did his best in restraining me from buying a book (it's a curse. when i enter a bookstore with enough money in my hand, i am always tempted to purchase a book) and succeeded. i wanted to buy a lot of books, but it seems that all the books i pick up are at the range of 500 up. i only had 300 pesos in my wallet and i ended up buying refills for my notebook. awww.. no new book.

it was a long trip to los banos. we passed by paranaque to fetch my cousins and the traffic was super-duper-extra-to-the-max heavy. if dad didn't know about the short cut to paranaque through the bicutan exit, we would've been stuck in the expressway, or worse, our car would've overheated because of the summer heat. expressways are supposed to take you to your destination FAST. it seems that the flow of vehicles is faster in the service road. you are stuck in traffic then at the end of the expressway, you pay for an expensive toll fee. great service for an expressway.

up, uP, UP again!! What? still going UP? I feel like I'm on the top of the world!

We arrived at the private house in los banos by 430 pm. 15 minutes later, all of us were in the pool, enjoying the hot water. The water was crystal-clear, and you could really see the tiles of the pool. The water was just placed a day before, so imagine.. we were the first ones to experience the freshly-treated water. yeess...

we never left the pool until midnight, only when we ate our dinner and watched csi miami. my other relatives followed at 8pm, and the pool became a lap pool by 9 pm. those who knew how to swim (me, jonah, kuya ricky and ate weng) exercised our way by doing a lot of laps. swim, swim, swim. backstroke, freestyle, breastsroke. i envy kuya ricky, he knows how to do the butterfly stroke.

i slept at 1 am and woke up at 7 am. may 29. i went straight to the pool while no one was there. i had the pool all to myself. this time i remembered to count my laps. i did 50 "daya" laps. cheat laps because the pool was short. after gliding and doing 4 freestyle strokes, i was already at the other side of the pool. i cannot really count it as olympic terms of laps, and i didn't want to do the math of computing how many laps i would make in order to count to one olympic lap.

we left the rest of the gang at 9am, to catch the 1030 service at crossroad. we arrived late. 1230. haha. at least we got to listen to the word.

A high altitude means that the next thing that will happen is a quick drop DOWN, DOWn, DOwn, Down, down...

after the service, i thought would lie down on my bed and take a nap before going back to work on monday. but one fx and a few kilometers away from our home, my mom and i realized that we forgot to bring our house keys. we left it in our vehicle, and our vehicle is still in crossroad because papa is there for his work till 9 pm. it was a long way to go back and i was damn tired. even it was past lunch time and my stomach was hungry, i wasn't in the mood to eat. i was in a bad mood. i was tired and i couldn't enter our house. arrggghh..

A loop up ahead. Going up?

i wanted to rest my feet and relax a bit to cool down my nerves. we watched la visa loca first before going back to crossroad. the movie was funny, and it catches the culture of the filipino: they will do anything to get out of the country and dream for a better life. i hope filipinos would make more intellectual movies like that. enough of the cheezy and action movies without a plot. unitel produces good movies. *applause*

we went back to crossroad and waited for papa's work to be finished. at those moments, i just wanted to sleep and rest my body. tooooo tireeed.

The ride ends.

what a weekend. i wasn't able to relax before i return to revising my work (deadline tuesday and i have to read 3 books. yehey. groan) but at least i got to rest and stop the roller coaster ride.


i'm writing this at 6 in the morning of may 31. i haven't slept since yesterday, really. no naps... i'm not even finished with the last essay and deadline is today. sheesh. what cramming. can i even say good morning?

teeheehee, keith was on the am radio yesterday. he read the news and was the apple of the eye of the commentators on the show. haha. sayaw kikay.. sayaw kikay..

i feel that my head is about to burst. i've never been so drained until today.


thank God it's friday?

>> Friday, May 27, 2005

song for the day. the song doesn't want to leave my mind and i have been singing it since i woke up this morning.

greater love
you loved me when i was so unlovely
you sought me when i was lost
you showed me how much you really loved me
when you bought me at the highest cost

'coz there's no greater love than this
there's no greater love than this
that a man would give his life for a friend
there's no higher sacrifice
that a man would give his life
you have paid a precious price for me


well work is not yet over. i went back to my "boss'" clinic to get the essays i have to revise. and i'm supposed to read 3 books on management, research and whatever-that-book-is then write a revision, all with a deadline on tuesdsay. actually, it was supposed to be on monday, but i bargained for an extension. the extension is only one day after. oh great. goodbye vacation, hello nerd-brain. sheesh. even if i'm at vacation physically (i won't leave los banos until i have had a dip in the pool), my mind will be thinking of vision, mission, key result areas, strategies, justifications, and other "serious" words. everyone's done with their ojt... but not me!!


