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>> Thursday, September 30, 2004

i've learned that to be able to teach kids, you have to be a kid yourself.

i had to make multiplication interesting for the learning links kids. the first time i taught multiplication, they could not understand any word i said. so i had to think of something to make them listen. last week i used cars and houses to make things concrete.

"merong 4 na bahay si jonalyn. sa bawat bahay, mayroon siyang 4 na kotse. ilang kotse lahat-lahat?"

i used this technique for 2 sessions. but today, i had to change the cars. i don't know where i got those wierd ideas of mine.. i learned that the kids loved to color. since i used crayons to color the cars already, i decided to let them use paint. i think it would be change for them to use paints instead of crayons. this time, i used stars and planets.

i printed stars for them to paint. toothpicks were stuck on the stars to make them look like little fairy wands. and the planets? i used little styro balls (excess from last year's frostbite) to signify planets. the students were so fascinated with the paints that they behaved for the whole period. they were able to answer all the questions [take note: without any mistakes] in a jiffy. wow. this math thing is really making me think.


today was the last game between feu and lasalle. i got to watch the last 7 mins of the game. it was hard to predict who will win because the score was so close. it was always a tie between the two schools. i was cheering for lasalle.

last 20 seconds. it was a tie. the ball was on feu's court. someone from feu stepped on the 2-pt line and threw the ball. when it entered, the whole feu bench was shouting... they thought that was it. but it was casio's 3 pt shot that shocked the whole araneta. na foul pa si cardona. 2 seconds left. cardona went to the free throw line. i was jumping for the champs. ako? may school spirit, tapos i was cheering for the rival school? i felt i was a lasallite. haha.

58-55. lasalle is the new champion for the season. go lasalle!


i'm still an atenean at heart.


some cheezy stuff

i want to write something for my blog but nothing "writable" has happened yet. so i'm going to post the last song i heard before leaving home this morning.. and some cheezy love quotes from the book mom got for our family friend who is getting married on saturday.

HE BROUGHT ME TO YOU (Little Mermaid, Trumpets)
[Prince Christian]
in search of my life and my one true love
i prayed to Almighty God above
and his Masterful voice directed me to
the many things i was destined to do
so i sailed across the mighty seas
pursued knowledge of the highest degree
took to learning new skills
experience new thrills
felt my life was completely fulfilled
at the end of my amazing quest
after proving myself by achieving success
i hope to find a prize so rare
a priceless treasure beyond compare
for God promised he would bring me love
a love without measure trusting and true
and behold my dear Sapphire
He brought me to you
He brought me to you

in search of my life and my one true love
i prayed to Almighty God above
his compassionate voice directed me to
the many things i was destined to do
and in my private reverie
i read of lands across the sea
i imagined enchanted hollow and hill
worlds beyond my window sill
and through all of these my fancied quests
i cherished a secret held close to my breast
i hoped to find a prize so rare
a prizeless treasure beyond compare
for God promised he would bring me love
a love without measure
precious and true
and behold my dear christian

and behold my dear sapphire

he brought me to you
he brought me to you
my heart knew this without a doubt
that's what destiny's all about

God promised me would bring me love

a love strong and true

a promised he fulfilled above

he brought me you

he brought me to you

what is this i feel?
is this for real?
the longing inside that i just cannot hide
in search of this feeling we all call love
how could i know somewhere up above
i'll find this rare and priceless treasure waiting
this isn't a storybook fantasy
it's as real as his love for me
my feeling as true
what i feel for you
and i promise
i will come to you.


>>love is like a tennis match; you'll never win consistently until you learn to serve well. - dan herod
>>young love is like a flame; very pretty, very hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. the love of the older and disciplined heart is as coals, deeper burning, unquenchable. -henry ward beecker
>>there is no greater lie than a truth misunderstood - william james
>>the course of true love never did run smooth -william shakespere
>>do not let the sun go down while you are still angry -ephesians 4:26
>>Thou hast made us for Thyself and our hearts are restless thill they rest in Thee -augustine

devotion for today from www.insight.org

In times of great sorrow and pain‚ the Spirit ministers grace to us. The Lord‚ however‚ though compassionate and caring toward His servant‚ told Paul “no” all three times. “But then God communicated something to Paul’s inner spirit that brought him an enormous sense of relief. I call this message another of the spirit’s ‘inner promptings.’ And what was it God made known to Paul in his pain? Grace.”
And He has said to me‚ “My grace is sufficient for you‚ for power is perfected in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9a)
The God of all grace ministered grace to His hurting servant. Grace to endure. Grace to handle the pain. Grace to face the future. Grace to accept God’s no. What a profound impact that had on the man! When the Spirit of the Lord ministers grace‚ He prompts within us an unusual measure of divine strength. Somehow‚ in the mystery of His plan‚ He turns our pain into a platform upon which He does some of His best work.


tong its

>> Wednesday, September 29, 2004

edlyn said this morning that she was too lazy to learn how to play tong its. hours later, she spends every single minute playing tong its with regi.

regi came over to visit. he had nothing else to do because his defense was moved to monday. since he knew that i had a 6-hour break today, he came over.

after philo, we helped ina with her props for her play (which is actually happening right now.... too bad i wasn't able to watch.. waaahhh). we had to make a tree using a kulambo and a ladder. the ladder served as the trunk and the leaves with the kulambo. yesterday, cerz, ina and i were in cantina cutting green bond paper into leaf-like shapes for her tree. we stuck the leaves on her kulambo with the use of.... tantantantaaaaan!!! double sided tape (our savior.. hehe).

at 1130, darls and i did last minute studying for theo. edlyn and cerz got cathy's cards from her locker and started to play pusoy dos. i was in a loosing streak so i suggested we play tong its. edlyn said she did not know how to play and was too lazy to learn how to. since we were all playing, she decided to join in. after some tutorials with cerz, she got the hang of it.

at 130, we went to pizza hut for darls' treat. regi went with us, and edlyn, brought the cards. she couldn't resist the game. who were at her lunch? darls, edlyn, cerz, me, regi, bay, jace, jihan, chika... did i forget someone? hmm.. wala yata. before and after eating, edlyn still played tong its. addict.

i went back to school at 3 pm with darls, regi, bay, and edlyn. i had my theo test at 330. we went our separate ways, darls and bay went to the IS dept, while edlyn, regi and i went to ctc. i studied for 20 mins while the two of them? guess what. they played tong its. i left them in the second floor playing cards, and when i returned, they were still playing cards. waw. haha.

addict talaga si edlyn. tong its!


who is anyone?