I GOT MY FIRST PAYCHECK TODAY!! YIPEE! it's not connected to my writing work, i got it from oaa. i helped during the summer reg and instead of putting my work hours in my service card, they converted it to check. i'm now a thousand bucks richer for stamping reg forms and cutting paper. oh what fun.


today is a happy day, considering that i have work to do for the weekend. there is a reason, but i think i'll keep it to myself. :D thanks God for a short chit-chat this afternoon at the Ateneo chapel. i always feel relieved and happy whenever i enter the chapel, even if i'm not a catholic. i have always like churches and cathedrals, i feel a sense of peace whenever i step into a "holy place". even if i don't intend of going in, there is always an urge to go and pray even for a short while. i always hear God's voice in churches and i would always like to have my quiet times in chapels.


oh yeah. thank God it's Friday. thank you God for today.


it's not about the freaking money feefol.

>> Thursday, May 26, 2005

the newspaper reports that a lot of students won't be able to go to school in june. because of the campaign against jueteng, the collectors (i don't know what they're called) are not able to operate their games in the open. parents of the students can't place their bets (and hope of their chance to win a few bucks) without fearing for their lives.

and they all blame the government for not taking action on it. tambay nalang daw sila kasi wala na raw silang magawa. jueteng lang daw ang bumubuhay sa kanila. they want jueteng to be legalized so that they can go on with their everyday lives.

it's just not it. they don't get the main thing. jueteng does not make the world go round. working your butt does.

i was reading herminia sison's play "blessed are the poor". it was about a family going through a financial crisis. the husband is sick and needs to go to the doctor. but they cannot bring him to the hospital because they could not afford to pay for the bills. the son is in college, finishing his medical degree. the daughter is looking for a new job, as the company she was in closed down. they have a choice, to sell the lot infront of their house. but there are a million squatters living on their lot and they could not get rid of them. one by one, the mother sells her prized possessions: her collection of paintings just to be able to pay for their expenses.

i will never forget what one of the characters said about the poor people.

"... you see, there are relocation programs by the government for such people now. good, wide spaces intended for those people to live in and develop. the question with these squatters is that they have no desire for change. they know no better. they prefer to wallow and stagnate in the mire of misery and poverty of their own making..."

how true. they believe they are poor, and they think that they will not anymore have any chance of getting out of that kind of life. they will always beg and beg then threaten the world that if the rich don't help them, they will overthrow them out. but do they ever think that the rich pay the taxes? taxes help the government build homes for them? taxes provide public school teachers that help the little street kids get their education? taxes pay the salaries of the government officials they appoint?

but what does the government do?

"government? my goodness. with all the cheap breed of politicians we have nowadays who pamper and protect those parasites just to get their votes, what chance have we got?"

we are going in circles. we, decent filipinos pay our taxes so that the government spoil the poor so that they can stay in power. we are stuck in the middle.

there has been a series of tax evation cases filed on actors. if i were that tax payer, i would tell them "where do my taxes go? into the pockets of politicians?" there was an article in inquirer, indicating that roilez gomez spent millions of the "our" money in buying new troopers, going on vacations with his family (for business reasons? yeahyeah, that's what the media say to shut us up), and paying for thousands of pesos for gas (when his office is just a "spit away from his house"). think again, that is where your taxes go! a lot of people pay their taxes properly, and the government gets millions of money from them. minus the salaries, minus the government spending, there are still alot of spare money. don't tell me the philippines is poor. the money just goes to the politician's vehicles (they ride the most expensive cars yet the provice they are representing don't have decent roads). are you still going to pay? na-ah, i'd rather give it to an istitution that really helps educates the poor.

so, who do we blame here? the poor, who loves to get the sympathy of the government and the rich to get what they want (aka money); the government, who doesn't know what to prioritize with the money they get from taxes; or the rich, who get blamed for not paying their taxes well?