>> Tuesday, September 28, 2004

the last two days of this week was something to talk about.

monday. cerz's play was scheduled to be shown at 530 pm. however, she had to cram everything because her teacher (yani yuzon) asked her to change the whole play last friday. yesterday was the only time they were able to rehearse because her actors (gabs and charles) were not available last saturday. they had to cram all the blocking and stuff hours before the actual play. cerz was close to tears because of the stress that was happening. (1) charles texted her that he had a test at 6pm and there was a possibility that he could not make it to the play if it does not start at 530 sharp. (2) cerz needed a microphone to differentiate charles's telephone voice. so when they were able to meet at 1 pm, you can feel cerz's stress through the tone of her voice. and since gabs was the only one seen on stage, he was the only one that got all the "directions". "gabs, pwedeng ganito.. sige pa! tulak mo pa yung table! mahirap talaga siya. gabs! dito diba?" and so on, and so on. good thing both of her actors had buckets and buckets of patience.

the play went well. i guess everyone would agree that the play was difficult to execute especially when you had to show loneliness through some actions we are not used to see in our everyday lives. and in front of a lot of people, alone, on the stage, with the lights on you. they did a good job and really shocked the whole theater especially when gray did his thing. creepy. it still creeps me out even if the play is over.

that night, i dreamt of the whole play. as in the whole play. from the part when gray was holding a picture frame with the picture of frank till the end where gray was looking out of the window. i can still imagine the lines said by both actors.

gray: hello
tom: hello
gray: who is it?
tom: it's me.
gray: me, who?
tom: me.
gray: ken, i'm to tired for this.
tom: not ken. guess again.
gray: who are you?
tom: just a fan. now, what are you putting in that bag? going away for the weekend?
gray: who is this?
tom: who is anyone?
(gray puts down phone. phone rings.)
gray:oh my god. i'm not getting it. (ring ring) how did you get my number?
tom: come on baby, i've got your number.
gray: you're crazy!
tom: come on baby, don't be bad to daddy.
gray: daddy?! *****!
tom: don't hang up! i'll spank you..
gray: spank me?
tom: yeah, spank you. my hands are ready.
gray: where are you?
tom: look down.
gray: look down?
tom: look down. to your shoes, do it! good, good boy. now look up. that's good. now look down again. good. now, bring your hands along your thighbones. you know, like you do. with him.
gray: what?
tom: yeah baby?
gray: you've seen us?
tom: of course i've seen you baby. mmmhmmm...

ok.. that's enough yumi.

tuesday. the dare thing dropped to sleeveless only. cerz and i had a long debate with edlyn this morning and we came to a conclusion. sleeveless nalang. haayy.. ow well. never mind. at least the sleeveless is there. i'll be content with that even though i still wish that she'll wear heels. haha.

today was my lucky day. edlyn and i were rumbling about our hungry stomachs while waiting for our nonfic class. xander came from nowhere holding a cone of ice cream from the caf. edlyn jokingly asked, "xander, libre mo naman kami oh." xander reached for his pocket for money. we were expecting that he would give us coins or what. but no! when his hand came out of his right pocket, he handed us a crisp 100-peso bill. ONE HUNDRED PESOS?!? what's with xander today? shempre, tinaggap naman namin ni edlyn. we rushed to the ice cream stand to satisfy our ice cream cravings. haha. whatta day.

"well baby. what can i say to you? well, i - you know - i, lost somebody too."



think i'd say no? guess again.

>> Monday, September 27, 2004

devotion for today taken from www.insight.org

Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials . . . (James 1:2)

James wrote the opening passages of his letter for those whom Shakespeare would call “wretched souls, bruised by adversity.” In fact, they are written for all of us. Some bruises are deeper and last longer than others, but we’re all bruised. We find our solution in God’s Son, Jesus Christ, who endured the bruising, the hate, and the sin of man. In Him we do not find relief from our trials, but the strength to endure them, that we might be known as one approved by God. Nietzche said, “He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how .” James has given us the why about our adversities…and now we can do more than just bear our trials; we can actually choose to grow through them!


haha. edlyn dared me to add sir de jesus into my friendster accout and make a testimonial for him. in exchange, she will wear a sleeveless top and high heeled shoes to school on friday. she was expecting me to say no to her dare, but.. that's what you think. i did not hesistate to say yes. i would do anything to make edlyn wear a sleeveless top and heels. well, actually, cerz was the one who added the heels part. then i revised the dare. i add sir, she wears a sleeveless top. i make a testimonial, she wears the heels. fair enough? sure. i'm going for it.

actually, i have added sir already. all i have to do is to wait for the confirmation then testimonial, here i come! edlyn.. haha, get ready to wear those heels. i've got my sleeveless top already. haha. i promised myself that i won't touch the ctc computer terminals today, but because of edlyn's dare, i had the reason to break my promise. hehe. but this time, my promise to take the dare will not be broken. i have too see edlyn on heels. in school.

let's see what happens on friday. and i'm sure to borrow jace's camera to take edlyn's picture. i have to be prepared for my picture perfect day. mwahahaha.. *evil laugh*


fuji apples are better than red apples

>> Sunday, September 26, 2004

i just turned off the tv from the awarding ceremonies of uaap. 2 ateneans managed to make it to the mythical 5 (tenorio and bugia) while cardona, santos and miranda completed the group. jc intal got the most improved player, and ue (i don't know his name.. hehe) for the rookie of the year.

the funny part was when boom (the announcer) announced who the mvp was. while he was making his long introduction for the mvp, the lasalle crowd was cheering for macmac cardona. boom's voice could not be heard from the loud cheers of "CAR-DO-NA! CAR-DO-NA!". i was expecting that cardona would win the crown. then the moment came.

"and the mvp goes to..."

i was on the edge of my seat, waiting for cardona's name to be called [while thinking that some atenean would get the title]. the lasallites were on their feet ready to cheer, when...


the feu people screamed like it was the last day of the world while the lasalle side was there, dumbfounded.

hehe.. it was a picture-perfect moment. if you saw it, lucky you.

the ateneo eagles are the champs for this season. let's see if lasalle gets the crown for the seniors.


bible schools

>> Saturday, September 25, 2004

don't mind this if you can't relate. hehe.

Alliance Biblical Seminary
P.O. Box 1095 Manila, Philippines 1099 (Mailing Address)
101 Dangay St., Veteran's Village, Project 7, Quezon City
1105 Philippines (Street Address)
Tel. Nos: (632) 371-3984 to 85; 373-6398; 411-4357 to 58
Fax No: (632) 373-6439
E-mail Add: contact@abs.edu.ph; registrar@abs.edu.ph
URL: www.abs.edu.ph

Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (APTS)
P.O. Box 377
2600 Baguio City
Tel: 63-74-442-7068 Fax: 63-74-442-6378
E-mail: apts@xc.org
URL: www.apts.edu

Lutheran Theological Seminary
8, South Drive, Baguio City or
P.O.Box 16,

Palawan Bible College
Rizal Avenue Extension
P.O.Box 17
Pnerto Princesa City
Philipines -5300
Tel: 433-2690

Visayan Nazarene Bible College
Montebello Site
Apas, Cebu City or
P.O. Box 261
6000 Cebu City
E-mail : vnbcjmd@gsilink.com

Brgy. Mansilingan, Bacolod City
Cel. No.: 0918-911-3296
Administrator: Rev. Keun Sik Jo
e-mail: keunsik_jo@hotmail.com
Registrar: Ms. Imelda Caspe

Brgy. Sto. Tomas, Calauan, Laguna
Tel. No.: (049) 248-2971
e-mail: woowon56@hanmail.net
Administrator: Rev. Woo Won Kang Jo
Registrar/Secretary: Ms. mely Longayan

403-404 Cityland Shaw Tower
Shaw Blvd. cor. St. Francis St., Mandaluyong City
Tel. No.: (02) 634-6023
Fax: (02) 635-6385
Dean: Ms. Noemi Bailon
Registrar: Ms. MarieBeth S. Tomogsoc

FEBIAS College of Bible
P.O. Box 2, 0550 Valenzuela City
Tel. Nos. (632) 291-80-29 to 30
Fax No. (632) 293-0947

Alliance Biblical Seminary
101 Dangay St., Veterans Village, 1105 Quezon City
Tel. Nos. (632) 371-3989 to 85
Fax No. (632) 371-3985
P.O. Box 1095, Manila

ASIAN Theological Seminary
54 Scout Madrinan St., 1103 Diliman, Quezon City
Tel. Nos. (632) 928-5105 or 928-6717
Fax No. (632) 928-5114
P.O. Box 461, Manila

Philippine Missionary Institute
Biga, Silang 4118 Cavite
Tel. No. (046) 414-0494

Ebenezer Bible College and Seminary
P.O. Box 166, Calarin, Zamboanga City 7000
Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary
P.O. Box 7, 2600 Baguio City
Tel. No. (074) 446-2208

Davao Alliance Bible College
Garcia Heights, Bajada, Davao City
Tel. No. (227) 5455

Penuel School of Theology
135 West Avenue, 1105 Quezon City
Tel. No. (632) 411-5586


so far.

"5 letters. 2 words. you can even count the letters in one hand. but one wrong word said, everything crumbles. imagine your hand raised, the thumb and the the point finger together and the other three close with each other. you don't want to see that sign turn around and form into a fist. once you see that fist, it is time to hide your face."

it was the joke regi and i shared last night while walking along the corridors of ctc. regi and jm went to school to join me and cerz watch sonata, the final event to close the humanities week. we didn't start the concert because cerz went to a film competition held by the loyola film circle, and the 3 of us had dinner in jolibee and played cards. regi was bragging about him being a "clean slate" with my mom. i told him that he was a clean slate, SO FAR. then i told him my famous line, "5 letters, 2 words". i came up with my sign with my hand and that stuck for the whole night. we had invented a sign that would remind him of being a "clean slate".

jm was quiet the whole evening. i didn't know what was the problem until he texted me this morning saying that he was sick at that time. maybe it was because he took a trike from pancake to mini stop... or something like that. i remember him telling me that he was allergic to smoke and he gets sick easily once he smells smoke (cigarette smoke, smoke from mufflers, and so on). but he said he enjoyed the evening.

we went in the concert grounds at quarter to 9pm. david's band was playing when we entered. cerz was so "starstruck" to see her favorite bands there, especially the vocalist of the late isabel. she wanted to ask for an autograph on their cd and was asking me if i had a metallic pen. i didn't bring one but suggested that the signature can be placed on the white part of the cd. i left at 1020 because mom and dad were already in xavier.

it was a fun night, even though the sonshine exposed (kwentuhan blues) did not push through. it was the first time i sat in the quad 3 without any people [except for the 3 of us] and the fog was starting to fall. the stars were visible and the moon shone like a great big white cookie... mmm.. reminds me of cookie monster.

so. far. so. good.


thank God it's FRIDAAAYYY!!!

>> Friday, September 24, 2004

regi was supposed to come at 930 but there was some "emergency" [or was it about his ojt?] in the office. he texted that he will arrive late afternoon or in the event [sonata] itself. so, i'm here in the computer lab waiting for 1130 and then we're off to kfc for lunch.

after our kfc, i'll be watching cerz and her actors. kinarir ko na ang pagiging props gal. sana A na si cerz dito dahil i would admit, her play is difficult to direct. how in the world will you teach your actor to do... "you know what" on stage, alone, and infront of an audience? only a director would think of letting the actor face the cyclorama with his back to the audience while doing his thing. i can't wait to see the final presentation on monday.

good thing sir de jesus did not talk about my "dance" stunt that i did last friday. i was called again and i was able to redeem myself. i was waiting that he would tell the whole class that "i caught miss pitargue dancing and imitating miss feleo". he called me the other day and i didn't answer. i was expecting to be called again when i found the answer in the handouts but unfortunately [oh poor soul] the bell rung. i got a zero for that. i hope he gives me a good grade this time. whee! i have already reached my 10th recitation so the next time he calls me and i answer correctly, the zeros that i have in my index cards will be erased.

i only bought tickets for jm and regi for the concert because i'm not sure whether dane and drex will come. i texted dane yesterday, asking if he will come, and he answered "di ko pa sure. pero sure ako na manonood ako ng game mamaya" he didn't reply when i asked him for the second time if he was sure. he only gave drex's landline. i couldn't call him because i was at history class. i returned their tickets. let them buy their tickets at the concert.

i asked mom to fetch me at 10. she didn't want me to stay up late especially it was a concert. she doesn't know yet that i invited the sonshine peeps over. i just hope dane and drex would come so that i wouldn't look stupid walking with the two expecially with what happened last month. [i'd better keep the "why" to myself and with edlyn, cerz, chika, darls, regi, jm and keith].

grr.. i still have millions of pages to read and 3 tests next week. hectic world!