that's what i get from reading jessica zafra, plays and the inquirer.


hindi matanggal sa aking isipan

gaanoon nalang ang nararamdaman ko sa pagkakapanood ng digmaang bituin kahapon. hindi ko maisip na natapos na ang inaabangan ng lahat, kung paano nabuo si darth vader. mananatili ito sa aking isipan, at papanoorin ko ang buong saga kapag nakumpleto ko na ang vcd sa aking koleksyon.

maganda parin si natalie portman kahit nanganganak. sana ako din. mwahahaha.

hindi matanggal sa aking isipan ang "joy ride" namin noong martes. pumunta kami sa los banos para maghanap ng matitirhan sa linggo at magbakasyon bago umalis papuntang saudi ang aking tito. nalaman ko na ang mga magagandang languyan ay nasa sulok-sulok ng los banos at hindi yung mga nasa daan. buong araw kaming naghahanap ng malinis at walang taong languyan. ayoko kasi ng languyan na kung saan ang mga tao ay hindi nakasuot ng pang-langoy. hindi mo alam kung anong bakterya ang dala ng kanilang mga suot. ayoko rin ng maraming tao sa languyan. hindi ako makakalangoy ng maayos, na hindi humihinto dahil sa mga tao sa gitna ng tubig. maarte ako pagdating sa languyan, gusto ko "crystal clear" ang tubig. gusto ko kita ang sahig. ayoko ng may lumulutang na kung ano-ano. hehe

sa paghahanap namin, nakakita kami ng isang magandang "private pool" sa asiaville. kinakailangan mong dumaan sa loob ng up los banos para makapunta doon. maliit pero elegante ang bahay, eksakto lamang para sa isang pamilya. pero malalim ang tubig sa languyan, hanggang dibdib na ang pinakambabaw. siguradong kakailanganin ng salbabida at "floaters" ang mga pinsan kong bata.

bago kami umuwi, lumangoy muna kami sa isang resort. isang daan lamang ang entrance fee, at walang katao-tao. bihira daw ang tao kapag lunes at martes. sinwerte daw kami at bagong lagay ng tubig sa languyan. kaya masaya. apat lamang kami sa isang malaking languyan: ako, ang tatay at nanay ko, at ang aking tita. dalawang oras lang kami nagbabad, pampatanggal ng stress ng maynila. masaya, malinis, walang tao. nag-enjoy ako.

alas nueve na kami nakaahon mula sa languyan, at masaya naming nilisan ang los banos. babalik kami doon kapag may panahon. alam na namin kung saan pupunta.

at mawawala ba ang starbucks pauwi?

hindi matanggal sa aking isipan ang paggisa sa akin ng "boss" ko. inakala kong tapos na ako sa trabahong pinapagawa niya sakin. ngunit tinawagan niya ako uli ngayon, at kinakailangan kong ayusin (muli) ang aking sinulat. "not bad for a starter" daw. mahirap nga naman mamulitika. tingnan mo nalang si chancellor palpatine, nanalo ang kanyang plataporma sa senado ngunit iba ang kanyang intensyon. maraming intriga. mahirap kasing tanggihan ang alok ng trabaho. "experience" ika nga. tulong narin sakin bilang isang manunulat. marami rin akong natutunan.

mahirap maging isang multong manunulat (aka ghost writer. hehe)

hindi matanggal sa aking isipan ang mga nangyayari sa akin sa mga panahon ngayon. kakaiba, bagong nararamdaman. hindi maipaliwanag. ngunit masaya. tama si chino, hindi ko dapat isipin. bahala na si darth vader (pasintabi kay batman, si darth vader muna ang bida ngayon) sa mundo ko.

mahal ko masyado ang sarili ko, kaya nakakapagmahal ako ng iba. yun ang sabi ng aking philo handouts.

hindi matanggal. kailan kaya?


istar war ipisod tri

>> Wednesday, May 25, 2005

at last! i finally got to see star wars!! whohoo!!

george lucas is a genius. promise. he thought about making 4,5,6 before 1,2,3. the whole saga is a total hit.

how i hate politics. you don't know who's running our government and what they are up to. behind the "peace and order" platforms lie a hidden conspiracy to be the best among the best.