>> Thursday, September 23, 2004

well.. i just hope the code works.

You have Blue Wings! You are artistic and highly
creative. Others are amazed by your imaginative
ideas, and the way you speak so smoothly. You
are very social, but you like talking
face-to-face, instead of the phone. You love
dancing, Writing, acting, drawing, singing,
anything that requires artistic style. You have
many friends, and are popular because of your
unique style. Though your jokes crack up
everyone around you, you often daydream about
many different things, lost in your own world.
Even though, you are optimistic, and remain
friendly and loved by others in reality, you
always like to visit your fantasy world for
some peace from the hectic world.

What Color are your wings?(Mainly for Girls)Beautiful Pix!
brought to you by Quizilla

You represent... hope.
You represent... hope.
You're quite a daydreamer and can be a hopeless
romantic. You enjoy being creative and don't
mind being alone at times. You have goals, and
know what you want in life... even if they are
a little far fetched.

What feeling do you represent?
brought to you by Quizilla


*ksssssshhkkk* i'm dead. over. *kssshhhrrrsssk*

it was literary night yesterday. cerz, edlyn, and i were incharge of the registration table, where we would ask people to sign the guest book, ask people whether they were performing or not, then give fans to the faculty people.

when we were waiting for the guests to arrive and the program to start, cerz asked me where ina danced during the opening of the humanities week. i pointed her the small space outside dela costa and started imitating ina while dancing. all of a sudden, in the middle of my dance, i turned my head. horror of all horrors, sir de jesus was there stading, shocked, with a look on his face that seemed to say...

"what in the world is miss pitargue doing?"

of course i was there in a pose with my hands outstretched. cerz and i stared at him for about 5 seconds before i reacted. it was really a shock.

"oooooo mmmyyy ggaaddd!!!"

i was screaming the whole time and was trying to hide my face from sir. shoot. i don't know what will happen tomorrow in philo. i just hope he won't remember that incident (i doubt it) and won't mention it in class.



boredom killed someone. me.

>> Wednesday, September 22, 2004

-first thoughts-

1205. waiting for 1230. cerz edlyn meeting for theo. 130 rehearsal for cerz. directing. nothing to do. lazy to study theology. can't think right now. 0 in recitation today. called but did not answer. no one to talk to. wednesday, csi night. can't watch. lit night. i want an id. no sign up sheet yet for sanggu shirt. i need to have one. sleepy and hungry. sir yuson has an invite for me in mail. some book launch i think. i need to create a poem for plus points. will email by weekend. keyboard in foyer too hard. darls finished checking mail. going home. cello's doughnuts. hungry for more? no money. c you on friday. can't get it? neither do i. first thoughts are all i have today. no signal. foyer. what for lunch? need something cheap. no more money for other expenses. just use the computer. can i control myself? i don't know. computer 34 not occupied. 38 too. 13. friday, sonata. they're coming. need to sell tickets. rj here. 1210. still nothing to talk about. booorrriiinnnggg. hi idowl! haven't eaten. later. 10 years internet connection, according to ina.

baka sabihin ng katabi mo: "miss, dindrag yang mouse mo, hindi hinahampas."

ina talaga. i wab shu!


food?? no more please!!! i give up!

>> Monday, September 20, 2004

that was the first time i gave up on food. i assisted in the acet (ateneo college entrace test) last saturday and sunday (september 18 and 19). we were in charge of preparing food for the proctors and examiners, putting up signs for the classrooms (no entry, rooms etc, this way, headquarters, exit, line starts here, ladies, men), counting the answer sheets that should correspond to the number of examinees, etc. etc. it was fun even we had a lot of work to do.

friday, september 17
we went to the grade school to set up signs and the headquarters. we travelled from oaa (office of admissions and aid) to the grade school headquarters. it was in the second floor of some building, section 4-lapulapu. we carried heavy boxes containing answer sheets, scratch papers, test booklets, and more paper stuff. [lumaki muscles ko!! whee!!] we broke up into teams (our team consisted of son-j, me and kuya chris) and we were incharge of putting up signs for rooms 11-18. my height was no hindrance to be able to put the room numbers on top of the door frames. haha. i can do all things. if there's a chair or bench, there IS a way. hehe. we wrapped up at 7 pm and headed home.

saturday, september 18
call time: 6 am. examinees were so early (or so excited?) they were there before we all arrived. we assisted the proctors and examiners in counting the test booklets and making sure that everything is fine for the first session of the entrance test. we had our breakfast at 845 (after making sure that all the examinees arrived and the examiners and proctors are doing fine). i thought that our next meal will be at lunch time so i had a big share of pandesal and cheese. after an hour, the red ribbon trolley came and brought in tons and tons of spaghetti. 100 bags of it. i forced my stomach to eat my share of spaghetti because i knew that i would need a lot of energy for more work.

25 proctors
25 examiners
12 security guards
9 oaa assistants
5 oaa staff
9 janitors
8 rotc officers
and the others? extra food.

while the test proper was taking place, all the oaa assistants were inside the headquarters, staring into space. we had nothing to do except fight over the comics section of the newspaper fr. nemy brought. even if we browsed through 2 newspapers already, the acet still was not yet over so we grabbed a chair, found a spot inside the headquarters and slept. we slept until the push cart for our lunch came and we had to fix it for the proctors and examiners.

i didn't eat my lunch for two reasons. (1) i was still full from the spaghetti i ate two hours ago, (2) i don't eat salisbury steak after the incident last year. [long story]

counting the answer sheets was a bit slow since most of us were new. however, we took up speed in the afternoon session.

sunday, september 19
call time: 6 am. but there was a mass at the oaa at 530 am. i went straight to the grade school because i arrived at 540 and i was late already for mass. hehe. anyway, i don't go to mass.

we did the same things, check and count the test booklets, assist the proctors, examinees, and examiners, give food, etc, etc. but i learned one thing. never to eat breakfast so that when lunch time comes, i'll be hungry. the sunday session was more fun because we were all excited for the ateneo-lasalle game and the headquarters had a television.

well, i was wishing that ateneo will win but i was rooting for lasalle. hehe. ironic, but that's how it went. we all know who won, no need to tell. if you don't know who, oh you poor soul. haha.

assisting for the acet was a wonderful experience for me. it reminded me of how i looked like when i was taking the entrance exam - newly sharpened pencils, exam permit in hand, math equations in my head, and food in my bag. i remembered that i had a hard time especially in math, but now it doesn't matter now that i passed the test and i am surviving college. i'll volunteer again next year.


it's some-kinda-of-a-raining outside

>> Friday, September 17, 2004

stupid title. i can't think of any decent title to start with. my computer has no ym so i won't be able to do my usual 1030 chat. i'm stuck with my blog, my mail, and the forums.

i didn't to any posting yesterday, even if i was online the whole day. i went to school for nothing; because sir ocampo got mad when the class was still noisy even if he had started already. we were supposed to have our usual quiz when all of a sudden,

"ok class, since you are competing with me, i will let you go now. you will be responsible for the lesson i was supposed to teach you. for those who will take the orals today, please stay. the rest, you may go."

bad trip. just like that. and the class just kept quiet after his mini speech. can't they keep quiet before mr ocampo's head blew his head off? this is crazy. sayang yung 1 and a half hour.

it was also raining and i couldn't get a tricycle to go to learning links. i was lazy to walk and besides, the raindrops were as big as one-peso coins. so by the time i get to learning links, it would look like i just came out from the shower with my clothes on. all i got was wasted gas and a 3-hour internet service from school.

i don't feel good right now. no, i'm not sick. i just don't feel "happy". i feel drained. that's it. a dementor just visited me and sucked all of my happy thoughts.



>> Wednesday, September 15, 2004

before anything else... i flunked my freaking philo long test. ok, if you are reading this now and you will see me sometime after this, no word about it. no more asking why, how, or what happened. basta. i flunked it. ok?

yesterday was the funniest day i ever had. my groupmates and i for history met up to make some last minute touches for our report. as usual, they were all talking in english, and sometimes in conyo. taglish to be safe - a mix of english and tagalog words in a statement. since all of them were speaking like that, i was forced to speak the same way too. i am one of those people who smile whenever i hear people talking taglish, and after looking at what happened yesterday, i should've laughed at myself.

"i told the osa kasi that in case lang."
"the secretary was so masungit"
"diba she has to make kulit?"

i couldn't believe that i was able to stand speaking that way for at least an hour. ina was making fun of me afterwards, and i myself was having the goosebumps. i only speak "taglish" whenever i eat frosty with darls and the gang (too bad, no more wendy's in caf up) but all of the sentences were intentional. but yesterday, all of my sentences were not thought of and the words just jumped out of my mouth and all i heard were not of my normal attitude.

it really depends on who i am with. i'm not like that when i am with the block, i always speak in tagalog. and whenever i speak in english, i don't do the tone that distinguishes taglish from conyo (you know what i mean). i change my speaking manners whenever i am with different groups.

anywho... i can't wait to go home. i have a lot to study. hehe. i'm back being a nerd. i have to be. i need to make up for my philo test. remember, no word will come out of your mouth about philo.



>> Tuesday, September 14, 2004

phew. i never thought i would be able to finish all my tasks this morning.

lit night errands. i had to go to the psych department to ask the teachers (personally) if they would like to transfer classrooms during the lit night because they might be distracted during the event. well, it was a good thing that one of the teachers was there and i got her to sign the chart. the other was not there and will be back tomorrow, so i had to ask the secretary to receive the letter and sign the chart. she was kinda "masungit" about signing the sheet, because she thought that once her signature was placed on the paper, it would mean that she agrees to the change of classroom. i had to repeat it 10 million times that she just needed to sign the sheet in order to tell the whole world that she got the message that was meant for the teacher and it didn't mean that she made the decision for the teacher. it took me 10 minutes to explain that that what she was thinking was different from what i was pointing out. anyway, it turned out to be just fine, i got the signatures that i needed and i was able to pass the chart before 10am (actually it was before 9am). yehey!! one down.

promo board. joms and i haven't finished it yet. at least we got the important things on the board, like the delta, the sanggu logo, the title of the project. we just need the details. joms came in late so we were not able to finish it. at least we got the delta right this time. it will be done by tomorrow. promise.

history report. on the spot. impromptu. script 30 mins before the bell. ina did a great job. she made the class laugh with her stunt of a priestess. bagay ina babes! wahaha. at elast the report is done. on with the paper due on thursday.

learning links. yun nalang for the day. i guess i'll just buy my food sa caf and eat it on the way to learning links. i doubt kung may trike sa ganitong panahon, umuulan.. ay hindi na pala. sana may trike. tamad ako maglakad. nyahaha.

non fiction. haay. good thing i was able to print my piece this morning. i arrived early at school so i was able to fix things at the promo board. i had the time to do some emailing stuff and my paper for non-fiction.

haayy.. what i have to do tonight is to read 2 long and gruesome articles: one for philo and the other for theo. why does sir de jesus love to call me? i just noticed that our beadle hasn't been called since.. since.. since.. i don't know. it has been a long time since he stood up and recited. unfair. i just hope i won't doze off later while reading those crap (oopss... school stuff.. hehe).

ok. enough of this. more to come. tomorrow. stress factor!!!

let me quote from liezl and cathy.



so true.


ease on down the.. what?!

>> Monday, September 13, 2004

my comments on the wiz. what you see below are just my comments.

1. sound system - the production should have at least hired a sound system built for musicals. the lead roles should've gotten lapels because when they sang solo with the chorus, they could not be heard and they were forced to shout (instead of singing loudly) so that the audience could hear what they were singing.
2. actors - some of the lead roles who were not fit for the singing roles. their voice range were different from the songs they had to sing and it turned out that they sang very "pilit". it may be that they were fit for the acting roles, but... not fit for the singing parts.
3. the "flushing" of the wicked witch from the west (or was it north?) - if edlyn hadn't told me that she was flushed, i would still be left thinking where that which went. there should have been at least a flushing background sound..
4. audience - do we ateneans know when to clap during musicals? when the witch entered, a whole row of students screamed their head off like some celebrity arrived. i guess they were her blockmates or something. but puhleez, manners people. of course it's ok to clap AFTER the song, not during the song or the dialogue. guys, it's not a concert.

well, over-all, they did a good production, knowing that it is hard to produce a musical, with all those practices, voice rehearsals, marketing thingies for sponsors, and such.

enough of the play. somebody might just stab me as soon as i leave this chair.


it's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring

>> Sunday, September 12, 2004

quote for the day:

"most people are religious. but, they're Godless."