ok, ok. i won't go into spoilers, people who haven't watched star wars might kill me. (just as much as i would like to kill keith, billy and chino.. especially billy when they came out of the movie house with a darth vader grin..)

i went crazy when darth vader took his first breath underneath that black helmet. darrth vaader is aaliiivee!! i saw a portion of the behind-the-scenes in net 25, the crew were in tears when they saw darth vader rise again. hayden was so excited, it was a dream for him to wear the suit. hmmm, i wonder what it feels like to wear that thing? i thought of billy right away and his darth vader breath. hehe *enter star wars theme*

senator amidala has the best fashion sense. she dresses up in the most elegant clothes and makes a beautiful figure even if she's pregnant with twins.



he's the greatest jedi master ever. who says small people can't do anything? great fear, i sense.

hehe. :D


waw. ako daw si padme. in fairview, maganda si natalie portman.

>> Monday, May 23, 2005

You scored as Padme Amidala.

Padme Amidala


Clone Trooper


General Grievous


Anakin Skywalker




Darth Vader


Mace Windu


Obi Wan Kenobi








Emperor Palpatine


Which Revenge of the Sith Character are you?
created with QuizFarm.com

i tried globe's g2p. and they're going to charge me 50 pesos for my credits on my prepaid mode. hehe, good luck sa kung ano lalabas sa bill. it'll be activated tomorrow. let's see what happens.

darn. sa wednesday pa ako makakanood ng star wars. it's ironic, my parents are going to spend their anniversary by watching a movie with fighting and killing. how romantic. hehe i wabshu mama and papa! (as if they read my blog. i don't even know if they know the url of my blog. hehe)


after 10 years.

it has been almost 6 days of not going online. i was saving the minutes left on my internet card in case there was an emergency i needed to check online. so i sacrificed my ym, blog and lj for work. and now i'm back again, having finished typing the last revisions for my work, i can now say...


of course, there's still the possibility of 3rd revisions. i'm bringing my finished work at my boss's office later afternoon. let's see what his face will look like after reading my work. i guess he will understand that i'm not used to writing politital stuff because i don't like politics. hehe. just for the heck of it, and work experience.

i hope i get to watch star wars today. it's my reward for finishing my work in a short period of time. jedi "anakit" (keith gave himself a new name.. yeahyeah.. i'm still the master jedi yawmee!!), billy and chino have been torturing me for the past days, all with dark force grins on their faces, and tempting themselves to tell me the story. i have to watch now or else the dark side will prevail. hehe

i went to kara's birthday party last saturday. almost the whole seed montessori school batch 1998 were there, and we were the only guests at her birthday celebration at her house. those present were: migs (formerly mikey.. but still mikey to us), roms (short for rommel), joboy (jose ka parin, di kita matawag na joboy. hehe, ewan ko kung bakit), cet (short for cesette. sige.. magpaiklian kayo ng pangalan), karen, vic (vic-vic yan dati..), abi, adi, pam, and moi. drex didn't arrive so i'm triumphant to say that i can cut his hair the next time i see him at crossroad. he didn't show up yesterday (or was he hiding from me?). the deal still stands. i get to cut his hair. *evil laugh*

there was something in the air that night and i began to reflect on vodka. i'm not in to mood to talk about it. i'll just post it another day. maybe tomorrow. :D

till next post. i have to get my work printed.


after 10 years.


it's a hot summer ahead!!!!!!!!!

>> Thursday, May 19, 2005

it was so damn hot yesterday. we left the house and hit the road at noon to meet my "boss" and get the additional materials for my work. the sun was right above our heads, and the heat just penetrated through the windows. even if i wasn't the direct hit of the rays of the sun, i can feel the heat energy touching my skin. the aircon could not compete with the sun. i wanted to cry because of the heat and my head was throbbing in pain, but my tears just dried up inside.

we got to makati 2 pm, and met "boss" at 3pm. he was in a good mood. hehe, he gave me food and gasoline allowance (it's similar to having a job at a call center, the difference is that i work on my own schedule. haha). but... along with that good mood, i had a LOT more to read. *groan* think of the good side: at least i have more information to help me write that thing, whatever he wants me to write. it started as one essay last week. now, it's three -- with an extended (again) deadline on monday. it's time to kick-ass!