true, isn't it?


smoke room

>> Saturday, September 11, 2004

last night was edlyn's "partee" in tapika. the band that played was U-turn, composed of 2 guitarists and a vocalist. i was the last batch to arrive (along with jing and chino) because of the traffic at the bottom of the flyover in katipunan. and.. we had to wait for jing after watching the wiz. it turned out that there was a construction and they occupied half of the lane. anyway, when we arrived there, everyone was seated near the 'stage'.

here's where the fun part began. we did the usual ordering of food and drinks. i promised myself that no matter how legal i am to drink, i'll never taste those liquid in fancy bottles. i'll get to that part later.

cerz was so excited to give the gift that we broke our plan of giving it after eating. it was a great shock for edlyn because as soon as she opened the box, her bestfriend's (i think it would be better not mention any names here... edlyn might kill me) picture popped out of the box. it took her about 5 seconds to react quickly and hide the picture under the table. hehe.. peace edlyn we love you.

she also knew what was our gift because while cerz and i were buying a book for her, i accidentally sent my message (which was meant for my mom) to edlyn saying that i was in national book store "buying a book for edlyn". nyerk... surprised spoiled. yumi kasi.

darls, eloisa, jihan and cerz bought a vodka with a flavor (raSHpberry). i ordered the safest drink, sprite, and vowed not to drink whatever happens. after dinner, they were pushing the bottle to my hands and the whole table began to chant.. "drink! yumi, drink!" the WHOLE gang was looking at my direction. i was holding cathy's glass of vodka at my hand, staring at it as if it was some deadly poison. it took me a long time before i sipped that thing. there was a series of shouts, squeals, closing of eyes before i really had the guts to drink it.

actually, i would admit it was good. it tasted like cranberry juice or something. but i only took 2 sips from cathy's glass and that was it. so much for experience. hehe.

been there, done that.

darls ordered weng-weng. she didn't expect that her order would be a pitcher. she was expecting a glass but no, it was a pitcher. she shared the weng-weng and even dared cerz to drink one whole glass (non-stop) for 50 bucks. they called it quits when both of them did the dare. awww.. no fun. hehe...

i really enjoyed that night, except for the smoke of the cigarettes that clinged to my hair. (after shampooing my hair for 2 times, i can still smell the smoke) first bar experience, first drink. but definitelty not the last with the block. :D


theo, the wiz, and lit night

>> Friday, September 10, 2004

good news first. i got a b+ on my theo long test (much to MY surprise). i was not prepared for that test and i remember myself that i would flunk that test because it was freaking hard.

the wiz. can't wait to watch it later. i also found out that cerz's actor for directing is my groupmate in history and the guy ina and i are lusting about since yesterday. small world? shoot. he's cute. haha. the bad thing is that we will only meet with him for our history report on monday and the actual reporting on tuesday. that's only 2 days. man, that's so short. why just now? haha, i'll hang out with cerz while they're having their rehearsal. ugali ko talaga.

lit night. this is my last day to redeem myself. i haven't done what em has told me to do (write a letter to the registrar to ask for the schedules of the teachers in soc sci) and i just crammed it now. em asked me tuesday and i just made an action today. haha..

i don't want to go to bellarmine. it's too far. tamad ko kasi eh. well, at least i'm in the foyer which is a bit near compared from doing the letter in ctc. ok, ok. i'll go the bellarmine as soon as i finish this blog. so that i'll be able to pass by darls and talk to abet regarding the tapika thing.

yumi, scram.


it's just my opinion

>> Wednesday, September 08, 2004

tuesday. non fiction class. it was our first workshop and each of us were asked to describe our previous workshop experiences (if we had any). the block e people talked about sir serrano and sir brion's class.

sir serrano - happiest workshop experience. his comments were of the suggestive type. he gave suggested readings and authors for every work i did. i had fun especially when we ate in dunkin donuts and when we had pizza in his small room in the english department

sir brion - he did help. well, i could not understand his handwriting and the only thing that was legible was the letter grade that he gave. most of my paper consisted of Cs and C+s. if i were to take it seriously, it would be one reason to stop writing. i guess that happens especially he's came from up. sadista ang mga taga up. i did get a good final grade but i don't know if i would like to have more suggestions from him. he would point out every bad and negative thing in your work. anyway...

sir yuson - he's like sir serrano. he tries to understand your poem and gives suggestions to those that don't work. it has only been a few weeks for classes (because we always have free cuts) and i can say that i enjoy his class. and he's a palanca awardee, so he's really good.

those were my comments when ma'am asked me about my workshop experience. so when she came to one of our classmate (who happens to be my classmate too last seminar), she said something to the effect that...

"i had my workshop experience with them (sabay turo samen) and i don't know, he's not bad after all. what i didn't like was the peer workshop (shempre tama saken dahil ako lagi partner niya) because they didn't say anything. all they can say is 'it's good'. come on, there are other comments than that"

basta ganon. eh shempre magaling kasi siya magsulat. how will i critique something when i can't find something bad? and her tone was sarcastic and somewhat annoyed because we couldn't say anything about her work. and she was looking as if we were criminals of some sort. ow well. that's how i feel about sir's workshops. don't make it complicated and tell the whole class that we were wrong about sir. it's my opinion.

anyway, leave that issue behind. good thing i didn't have her as my groupmate. my groupmates for the workshop were helpful and funny. even though some of them were first time workshoppers, they did good jobs in writing. i can't wait for the next workshop with them.


happy birthday edlyn and abet!

>> Tuesday, September 07, 2004

grrr... loi beat me in greeting edlyn at exactly 12 midnight. ow well.. hehehe...

just use the computer >> yehey! let's see if i can stay till at most 10 am. jay is sitting beside me right now, checking his lj and feeling tensed because of his upcoming orals in theo and reporting in history. yah can do it jay!

friendster >> the usual bulletin board. i can't resist myself in answering those tempting surveys. i just answered one 2 days ago and i don't want to see my name again on the same page. so i guess i'll just place them here.

blogspot >> yumi.. adik!

last time

x. Slept in your bed:
> ako. sino pa ba?

x. Saw you cry:
> umm.. no one. i was all alone in the living room the last time i cried.

x. Made you cry:
> some stupid pre final grade.

x. You shared a drink with:
> umm... my parents. last night. para tipid sa hugasan. wahaha

x. You went to the movies with:
> parents. that was... princess diaries 2. i think.

x. You went to the mall with:
> umm. mom. last sunday.