since tita mimi's house is not far away from his office, we visited her afterwards. mama had her massage at tita's wellness room while papa and i lazed in front of the television.

pasemos al comedor. | let us go to the dining-room.
no, senor; prefiero chocolate o un vaso de leche. | no, i prefer chcolate, or a glass of milk.
y nosotros deseamos comprar un par de zapatos de baile y unas zapatillas. | and we wish to buy a pair of evening shoes and slippers.

i borrowed a spanish book from tita mimi's library. si, senor; yo se contar. cero, uno, una, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez.

hehe, am i being a traitor to my italian? io sono una italiana. ma parlo italiano un po. translation: i am an italian. (whoooshuuuuu!!!) but i only speak little italian.

for dinner, we went out to eat at aristocrat, jupiter. it was my treat that night, after getting my food allowance. :D we ordered chicken and pork barbecue, chopsuey and drinks. i recommend their strawberry shake. it's so delicious and you can taste the strawberries. it was not too sweet, nor they put milk in it. it was just the right blend of strawberries, ice, and sugar. yum. but it has a cost of a hundred bucks. hehe, worth it naman.


whatta weird weather. scorching hot at noon, then it'll rain like crazy in the late afternoon. normal weather at nights and morning. and the whole process will repeat itself the next day.

darth vader will rise today.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
*enter star wars theme* arrrgghh.. i won't be able to watch on the opening day. have a lot of work and catching up to do. i still have to wait for monday. i can't wait to see yodaaaaahhh!!!! :D


meme! meme! meme!

>> Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What You Really Think Of Your Friends

Cerz is your soulmate.
You truly love Liezl.
You consider Ina your true friend.
You know that Keith is always thinking of you.
You'll remember Drex for the rest of your life.
You secretly think Darls is creative, charming, and a bit too dramatic at times.
You secretly think that Chino is colorful, impulsive, and a total risk taker.
You secretly think that Jace is loyal and trustworthy to you. And that Jace changes lovers faster than underwear.
You secretly think Regi is shy and nonconfrontational. And that Regi has a hidden internet romance.

my comments
ceres! ang soul mate ko! naka ng loopet!
liezl - lab na lab ko utak nyan. hehe, kahit di kami masyadong nagkikita. pirst prend ko yan sa english block!
ina behbs - kaya ko nga yan beybeh eh! :D
keith - haha. lumalabas ang pagka-kuya ni kuya kit.
drex - dahil lagi kong kaaway pag uaap games? at lagi akong inaasar sa lahat ng tao sa mundo? hehe
darls - hindi naman dramatic si darls eh. conyotic pa, tatanggapin ko pa. hehe
chino - yeah!
jace - i think i don't agree with the second sentence.
regi - shy?!?! shy?!?! eenngggkk.. wrong.

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.

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You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

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my comment: how true. very true. :D

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40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

my comment: i'm 18 anyway.. so i guess it's true. wait, it is true.

Star Wars Horoscope for Cancer

You may whine at times, but you've developed a thick hard shell (like that of a crab).
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my comment: okkhhaaayy...


happy birthday to tita mimi and tito gil

i didn't write a single word (or letter) for the work i was supposed to do. since the materials needed were incomplete, i told myself that i won't be scolded for not writing anything. besides, what will i write about when i don't know any of the facts? i enjoyed my monday without thinking of any stress factor. :D

later in the afternoon, we headed to gerry's grill jupiter (the forever restaurant of the vitasas) for tito gil's birthday celebration. it was also the venue when my "boss" would give me his comments on the first draft i wrote for him. everyone came on the dot, 730 pm. they ordered the typical menu: crispy pata, chopsuey, grilled pusit, kare-kare, kuhol, pinakbet, and drinks. good lord and they did not anymore order sisig. i didn't eat much (1 cup of rice from the usual 2 cups) -- maybe because i'm fed up with gerry's grill. not that the food tastes horrible (gerry's grill cooks the best sisig in town), it's because we hold everyone's birthday in that place. and the same food.

tito benjie sat to my left, while jonah sat to my right. i don't know how it came about, but our discussions led to having boyfriends. jonah and i had our impromptu seminar on having a relationship. good thing i didn't have one or else i'm doomed and dead for the rest of my life. hehe

after the vitasa celebration, we went to tita mimi's house for a quick coffee session. we already celebrated her birthday 2 fridays ago, in the fort strip. we just wanted to spend time with her so we fetched her in her house in makati and went to rockwell for a cup of coffee. hehe, for the heck of ambiance. :D

in rockwell, we parked with a view of ateneo law school. hehe, my eye caught the ateneo seal meters away from where we parked. now i can say that i know where law students are getting their training.

our bonding session took place in starbucks. i ordered my regular, white chocolate moccha. it was my first time to taste their cakes. their oreo cake is delicious, it was not too sweet. their strawberry-something was also tasty, you can taste the real strawberrys on top of the cake. mmm... after 2 hours of chatting, we brought tita mimi back to her house and headed home.

yesterday was a relaxing day. today, back to work. yehey. :D



>> Monday, May 16, 2005

a scene in hen lin. my cousin was eating halo-halo, when my lola spoke up.

my lola: penge nga ako nyan. ilagay mo dito. (hands over a small plate)

my cousin places 3 spoonfools of halo-halo and resumes her eating.

my lola: ay! bakit ganito halo-halo mo? malamig?

my cousin: (comments loud enough for us to hear but soft enough as not to create a scandal between her and my lola) balik mo sa counter, papalitan mo yung halo-halo. sabihin mo malamig.

d-u-h. kaya nga halo-halo eh. of you 70 years on earth, is this the first time you ate halo-halo? haaayy.. labo talaga. heh.


pahiyas festival

>> Sunday, May 15, 2005

yesterday, i headed to lucban along with my mom and dad, 3 younger cousins, tito fred, tita jojo, tita buding and my great-grand auntie. we went there a day before the fiesta, so that we will escape the flood of people who will be visiting the place today.

we arrived at the town lunch time. the houses were not yet fully decorated -- they were just starting to put the kiping and the vegetables on their houses. we first ate at buddy's, they serve the best food in lucban. i love their habhab, which is good with rice (carbs, carbs, carbs, and more carbs). i bought a sombrero to ease the uncomfortable feeling of the summer heat.

the place was just wonderful. the locals were hospitable, they gave us all the smiles in the world. they did not hesitate to help us when we asked for directions and information about the fiesta. one man even apologized for not having any food to give us because he hasn't prepared anything yet. bless you, manong. :D

every year, the church designates which street will be decorated by kiping and other veggies. that is also the street in which the prusisyon will pass through on the fiesta day. we watched as each house was busy decorating. there was one house that was filled with vegetables, and became my favorite for that day. lamps and curtains were made from string beans, the walls of the house were covered with sweet potato, patola, sili, and other vegetables. rice were stuck to the door and painted to look like an artwork of some sort. i wish we have stayed longer and waited for the whole street to be fully decorated.

we passed by the church to check the decorations and pay our respects. the oldies stayed longer, and i went outside with my cousins to explore. we discovered a stamp collection by phil post. the people there sold us stamps. they had good marketing skills and they forced me to buy stamps. they were good deals anyway. i bought a darna stamp, different philippine flowers, a small version of the la spolarium, philippine flag, and butterflies.

loren legarda was also there, shooting a video for her show in channel 5. kung makapal lang mukha ko, tumambay ako sa likod niya habang nagsshoot. hehe. i stood my ground and stayed far from the camera's view. nakakahiya, baka madiscover ako. nyahahaha.

too bad, i forgot to bring a camera. i was supposed to buy a disposable, but my dad didn't want me to spend money. he promised me that we will return there next year with a camera. sayang, wala tuloy akong pictures. awww. next year. promise yan!


i haven't started writing my second project. and the deadline's tomorrow. haha. good luck to me!!

happy birthday liza!! i miss yah! :)

drex and i made a deal. kara's birthday party is on saturday. di ako pupunta kung di siya pupunta. and if he doesn't show up on satruday, i get to cut his hair. mwahahaha.


hot-hot-hot day

>> Friday, May 13, 2005

i wasn't able to escape the hot sun.