x. Yelled at you:
> loi. "byeee.. nerd!" (sino kayang mas nerd saten?)

x. Sent you an email:
> um... sanggu.. announcements.


x. Said "I Love You" and meant it?
> to parents. but to someone in the opposite sex? nope. hard to say and feel it.

x. Gotten in a fight with your pet?
> ha? pet? wahaha.. di pa.

x. Danced naked:
> sa banyo. habang nasa shower.

x. Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day:
> oo. promise.

x. Wished you were the opposite sex:
> sometimes.

x. Had an imaginary friend:
> oo. even up to now. haha.. abnormal ba?

x. Do you have a crush on someone:
> aba shempre.

x. What book are you reading now:
> philo book. nyahaha.. joke. "frenchtown" i dunno who is the author.

x. Worst feeling in the world:
> getting an F

x. Future son's name:
> samuel

x. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal:
> i do have stuffed toys on the headboard, but i don't really sleep beside them

x. What's under your bed:
> dirt. and the floor.

x. Piercings/tattoos:
> one on each ear


x. Do you do drugs:
> biogesic. drugs yon diba? wahaha.. joke. nope.

x. Who is your best friend:
> si tarajingpotpot. hehe..

x. What are you most scared of:
> getting an F

x. What clothes do you sleep in:
> shorts, and a shirt.

x. Where do you want to get married:
> garden wedding? basta gusto ko kita yung sunset.

x. Who do you really hate:
> people who you don't see studying yet they get A's.

x. Do you like being sorrounded by people:
> uh-huh. basta kilala ko. kung di ko kilala.. LONER!!

x. Are you for world peace:
> feeling miss universe... "i'm for world peace!"


x. Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with:
> yah

x. Have you ever cried over something someone of the opposite sex did:
> ahhh.. hindi pa yata.

x. Do you have a "type" of person you always go after:
> of course! ask rhyme. wahaha

x. Want someone you don't have right now:
> someone? of course.

x. Are you lonely right now:
> hindi ah..

x. Song thats stuck in your head a lot?
> yesterday, it was the caf song. right now... some church song. i don't even know the title.

x. Do you want to get married:
> shempre. i don't want to die alone.

x. Do you want kids:
> d-u-h


x. Room in house:
> study area

x. Type(s) of music:
> classical

x. Band(s):
> wala. uhh... orchestra? wahaha

> blue, pink

x. Perfume or cologne:
> purfume. masyadong matapang ang cologne.

x. Month:
> ummm.. december. christmas!


x. Cried:
> nope

x. Bought something:
> food. and food. and more food.

x. Gotten sick:
> good lord, hindi pa.

x. Met someone new:
> yap. tenk or tenc. i dunno the spelling.

x. Hugged someone:
> mami. maan. sino pa ba?

x. Missed someone:
> of course!

== to be continued.. if ever==


waiting for 12 mn

>> Monday, September 06, 2004

12 minutes till edlyn's birthday. as soon as i finish posting this, i'm sure that i'll be able to break the magic spell of the fairygod mother.

i just came home from choir practice. it was more productive than last week's practice. i guess everyone was tired, especially me, that's why everyone was not the usual jolly type. but today was fun even if we were not complete. kuya dino just got his hair shaved and there were a lot of comments and kodak-moment expressions when we climbed the stairs to ate dymple's living room.

via: what happened?!?
me: waw!! nice hair!
mammy sally: ano nangyari sa buhok mo?
ate sonia: waaah!! ano yan?!?!
ate mai: diinoo!!!

in fairness in fairview, we were able to complete almost half of the song with "body". that's how brother joel would call a perfect song. it should have "body", along with the 3 characteristics... good resonance, right pitch, and... wahaha.. wait. healthy vibrato. that's it. phew, i thought i forgot all about it. i'm screwed if we have a quiz again. hehe.

6 minutes till midnight. can't wait to greet edlyn.

good lord, the caf song is not anymore bothering me. i tried to sing it and recall it after a few minutes, but it seems i have to think about the lyrics before i could sing it. thanks to the song hans and i were singing at practice.

Jesus, lamb of God
worthy is your name
Jesus, lamb of God
worthy is your name

you are the strength when i am weak
you are the treasure that i seek
you are my all in all
seeking you as a precious jewel
Lord, to give up i'd be a fool
you are my all in all

taking my sin, my cross, my shame
rising again, i bless your name
you are my all in all
when i fall down you pick me up
when i am dry, you fill my cup
you are my all in all

1 minute till the clock strikes 12. i need to be ready. o yeah, it's also abet's birthday... hehehe...

i'll end this now. i will wake up in 5 hours and i need to get some sleep. i'm beginning to have quadruplets on my face, you know what i mean. :)

"you clean up as you go..." sorry, no more impact. hahaha



clean up as you go

brainwash. that's how we called the song that is constantly playing in the blue and gold cafeteria. i just hate it. but edlyn and i could not help ourselves and before we knew it, we were nodding our heads to the tune and singing along. i was able to catch a few words.

together we will go
and make this world a better place
for you and me
[something goes here]
for others to see
and others to bear


you clean up as you go...
you clean up as you go!!!

the funny thing was, when darls came from her meeting, she got hooked by this song. she asked me to sing the chorus. by the time i got to the word go, she sang along with a second voice. i could not continue because i sputtered out a big laugh. the two voices really blended. darls and i promised each other that we will practice the song, and figure out the lyrics so that we can sing the whole song. so darn crazy.


i was reading abet's livejournal a while ago. i never thought our tnt would be that emotional. i always see him happy and full of energy. but after reading his entry for that day, i realized that he is one serious guy. :)

"And now, I have nothing. There is only silence where there was once hopeful romantic music. I am now in a state of numbness. There is nothing left to see... feel... taste... and smell... and the only sound that can be heard is the faint crackling sound of my continuously breaking heart."

can you believe, abet, saying those things?

i am going to have my advisement at 1:50. i have to remember.

can't wait for friday!!!


jolog lss

>> Sunday, September 05, 2004

last night i went to my friend's debut. friend as in grade school friend. ehehe.. tagal na non.. mejo ilang 10-20 game na nalaro namen. she's the youngest from our batch and the last one to reach 18.

it was fun seeing almost all my batchmates. go seed1998!
> jose - hehe.. lagi naman kami nagkikita sa ateneo.
> rommel - thanks for the ride! hehe.. gwapo daw naten sabi ng nanay ko. whaha.. kelan matutuloy ang ateneo-lasalle nood naten? ggraduate tayo, hindi pa tayo nakaknood ng live.
> franco and daniel - hindi ko kayo nakausap or what. anyway... nakita ko rin kayo after 10 million years
> adi - nyahaha.. sweet nila. hehe.. wala lang
> vic - still the same. same old funny vic
> kara - thanks sa pagtambay sa house niyo. hehe.
> abby - akin nalang fone mo! hehe.. kanta ka nga? the seed is the word of God...
> karen - nabuhay ang Dadoys! kumpleto!
> lani - miss yah!

the birthday girl (cesette) hasn't changed a bit.. well, except for the height. she used to be one of the small girls in class. now, she's taller than me. darn. i need to drink more glasses of milk. my heels did not make any effect, cet was still taller than me.