i tagged along with my mom and pop -- they ran an erand for tita buds. since i'm done with my work (dandandandaannn... the "boss" is reading my work now.. *fingers crossed*) i gave myself a break and went along with them. anyway, what choice do i have anyway? hehe

i passed by ateneo first to order my logcom shirt. i met up with edlyn and went to mateo ricci. it's my first time to enter the new building -- which was still bare, with only long tables and chairs for the different orgs. ops room was airconditioned. lucky orsem core. :) we picked a safe shirt size: small. i don't want to make the same mistake again. last year, i ordered extra small and when i got my shirt, i couldn't breathe at all.

while we were walking down the halls of sec, manong guard approached us and asked for my id. i wasn't taking any summer classes so he let me go. you can't put me on your violation list, i didn't even pay anything so if you catch me, you're not going to get any salary from that job. hehe, joke lang manong. peace. :D

i left edlyn right after going to mateo ricci because mom was rushing to get to muntinlupa before lunch. i asked myself to be left in tita's house, i didn't want to sit down for a long time doing nothing in the bank. at least i have the tv and the computer in her house.

for 3 hours, i did nothing but play minesweeper and watch tv. i was supposed to enjoy the freedom, but the heat took my excitement. i ended up lying on grandma's (may her soul look down on me.) bed, with a headache. i was also bored from beating my own time in minesweeper, so i drew on the back of my hand with an eyeliner. i played with myself and darkened my eyelids. i was wearing black anyway, so why not look like a goth for a change? just for one day?

when they arrived from the bank, they fetched me and tito fred then headed to festival mall for an early dinner. the mall was full of people, trying to get away from the summer heat. almost all the people i saw were either holding an ice cream cone or eating halo-halo. we ate pizza and chicken at shakey's then halo-halo in chowking. whee, heaven.

tomorrow, we'll be headed to lucban for the pahiyas festival. i'll be missing the sanggu forsem to eat kiping and habhab. yehey!

regi sent me pictures again from sop. he's with april, his celebrity crush.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


multi-tasking... chatting while doing my work. hehe

>> Thursday, May 12, 2005

i came in-touch with my grade school friend and classmate this morning. he kept me company and sane while i was doing my work. there were a lot of reminiscing and "away-bata" revealed during our 5-hour chat. paolo, pao, or sd (as i called him because his surname is san diego) is taking his vacation in the states and i was the only one he saw online this morning.

he revealed a lot of secrets, stories like the people whom he disliked. it was a big thing for them to create competitions during basketball games. "boys fight" as he called the competitions -- they always proved who were worthy in the game. while we, girls, played with garters, the boys were on the court, picking their teams and their comrades.

i never thought he would still remember the incident that we were given the award as the class' love team. i don't really know how it started. all i remember was that one day, everyone knew (or started a rumor?) that i crush on him and vice versa. it was so funny. that was in grade 3 and i had no idea on relationships or whatever. i don't even know how long it lasted. it was those days of tweetums and pseudo-relationships. very funny.

up to now, we're still the joke of the batch. even if sd has a girlfriend (and for 4 years mind you), our friends still tease us as if we were still grade school students.

i also found another adversary when it comes to uaap games. he's studying in ust and he's one die hard ust fan. *evil grin* i have another person to pester during basketball games.

we ended our conversation because it was past midnight there and i had to finish my work. it was nice talking to him after a long time.


ha! i beat the deadline! haha, i threw all i wrote this morning. i made a new outline and a new essay in a day. i really work better when the deadline's near. i thought my job is done, but i have another project. but the deadline is shorter: monday. uh-oh, i have tons of activities to attend to this weekend and i'm sure that i'll be cramming my second essay on sunday. at least i have a work. hehe, dagdag sa resume. teeheehee... o wait, i still have to think of a title.

i love my work. research, research, research.. the write, write, write. yipee! i don't mind writing those kinds of essays for the next 3 or 4 years. at least part-time. i actually enjoy doing it, even if there's the pressure of perfection. ;)


Drawing Exercises

while reading yesterday's newspaper, i came across sir ocampo's article in the inquirer.

Drawing Exercises by Ambeth Ocampo
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Having taught Rizal and Philippine history for two decades, I have gathered a bag of tricks to make the lessons both enjoyable and memorable. One exercise that never fails to elicit response is a drawing exercise: I divide the class or seminar participants in groups and ask them to draw Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio. I have noted that the older the participants, the louder the groan after the instructions are given. If the group is composed of teachers, not only is the audible groan the loudest, there will always be a few who complain that they cannot (will not?) draw. At this point, I suggest that those who cannot draw human figure or likeness just make out a simple stick figure, but to make sure that there are certain things, certain symbols that will be associated with the stick figure to let the viewer know whether it is Rizal or Bonifacio.