10 years. almost 10 years since i have met those people, but look, we're still friends. even though i don't see them often (hehe.. there will come a time when i'll be able to hang out with you guys more often.. just don't make me drink alcohol) i still love you guys. nyaaahahaha... secrets were revealed last night, except for mine. waahhaah *evil laugh*


today. on the bus going to caltex, i was about to take my usual snooze when the radio sang one song that gave me the lss the whole day. arrrggghh.. give me a new song to sing! puhleeze!!

"i love you babe.."

shoot. magaling talaga yung songwriter. and why? why? why do i have to hear that song! if you haven't heard that song or you don't know who sang that song, you are fortunate. don't even ask who or what the tune is. it'll just give you the creeps. more creepy than the song played in the caf.

usual uaap game. ateneo won over nu. 10-3 na ang ateneo. no more comment. hehe.

whooops.. i still have a poem to finish. i have a starting stanza and an ending line. but nothing in between. think, think, think.

go 'teneo! one big fight! one big fight!


my poem?

>> Saturday, September 04, 2004

took cerz's test that she posted on her LJ. title of quiz? "what kind of poem are you?"

here is the result

Lewis Carroll

from Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, 1872)

`Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"

He took his vorpal sword in hand:
Long time the manxome foe he sought --
So rested he by the Tumtum tree,
And stood awhile in thought.

And, as in uffish thought he stood,
The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
And burbled as it came!

One, two! One, two! And through and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back.

"And, has thou slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!'
He chortled in his joy.

`Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.


for paint use only

tasks to do:
> make a poem and email it to sir kripbam@email.com.ph
> revise a piece from non fic and bring 24 copies to class
> read philo for wednesday [i will be serious with studies starting today. promise]
> make layout of quad 3 for litnight
> be paitient in installing photoshop
> buy materials for promoboard
> make layout for the wedding invitation of our family friend

if i just start now, i'm going to get things done before i leave for cet's debut.

i promised myself that i will not use ym today. i must resist temptation, quoted from cathy and liezl.

i can't think of something to write for my poem. we are supposed to write a poem about an article shown to us last monday. the article was about the lifespan of cds. they said that cds expire after 10 years. however, it pointed out that it's not the cds that expire, it's the player. for example, you were born of the betamax world (i was born in that period). your mother videotaped everything you did, eat, sleep, play, read books, perform in front of an audience, cook, etc. after some years, the betamax is history. what comes in? vhs. of course you can always transfer the betamax to vhs, but what happens to the player? nothing, unless you wish for your fairy godmother to come and flick her wand over the betamax player and turn it into a vhs player. the vhs tape can be converted to cd, then dvd, etc. but what happens to the player when those things you put inside are no longer existing? another question, how on earth will you make a poem out of it?

i can make a different story, as long as the first thoughts come from the poem. or something like that.

last night, i had a short chat with joel. long time, no communication. he asked how was the block and how was ateneo. he's now studying in kalayaan college, not far from ateneo. he also mentioned that the teachers there are graduates of up. i think it's like benilde of lasalle. i'm not sure. correct me if i'm wrong.

ow well, blog time. waste of time, but i'm here anyway. hehe...

1146 am

i had this weird dream last night. my dad came home from his early morning work, and when i was about to hug and greet him, billy entered our front door. then one by one, the whole block began to fill our living room. i found out that my mother arranged a sleep over at my house. wow, and the whole block was there. as in the WHOLE block.

d-u-h.. of course i was surprised. but my dream was fun. we had games, had a movie marathon, played at our tennis court (which, by the way, does not anymore look like a tennis court), and ate the day away. haha.. that will never come true because who would dare to travel so far to stay at my place? hope you find where i live. haha.

quote for the day: God doesn't play dice. - Albert Einstein

true enough.


first time

meron na pala akong account. hindi ko lang ginagamit. ow well, here we go... enjoy yumi.

wala akong maisip na ibang title kundi buhay loser. ehehe.. ewan, feel ko lang loser ako ngayong week na toh.

wala akong masabi ngayon. not today.

"how do solve a problem like maria"

kanta ni darls today. one line. pero nakakaLSS. naLSS narin ako, pati si cerz. nakakahawa. better than..

"you clean up as you go..."

arrrggg.. hindi siya nakakatulong. nakakainis lang.

another thing. he's coming to school next week. who's he? guess.


it's a friday. time to get some sleep.

>> Friday, September 03, 2004

it's my second post for the day. that's why i don't want to create a blog because i'm going to get hooked to this kind of thing, i might not be able to study anymore. i feel i'm going down in life, after all those depressing tests and recitations. there are times that i tell myself, you're just not studying enough. and it's true. i know it.

after school, my parents and i accompanied our family friend and his fiance to vs&f (a famous catering service) in fairview. while i was looking through the albums and while they were discussing the packages, a thought ran through my brain... "it is really expensive to get married". 76,000 for the reception, the wedding place is not yet included there. for the last months, my parents and our family friend went possible-wedding-places hopping, looking for a cheap but elegant looking place.

there are two events in life that are expensive: your wedding and your death.

sometimes i wonder, what if the time comes and i get married? of course i want the best for my and my husband-to-be, but it will be a big sacrifice for us (especially on the financial side) to meet the expectations of friends and families for a wedding.

i really need to get a good job. i need to study harder.

i need to use my 6-hour breaks wisely. i will promise myself, starting monday, after lunch, i will head for the library and study.

i just remembered. i need to make a poem for poetry, a revision for nonfic, and the layout for sanggu. and i have to layout the invitation for our family thread. so much for volunteering myself.

ow well... that's life. i won't think of any schoolwork today. let me cram tomorrow. it's a friday. time to get some sleep.


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