Afther the initial grumbling, there is a change in the air. People start to giggle and laugh as they discuss how to do the drawing. Most people would have dug into their pockets and produced the one-peso coin that has Rizal's likeness. The problem is that the image is small. Worse, he is depicted in profile. So Rizal is often drawn as he appears in the coin, the industrious ones copy out the coin on a bigger scale, while the lazy ones bring out a pencil and make a rubbing of the coin on the huge cut of manila paper distributed for this diagnostic test.

Bonifacio can be found on a bigger coin, the P10 coin, but he is also in profile and has someone else with him. ON the paper money, Bonifacio sometimes shares space with Apolinario Mabini, leading some people to draw the Sublime Paralytic instead of the Great Plebian or Supremo of the Katipunan.

When all the drawings are done, I ask these to be brought to the front and, depending on the time allotted, to explain their work to the body.

From long experience, it is common to see Rizal or Bonifacio drawn like Japanese anime characters. It is also normal to see both heroes depicted with their iconographic symbols. Rizal wears a black coat, black pants and a black bowler hat. He has a moustache and his hair is parted on the side. In his right hand, he often holds a quill, or clutches two books marked: "Noli Me Tangere" and "El Filibusterismo." He rarely, if ever, smiles.

In contrast, Bonifacio wears a white camisa de chino, a red neckerchief and red pants and is often barefoot. On his head is a straw hat whose wide bring is folded on the front and kept in place with a small triangular clip with three "Ks". If Rizal is quiet and reserved, Bonifacio is almost always angry with his mouth wide open in a silent scream. Sometimes torn cedulas are flying around him or at his feet.

The above are standard images we have of Rizal and Bonifacio. When you go around elementary schools, and even kindergarten schools, throughout the country during August, you will find posters and drawings by the students that are supposed to represent the National Language, so we must have a lot of drawings of Manuel Quezon but there are more depicting Rizal and Bonifacio.

Two conclusions can be drawn from this exercise: first the quality of the drawings reveals that children draw better than adults; second, the level of understanding and knowledge of these two heroes have remained static since kindergarten.

Many adults have gone through numerous history classes and yet their understanding of history, as reflected in their drawings, remains, at best, childish or maybe we can be polite and describe it as child-like.

Because we have photographs of his execution, Rizal is the easiest to draw, but the symbols are problematic. Contrary to popular belief, he used a metal-tip wooden pen to write, not a quill which may appear correct but is historically inaccurate. While he did publish two novels, Rizal should actually be holding three books because he also wrote the seldom-read annotated version of Antonio de Morga's "Sucesos de las islas Filipinas." We sould like to think we know Rizal as well as the back of our hand, yet these two examples alone shew we have a lot more to learn.

Bonifacio may have used the iconographic bolo in battle, but he probably preferred a pistol. To prove that common sense is not common: Imagine Bonifacio leading his men to the disaster at Pinaglabanan (some would rather call it Pinagtalunan) in 1986. It must have been a wooded area at the time, so they should have worn clothes to lend with the background. Was it practical to go into battle wearing gleaming white camisa de chino and screaming red pants? He would have been a nice target in such an outfit. Yet, that image persists.

What do you think he shouted in abttle? "Sugod mga kapatid!" or maybe "Kalayaan!" How can we tell our children that Bonifacio might have shouted an unprintable cuss word that begins with "p"?

History can only form a people if they have a mature knowledge and understanding of their past. To persis in the fairy tales we were given in kindergarten dooms us to repeat history.

true. :) sir ocampo's history is really an eye-opener. rizal was not a goody-goody boy in class as we know him. he has his mischievous times too. :) get sir ocampo for his 165, and you'll understand what i mean.


new template!!! wheee!!

>> Wednesday, May 11, 2005

i'm back!! and with a new template! wheehooo!!

but i haven't really put much details. i'm running on a deadline for my work. after beating my deadline, i'm sure that i'll be going to put more details here. :)

to place comments, click on the link comments. you'll see the prose poem i made.. don't worry. just click on the link "blog" then you'll be able to comment. :)


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